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2500 today. Not a big day. Outdoor pool lately, which is different.
SC Mountains probably makes the best old school cabs in the state these days. Ridge Monte Bello is the best wine in California. Mount Eden is another great producer. Then you have Kathleen Kennedy (not bad) and Cinnabar (decent). No fruit bombs.
If you drink a lot of cheap staples, as I do, then WTSO is still useful. For wine to cellar, not really. But for cheap Bords, Macons, Roses and the like, good deals pop up frequently. No tax and no shipping charges are nice.
Is it that much? The people who brought it said they got it for $60.
2008 Taittinger Le Reve (Carneros). Really, really good. Right up there with some of best Champs. Not vintage Krug maybe, but easily the superior of anything from France at its price point.
Hot as hell here. Not supposed to be like this!!!!!
I think it's a classic of its genre. Early Pacino. One of Kitty Winn's few films (she was also in The Exorcist). Joan Didion, JG Dunn screenplay. All shot on location with few to no extras. A great "documentary" style look at New York at the bottom.BTW, the "park" as it existed then really doesn't any more. It was a small triangle formed by the intersection of Broadway, Amsterdam and W70th. But street widenings have clipped its size down to next to nothing. You...
The movie is a classic but the moniker has not been true for at lest 40 years.
I bought quite a few as well.
2009 Ch Pradeau red last night. I like this wine a lot, and it will age, but damn did I overpay for it.
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