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Montus is a great wine but Jesus does it need a ton of time.
Don't know, haven't had one in a while but I liked the older ones. Simmard is a cut above all those, though.
Yes, I like all of those. Also look for Simmard, which tends to release only once the wine is 10+ years old. I used to like Greysac as a cheapie but it's become kinda not that great. larose trintaudon is decent.
Having an 06 Montus tonight. Giving like a 6 hour decant.
87 Mondavi Reserve. This was a powerful wine in its prime, which is past, but the wine is still good. Quite tertiary at this point and not a lot fruit left, but I like the spice. Very Bord like. Cloudy as hell but that didn't seem to effect the taste.
Covert is about as light as I would go for a topcoat.
Yes, it's next week. Midtown east will be very bad.
I gave papers on Nick in both 2015 and 2016. At the most recent one, I gave my remarks, listened to the discussants and then in the Q&A someone said something and I thought "Aha! Now I know what that means!"
Anyone suggest a source to learn how to care for these? Thanks
Dumbbell front squats when you have the dumbbells standing upright on your shoulders and your elbows high are really freakin' hard. I hope that was worth it.
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