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The Prince and the Discourses present the same fundametnal teaching, but from different perspectives. In the dedication to each work, NM says that each book presents "everything he knows." Or, to be more precise, he says that the Discourses contains everything he knows whereas reading The Prince will or can give one the "capacity to understand" all that he knows. Only the Discourses presents the full teaching. In The Prince that teaching is "reduced to one small...
The truth:Machiavelli believed that the world had become captive to Christianity, which he judged to be not merely false but pernicious. It elevated weakness, supplication, resignation, etc. in the masses and empowered as elites witch-hunting priests who ruled in their own interests and persecuted "bad thoughts." The deepest problem was the captivity of philosophy to Christianity in the form of Scholasticism. The emerging "humanism" was weak tea not likely to achieve...
I've never been to Brooklyn. where is it again?
Machiavelli favored the people.
Maybe Beaman makes them. I have no idea, but I know Karl is a cutter and not a sewing tailor, whereas Beaman was a coatmaker and not a cutter.
Sure, how about in return, you spare us your belligerent ignorance. Deal?
Listen--and I mean this to be both informative and suitably offensive--if you are convinced that soft, lean, angular, structured, etc. are meaningless terms that describe nothing real about tailoring, then you have no idea what you are talking about and it is a kindness to ignore you, as if you had just belched at the dinner table.
Hilarious. Why would anyone take this seriously?
Hi, Nick!
Horizontal rain.
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