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What a well dressed pirate.Arrggggggh matey!!!!!!!! Shiver me timbers, avast ye scurvy dogs, etc.
The carlo barbera 8 ounce lambswool are idea summer checks. But that's probably the only book in that style I have ever liked. They all have, IIRC correctly, a yellowish or gold ground.
I don't remember, it was one of their books. 7 or 8 ounce twill.
I can absolutely tell the difference between a gyuto and a German knife, and even between decent, good and really good gyutos. My veg cuts are way better with a very good Japanese knife.
I think that Tignanello doesn't have much cab in it. It's about 80% Sang, IIRC. But there is enough "foreign" grape in it that they can't call it by one of the DOCG designations. I view it as very high end Chianti.
Don't you mean concave? I find the hardest knife to sharpen is my bird's beak parer.
I saw several people wearing vests, 3-pieces, sweaters, big jackets, etc. Who the hell are these people? Invaders from a lizard planet?
No, thank God. I walked very slowly. Sweat much in the brow and upper lip, though.
I wore my new pents for the first time today. They are very good pents.
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