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I can't remember. I do remember that both were on the light side, like 8 ounces or so, and both twill.
No, I needed new summer pents. My old cotton khakis were never great and needed to be replaced. then I had this sort of nice cream twill that got a split at the knee and the reweaver said it would look like Frankenstein if fixed so I just replaced them with a pair of cheaper cottons in more or less the same color.
I don't think I've ever taken public transportation in LA.
Going to see Formosa today. Feel like I'm cheating on Solito, but really it's his own damned fault for not putting out any more.
picked up two pents today. new pair of summer khakis and a pair that was supposed to be "stone" but look rather white to me now. Oh well, I suppose I will get used to them.
fok is always raving about Mission Chinese, but what the hell does he know about Chinese food anway
Get the mutton chop at Keene's. Seriously.
It's stupid. If it's so important to have this extra hour of light, why not leave the clocks at DST all year? Why do we have to change them all twice a year? Idiotic, purposeless, semi-annually self-inflicted wound.
There is no damned point or purpose to it at all. I hate this.
Mexican is not one of NY's great strengths. Dos Caminos and Rosa Mexicana are OK, as is Zocalo (if that's even still open). But, really, it's not worth going out of your way for.
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