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Yeah, I do love that champs Had a 2008 wiemer semi-dry last night. petrol-y awesome-ness
Guinea hen, cippolini, pommes du terre rissole, carrot, jus
As a general matter, I prefer the semi-dry versions of most FL Rieslings that I have tasted. I would probably try that ice wine too; the sweets I have had from the region I've found to be fantastic. My guess is that these wines can take serious age but I've never had one older than about 8 years.
If those are the ones I am thinking of, they are boxcloth (felt). Got them direct from Thurston. Among the last of the true white gut ends.
I haven't been to Boston in a while, but the Andover Shop used to reliably stock Thurstons in solid colors (navy, wine, forest green) with brown pigskin ends.
I found it incredibly tedious.
Way far left. Been involved in virtually every far left cause since he was 18. He has deliberately antagonized, slandered and insulted the cops since he ran for office and as mayor. If he is surprised that they despise him, he is a fool. But he is a fool, so he probably is surprised.
I've never heard of anything like this, and cops have been plenty angry at mayors in the past.This is a massive blow to DeBlasio and he needs to correct course, hard. He won't, I know, but this basically means his mayoralty is ... not over, per se, but he is now simply the mayor of only part of New York. And not the best part.
Bill Clinton once wrote off his underwear.
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