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foo threaks are at the heart of what it means to be style forum. How they happen is much less important than that they happen.
Agree with foo about the finishing. Should be a low priority. As long as it's above a certain level (which Solito definitely is) the focus should be on other things. If you're going to Naples, you will probably be fine. That is, if you have time to get fitted in Naples. If you go there to order but expect to see him in another city, I wouldn't count on it. He hasn't been to New York since March 2011. He's announced a few trips since, but hasn't made it. I still...
Yes I would, Kent.
Is there a way to designate threads with custom titles? This is like Ye Olde Style Forvm.
I was going to say something, but I think I will catch the early train instead.
What does everyone like to pair with roast turkey?
the word "squab" sounds so classy, "pigeon" sounds like something from central park
The restaurant isn't exactly disputing his account. The most they say in their defence is that the other diner asked before the bill came and so he knew. not in advance of the order, but before th bill came.They don't deny that the waitress deliberately prompted a guy who professed no knowledge of wine to buy a nearly $4k bottle, nor do they deny the way she worded the number. Both acts are incredibly unprofessional.I know something about wine and if I ased a server at a...
what's even worse is the &^%$# sold him a so-so vintange that's way too young to drink.
that is so chicken shit on so many levels. what an awful waitress. Awful management. Flay should personally pay the bill and then treat this guy to another dinner.
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