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what is a "useful" beach? anyway, SC beaches are awesome. The chick quality is no longer great, however. I am not sure what caused that, maybe skin cancer scares? The town does not seem substantially more hippie than it was in the 80s, and it's more overrun by tourists than ever.
Meh. Santa Cruz is way better.
Feels like 10,000% humidity here. Been like this all week.
How many days between now and Halloween will it not be necessary to carry an umbrella? 4? Less?
you don't really realize how loud New York is until you try to walk somewhere listening to a lecture on your iPod. Just impossible.
I guess I don't make gelees and for my sauces I either start with an espagnole, or reduce until thick enough.
I've done this and I didn't find it all that useful. Pig's feet, too.
I meant more like, "Oh, wow, this must be latest thing in modernist cuisine, eat the shell, I wonder how he prepared it to make it edible?" OWW! ICK! etc.
has anyone you've served it to mistakenly tried to eat the shell?
Nice looking carrots, but there should be either 5 or 7. I've noticed you do a lot of plates with the lobster shell?
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