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the lifeguards in SC county have those bikes.
astoundingly humid, like the steam room at the Y
COI lol
I don't think I've ever waited 1.5 hours for a a restaurant in my life.
I ordered two pairs of pents today, both cotton twill, one khaki, the other stone or off white.
regarding cheap Bord, i wish availablity were consistent from store to store, region to region, or year to year, but it's not. I don't know what explains it, but at the low end, turnover seems frantic. I almost never see the same stuff consistetnly with very few exceptions, including Greysac, Larose Trintaudon, and one or two others but even these are now closer to $20 than they are to $10. Basically, I just buy and sample randomly and then go back and buy up what I...
oh I certainly would eat it
I am sure that is delicious, but what happened to seasonality? (I made short ribs last week, so pot, kettle.)
the pacific is warm in Hawaii. Also, you people complaining about LA water temps are pussies. everything below Point Conception heats up by 20 degrees at least. In the summer, the water around the Channel Islands is fantastic. San Diego is very nice too.
I loooooove old Bord more than most, but I drink a ton of sub $15 Bord within five years of the vintage. There are some '10s that are just fine right now. They were just not made to age, and priced accordingly. I doubt these low end bottles would even last 25 years. Most can make it 10, but I don't think they get a great deal better. IME with these cheapies (I have sampled very few upper end '09s or '10s), the '09s are better. Softer, more ready now. Sadly, they're...
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