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Money wise, you are basically fcuked wherever you go, unless it is Arkansas. It's just how the mix of spending gets you. But, you do get more square feet to a dollar up here. You just then have to deal with the commute. At my age, it's fine, since I don't want to go out most nights anyway. When I was younger, I liked living in the city.
My suburb is awesome, aside from the fact that it is in New York. And, I totally disagree that once you leave the city, there is nothing less to complain about. As a commuter, I get to enjoy complaining about the city, the burb, the train, and much else.
You're out of your mind.
they each have their place. Rick Bayless has a new place -- red something or other-- in Newport beach that I thought was fantastic. Not least, really kick-ass margaritas. And I had this blazing hot, life threatening sauce that did cause some pain, but was so tasty I kept eating it anyway.
Well, we can't be exactly sure which baby sitter it was. There are three possibilities, one likely, and no way to prove it. Wine was not the only thing she took, either. I only noticed two bottles missing and I knew which one of them was, but I couldn't remember the other. Then I was talking about Mondavi the other night and I went to look for it and, lo, it was gone.
I was never much bothered by the tech people in the Bay Area but they have gotten exponetially douchier in the last 18 months. I think I prefer the New Left. I know I prefer the hippies.
So, the pattern this summer has been, every Monday a new high pressure / high humidity Gulf air mass comes in and builds to a wretched Wednesday, cools slightly to a still massivly uncomfortable Thu-Fri, then is much nicer on the weekend when I can wear shorts and t-shirt, but is back to gawdawful by the following Monday-Fri when I have to wear a suit. Also, it gets immensly better whenever I leave town, but then returns to awful the moment my plan lands in the Tri-State...
It had to be, no one else had access.
So, I realize that the baby sitter who stole two bottles of wine from me, one of the bottles was my last 1986 Mondavi, from the very first stash of wine I ever bought about 2 weeks after I turned 21. Bitch.
$10 Rhone here. quite nice
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