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regarding Arthur Ave, not sure about seafood restaurants. The best restaurant there (actually it's on Crescent around the corner) is Roberto's, which is more of a pasta specialist. But the two fish markets are outstanding.
wow is it awful out there
3400. 2000 of various warm-ups and drills, allx200 except for pull, which was 400 breathing every 5th. Then 12x100 on 1:50, followed by 200 warm down.
3600 today, 3500 yesterday. Yesterday at the Ashland U pool, in Ashland, OH. Damned fine pool.
It's not so bad today, but I could use less humidity.
M, do you like to use fiddleheads? Aren't they super-abundant where you are?
I have no idea what animal that is.
Regarding vests, I just don't think it works with the cut at all. I did it once and I never wear the vest. Vests absolutely require full cut high waisted trousers, which Italian tailors seem allergic to. So what they tend to do instead is cut the vest really long, a look I quite hate. And then their hip hugger pants really can't be worn with braces, so that means you need a belt under the vest, which also looks terrible.
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