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I've been seeing that for a while. I thought it meant "I wish I were a samurai".
I hate to give NY any credit for anything but yesterday and today have been nice. Also, Felidia remains awesome.
Nov 5
Wen't to L'Ecole last night. Terrific as ever. Had two bottles off their close-out list. One was 2006 white Burg, I am blanking on the producer, but goddamn is was good. No oxy at all. The color of piss after you've drank a whole pot of coffee. Tons of secondary and tertiary. Roasted nuts and honey. Would go back just for that. Other was a 1995 Montus. Still huge but I think more or less mature. 100% tannat, whereas I thought that typically Madirans were more like...
Andersens. Home of the split pea soup!
I was quite impressed by the Wegman's near my inlaws in Virginia.
Yeah, really looking forward to riding the 6 down to Spring later.
1) That's not real Mexican food.2) I noticed. I will complain mightily tomorrow.
There are no real Mexicans.
Mexican food actually from Mexico isn't real Mexican food.
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