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Damn, what has happened to ties in our time? That stuff is fantastic.
Wow, flashback to Delmonico's, circa 1890.
I moreled tonight.
Morels at Grand Central Market: $95.99/lb.
I used to fish red snapper* in the SB Channel. 1,000-1,200 feet depth. I figured out very quickly that this happened and tried to reel them up as fast as I could. Yes, I was bad, but I was ten years old, so I have that excuse.*Yes, Russ, I know they were not really snapper but that's what we called them.
They are known for using a very hard chest piece and canvas, though. Not that I own one or ever have.
I wouldn't mind of they got suspicious if there was a charge from somewhere I never go but this was at a time when I was in KC every two weeks, and then once they had cancelled me a few times, I told them "I am in KC every two weeks, please stop doing this" and they said "OK" and then they STILL did it.
I had a CC that did this to me all the time. Basically, at that time, I only was ever in three places: NY, California, or Kansas City. (Now I am only ever in two places.) Despite being VERY frequently in those other two places, they declined literally every transaction I tried to make outside NY. I complained several times and they always said "We'll fix this" but kept doing it. Finally, the did it to me at a Chinese restaurant in Santa Cruz I had been to a zillion...
why is there always a monsoon when I am forced to trudge around on foot from place to place where there's no clear subway link?
that does sound good. I was going to make blanquette today but i have no white veal stock and my damned wife got home so late that there was not enough time to go down to the Bronx to get the bones and make the stock. I will do it next week, though, it's been a while
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