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Why stop?
How much was it and where did you get it?I had a $10 wonder last night, 2010 Hoyt, oddly sweet. A bit of a let down.
So, do you take that off the bone keeping the flesh intact at the dorsal, like you'd bone out a loin? It looks lovely.
I still have one bottle of that Malmaison, perhaps two. I thought it was fantastic the last time I had it, but I can't exactly recall when that was.
I swam every day this week. Today, I had my own lane the entire hour. That is rare.
The brioche looks like uncooked dough in the pic.
What is "black truffle royale" anyway? And, considering the season, did you get the truffles from a jar/can?
This looks like the rubber fake vomit I used to get at the novelty shop on Pier 39.
Today is not bad, quite cool. Yesterday was awful.
Emperor Palpatine, I uh ... didn't mean anything by it. Honest, sir.
New Posts  All Forums: