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Having an 06 Montus tonight. Giving like a 6 hour decant.
87 Mondavi Reserve. This was a powerful wine in its prime, which is past, but the wine is still good. Quite tertiary at this point and not a lot fruit left, but I like the spice. Very Bord like. Cloudy as hell but that didn't seem to effect the taste.
Covert is about as light as I would go for a topcoat.
Yes, it's next week. Midtown east will be very bad.
I gave papers on Nick in both 2015 and 2016. At the most recent one, I gave my remarks, listened to the discussants and then in the Q&A someone said something and I thought "Aha! Now I know what that means!"
Anyone suggest a source to learn how to care for these? Thanks
Dumbbell front squats when you have the dumbbells standing upright on your shoulders and your elbows high are really freakin' hard. I hope that was worth it.
If you want to start, the best book is called "Intro to Pol Phil: 10 Essays"
The cops told me they thought it was some sort of gang dare, like his bros said "Go get that guy" and he had to do it or lose face.
Well. my approach is Straussian. I have found many things myself, but Strauss (in Mansfield's words) also leaves things to be found. That is, he makes puzzling references that you don't know why he said them. Then, years later, you figure it out or trip over something that triggers understanding.
New Posts  All Forums: