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I give the redhead more credit for hotness than that, but, yeah, apparently she is the GF of the guy who plays Kirk (and who is also the producer).
The Kirk and Scotty are dead on. I am less impressed with the Spock and McCoy.
Looks' like she's back in the 2nd ep.
I think there is a Bean right near my office on Park Ave. talk about expensive real estate! Is it even possible to sell enough coffee to make that pay?
Did they really need the new "ship's counsellor" character?
I've been to the airport twice, does that entitle me to say it sucks?
Was she arrested or anything?
I think it supposed to be the quality of the climate and pasturing, and so forth, but in recent years they have been increasingly doing grain feeding in feedlots rather than "free range" on the pampas so I don't know how current that reputation is. Argentine grass fed is still very good, but very expensive.
You sure you're not thinking of Argentinian beef?
NY sure sucks today. Why does wind always have to go with rain?
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