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I wore my new pents for the first time today. They are very good pents.
Interesting point about landlords.In Bronxville village, a bank of shops went out of business in the 2008-2009 crisis and bubble burst. They've sat vacant ever since. I don't think there are any other vacant storefronts in the village. Certainly not like what JPod describes on the UWS.But nothing ever opened in any of them. (I think there are four.) I later overhead some men talking about it. Apparently, the spaces are all owned by the same landlord and he was...
No. Trains, train platforms (worse) and city streets.
Too much trouble. No meetings with any bigwigs today, so who cares.
I am not an expert on the movement by any means but Blue Hill at Stone Barns is one of the very best restaurants in the nation..
I did not wear a jacket today. First time I have ever done that in my professional life.
you should have yourself voluntarily committed.
I don't think it's a waste. I regularly re-sharpen mine using the 6000 only and it works wonders. I even think it might be a little coarse and have been meaning to get an 8k but haven't gotten around to it.
Finally, a decent day.
I don't think the 120 is an effective flattener. But a true flattener is like $20 from Korin.
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