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I like the look of mohair, or some mohair--not the greaseball 60s mohair but the more refined stuff. I got one mohair suit that is quite nice looking but wears too hot for real summer heat. But it looks super-summery. So it gets worn a few times in late spring and on the rare mild summer days. I had one other piece of very pretty lesser light gray mohair but I traded it to T4 (I don't know if he ever made it or not) and got a light gray minnis fresco 8 oz instead. ...
I've avoided Finnmeresco because of the weight issue. I actually have 3 suits from Minnis 9.5/10 fresco and find it unwearable in summer. Given the way the weather in NY has been the last few years, these suits don't get much wear because the "tween" seasons seem to be about two weeks/year. Though, the navy BlazerSuit™ jacket gets a lot of wear in NorCal and elsewhere. When Finnmeresco first came out (2007?) it was all 12 ounces and I thought "this cannot be good." ...
I take it you're saying I suck? Well, if so, you'd be right. New Paltz, not that far away. Maybe I should do this.
3800 in 90 minutes.
I heard from him.
I will say this: at $200 or whatever it goes for, I like it a lot more than all the cult cabs that go for 2-4x the price.
I like it but I never buy it. However, when I am in Napa, I will shell out the $40 for a tasting.
The Champs is a little tired, alas. Not a 20-year wine.
Thanks for "coon asses," that's new to me and I am sure it be useful some day. Menu for us: -Caul soup. -Turkey (D'Artagnan "Heritage" which my mother makes fun of) -Gravy (she's making that) -Stuffing (she made that) -Mashed potatoes (which I think are unnecessary but she insisted) -Sweet potato puree with bacon and chives (wife loves this) -wild mushroom sauté -Haricot vert with crispy shallot rings (in my new deep fryer ) -fundraiser bake sale pumpkin pie -chocolate...
New Posts  All Forums: