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They will fall apart a decade before the coat does.
^^^ Not really, IME. 99% of reviews are "91 points!"
Parker definitely effed up Napa in a big way, and maybe irreversibly. Less so Bordeaux, though he has had an effect there, but I find his influence easier to avoid.As for scores, "crowd sourced" scores are close to useless because all wines are "91 points!". I do find that, from the critics, when there is a consensus above 95, 10-1 the wine is pretty damned good. The exceptions are overripe years such as 2003 Bord, which I find I don't like almost across the board, no...
I think this happened to me once in the last five years. (Friday-Monday.) The cleaners were able to do a rush job for me.
I only have one black tie shirt, which is fine with me, since in the busiest black tie year I ever had, I think I wore it 6 times.
I had my very last 2004 Lescalles last night. *sniff*
No so sure, I don't recall activating it but it works on me anyway.
Blue Bottle is always like that, every time I've ever been there. I don't think I've ever had any coffee from there. There are so many options in the FB that I just go somewhere else. You can even get decent coffee at Compass Books and there is never a line.
babies R cute
oooh, I think I know what that is. Deets? (I thought they were out of stock)
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