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I find the historic properties much more fun to visit: Mondavi, BV, Beringer, Inglenook would be my top recs.
Trains shut down all night and running on limited schedule today. two tracks out of commission.
it's for women
I am actually. But I like that big B&W plaid for a summer jacket. I actually have something like it in half linen, half silk. The slubs save it from looking cheesy and the linen saves it from wearing too hot.
plaid looks cool. What's the issue, too heavy?
I don't think you even need the stock or additional water. The water content of the mushrooms is so high that I find they tenderize just fine on their own.
If ever there was a day to wear all your gear--boots, raincoat, umbrella--this was it. Drat.
I don't think I can go that far, but midtown is one giant hardhat site and it's been driving me crazy, too. Scafolding everywhere.
Flannel in May > humidity.
you guys are so precious with your sensitive knees.
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