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call it paranoia or what have you, but I always stand with my back to the wall on a subway platform
It's not 100%, though. Remember the Vonnegut episode from Back to School. You never know how these things are going to turn out.
The first Rubinacci tailor was Cesare Attolini, who did OK for himself.
Yeah, you know, cue up the Inigo Montoya meme.
I've smacked many a cab, but cannot confirm I've ever actually dented one. Well done.
30 min at 7:30 does not sound unreasonable. at 10:30, should be more like 15-20 max.
The tackiest BH store of all time was Bijan. "By appointment only."
well I don't mean to imply anything nefarious. Frankly, it's useful information for people to have. If the man is over 50, which he appears to be, it's reasonable to ask "So what were doing before you started this business?" Doubtful he just learned to be a tailor this year. Knowing what he's done is relevant to a potential buyer.
It doesn't sound to me like he's advertising it. Obviously, it's in his interest that the fact be widely known, but probably also in his interest that he not be seen as promoting it himself. So he has the rest of us to do it for him. Simply by going through social media channels to organize his first few trips, it seems that he has more or less guaranteed that the word will get around. Which it has.
First of all, he doesn't appear to be using the R name himself. But second, how is that any different than simply telling people your resume? "I used to work at ____." If it's true, how can anyone tell him not to do that?
New Posts  All Forums: