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we're going to pay dearly for this, with 17 blizzards.
I am meh on fish too, though I probably like it a little more than you. But I have a fish-loving wife and since I learned to cook it, she demands it a lot of me. I also really enjoy the process of breaking them down, which is strange, but once done, you have to eat it. Agree about LB, no matter what they do, it's perfect. And when he does throw in a little foie or filet, it's just as great as everything else.
I liked Ma Peche but have not been in a very long time. As for LB, I thought you were sort of meh on fish ...
Did you have to click their website precisely at midnight to get the rez? Or whatever their stupid process is ... The place looks interesting, but I've seen Chang in interviews and he seems like the biggest of the bigtime a-holes.
I signed up for this.
no, it's a fresco weave that alden designed. Lovely looking but heavy. at least 12, I think.
The Brisa and the linens I knew would never work for me. But some of the flannels I think would. Have not tried any but I like his navy chalk.
couldn't have been ten years ago, could it? I think his first trip here was like 2008 or 2009. Which, admittedly, is close ...
I was just there, picked up two jackets that look great. The pents need to be taken in but they are spring/summer suits anyway so I can wait.
My thought is that moleskin will be a little too dense and unyielding. Alpaca is great because it can be woven very loose and still insulate well, and it doesn't pill.
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