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For the first time in like five years, I am missing a super heat wave. yay!
1995 Clos du Val last night, the regular bottling not the reserve. Picked it up from K&L (which moved, goddamnit) for $70. Perfect condition. Very earthy and smoky, which I don't get from that wine when it's 5-10 yrs. Totally proves these suckers can age very well. Release price was probably $20 or less. (These days the regular bottling MSRP is about $30, but you can often find it in the 20s). It reminded me a La Mission 1995 I had about a year ago.
My parent's SF place is very close to K&L. They always have tons of reasonably priced aged Bord and CA Cab. I always buy some when I am there, and I always drink those!
In NY, I probably have about ~220 "good" bottles that I never touch. In California, I have ~400, that I do drink whenever I am there (and I am going tomorrow). So it's not as bad as I made out. I think the issue is, in Santa Cruz, my parents are always there or else I have guests or both. So there are people to share it with. In NY, if I have guests, I will pop a good bottle (or buy some for the occasion). But the wife doesn't drink and if it''s just me, I can't do...
every time I think about what I want to have, I look in my two fridges and every bottle seems too important to drink right now, so I reach for a cheapie. It's kind of silly, really.
I'll be there most of Aug. Don't mind fog.
I have no recollection of what I said in that thread.
I don't think I would be welcomed back. In any case, my blood pressure has dropped because of the banning, and my doctor is quite pleased.
For some reason, I keep getting notified by people liking old CE posts of mine, even though I got banned there like four years ago. (Maybe three, I don't remember). Not complaining, but it seems odd.
Deadlift 225x13. That seems pretty good. Going to up the weight next time.
New Posts  All Forums: