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Love/hate.But it is over crowded. Paradise for 10 million, very nice for 15 million, starting to get annoying with 20 million, completely effed with 40 million.
No offense to your fine progeny, but he likes California as a place to get away from overcrowding??
You can't get La Tache for $500, or even close, in any case. Yes, there is a difference between light and rich red. Merlot seems to work well for most sauces. For a beef or lamb braise, I prefer something stronger. I tend to use vermouth for pan sauces that call for white wine.
If you can taste the varietal in a wine used for braising / stewing / poaching, you're way ahead of me. I long ago switched to buying whatever red was in my local store's "bargain box." Can't tell the difference. I have this recipe for "beef in Barolo" that you're supposed to braise in a real Barolo. Nowadays, since you can't find any Barolo for under $40, that's impractical. Any damned red works fine.
Running is bad for you. Jim Fixx!
I've had Long Island wines, but never a good one. The Finger Lakes, on the other hand ...
Re-fi-ing at 3.75%
yeah, I've had it a few times in restaurants and bought some to lay down.
All the Naples jackets I've ever seen have the long front dart. It's their "thing".
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