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I gave luigi 5 pieces of cloth a long time ago. We're just working through all that. I do like his clothes, but I would say that between him and Formosa, it's a horse race. They are both really good. I have only one Formosa but I like it a lot. It's a little leaner/racier than Solito but wears well.
SF-Berkeley has always had a serious homeless problem, going back at least to the Summer of Love. There have been peaks and troughs. In the last days of the Agnos administration, there was a huge homeless camp on City Hall plaza. That's one of the things that got Jordan elected. He was supposed to become some kind of Bay Area Giuliani but that didn't work out. Anyway, the last time I was there--Labor Day Weekend, 2015--it seemed really bad. SOMA from Market to about...
To top it all off, the Giants are sucking.
One thing about these Italians is that you never know what you are going to get. Some time about a million years ago I gave Solito a lot of cloth. The suits are starting to be turned around now. For the first two, I had fittings. The coats came out well but the pents were loose, so he took them back and fixed them. Received delivery on Friday. Plus another suit, but this time no fitting. Finished suit. Scary! But I'll be damned if it wasn't right on, including the...
edge pro stones dish like crazy so you will need to flatten them often
Agree. But then he has been very good to me.
I was at the inlaws over Christmas and visited the Wegmann's there. The store is still impressive but the wine selection was not as mindblowing as I remembered it (from 2009)
Still a bit tight and primary for me.
1996 Gloria yesterday. Probably a bit young, but perfect bottle and delicious. One of the cheapest of the good Bords and, relative to its peers, it always out-performs.
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