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What an amazingly original set of insights! I think the scales have suddenly fallen from the eyes of everyone on the forum.
Actually I would say that patch is OK on hopsack too, but it still ought to be double stitched. I'm surprised they didn't do that without being asked.
Patch is OK on fresco, but it ought to have a double stitch
i have a bespoke bamboo barong which I wore once, to a state dinner in manila
No, quite shameless about easy money. Please refer away!In all seriousness, I was once invited to speak at a conference, which I did, and afterward several very nice ladies came up to me and said I would make a terrific image consultant. I asked them, how would I get clients? They had no answer to that, so I just went home.
totally. Getting psyched about the prospect of easy money and no real work!
And one can actually make money at it? Sounds ideal for me.
So, it's the Ecoffier recipe, basically. First you make stock. It can be any brown stock, but it's typically beef or veal or a combo. That is veal, mostly the big leg joints which give a lot of gelatin, plus a pig’s foot, which has tons of gelatin. All the bones get roasted until very brown and then the veg, plus tomato paste, and it goes on the fire for 12-15 hours at the lowest possible simmer. You add, but don’t roast, chopped tomato and an herb bouquet. For a big...
Espagnole Canard a l'Orange Demi-glace, the old-fashioned way Dry-aged Delmonico, sauce Bordelaise, wild mushrooms, Pommes Darphin, creamed spinach. Basically, a home-cooked steakhouse meal, in honor of SField.
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