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3800 today, But I still suck. Fastest 50 ever was 34 sec.
Was delighted to find today that the had the exact piece of cloth a I want, a large scale brown and tan houndstooth. I went in there thinking I was going to order a Russell Plaid but got that instead. Been searching for just that cloth for a long time.
This can be repeated every day until thanksgiving.
I'm going to Sherry Lehman tomorrow to get some of this.
Maybe. But I just can't justify to myself $6K for a two piece. I love Lobb Paris bespoke, but ditto. If I had the money, I would probably do it. I just don't feel that rich, and I do want to retire some day. Plus, I spend a lot on wine and I can't cannibalize my wine budget for clothes.
Houston weather.
I think of it like Romanee-Conti. Strictly speaking, I can "afford" it in that I have the money in the bank. But prudentially, it would be stupid.Not casting any aspersions, just sayin' that's the way I run my finances.
Solito suit I am wearing today is beautifully sewn.
I'm sure that if I examined a Solito side-by-side with a Rubinacci, I would notice that the sewing is not as neat. But in the actual wearing and appearance of the clothes, I don't notice at all. People are making too much of this, I think. Not that Jeffry D is wrong, but that one coat may not prove much.
Look, I bow to no one in my loathing of New York suckitude, but the fact remains that there are many, many world-class-great things here, and this thread has gotten absurd. Maybe we should start a new thread entitled "World Class NYC Attractions That We Want to Dis to Prove that We Are SoooooooooCooooooool"
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