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I think the SF Groupthink™ position--in this case established by gomestar--is that Amarone sucks.
MTC Kitchen, 45th btw 2nd and 3rd (close to 3rd). I am not that into pettys. I use my little paring knife constantly but a petty seems too big to be a parer and too small to be anything else. The sad thing is that a lot of the best makers make really good pettys but almost no comparable 3" parers. Actually, if I needed a new one, I would get this: http://korin.com/Masamoto-Molybdenum-Paring?sc=27&category=8550039
depends. You don't know what geometry that machine put on the edge. Some are made to do a japanese bevel at 15 degrees, others are at 22. If they are beveled wrong, it might be a lot of work to fix the geometry. Also, while 1K to 6K is OK, you would be better off with something in between, either 2K or 3K.
I have found that once I have a good edge, all I need is the finest grit to restore it about once a month. So I haven't used anything but that 8,000 in ages.
There are, but if I wanted a 210 gyuto in that range, I do believe those are the two best options, hands down.
Definitely no chicken bones. Nothing harder than a hard veg, carrot, squash, etc. If you want to go through bone, you need a deba or a honesuki or something like that. BTW, the masamoto is very thin, too. that's one of the reasons why it's so great. For veg work, you want a thin knife.
They are both awesome, you really can't go wrong. I have the black handle Takamura and it's the best knife I have ever owned, though out of your stated price range. The red handle one is cheaper because it uses less total steel, but it's the same quality. It's a lot like the Masamoto in that it's a "laser", which is to say, extremely thin. This is for fine veg cuts, not for anything hard. I have less experience (but not zero) sharpening a Masamoto. I would say that...
of those, masamoto hands down but get this instead http://www.mtckitchen.com/p-768-takamura-hsps-gyuto-knife-21cm.aspx
I thought I did too, but is oxy part of the deal? Like Jura?
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