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Max, for a piedmont touch, you might want to try the rabbit agnolotti. I sort of made it up, but agnolotti IS piemontese and they do like rabbit ... I think it goes fantastic with barolo/barbaresco/nebiollo
I believe my mother used the Batali book, the general one, not the Babbo one, to make the tiramasu.
SF RE has gone insane over the last 5 years, and really over just the last 2. First, prices have accelerated spectacularly. Second, there used to be a sizable "renter's discount"--that is, the median rent on a given space was lower than the house payment you'd have to make on a comparable space. That is completely gone, and it's more like Manhattan now, or worse. my parents' apartment was actually under water from about 2008-2012, but is now way above the loan value,...
I sort of dimly remember a time when I could go out without "gear." That is, a heavy suit (14 ounces or above) and then ordinary shoes would be enough against ordinary cold. Maybe an overcoat occasionally. But this year, it's full gear almost every day. Hat, gloves, coat, boots, scarf, umbrella.
Will a day come on which I don't have to wear boots? Suede is now officially pointless in New York. It's gauche to wear in hot weather, and you can't wear it in cool weather because there's too much slush-snow-water-puddles everywhere. May as well donate all my suede shoes to Goodwill at this point.
So, snow today, snow thursday, followed by one last deep freeze, then rain for the rest of march, and then Showers&ThunderstormsHazyHot&Humid until the first blizzard of 2015-16.
I think we need 2-3 more really good snowstorms before this winter ends.
SF discount?
If the FCI gave a class just on plating, I would take it.
You went without me!!!!???!!! Duck with root vegetables (parsnip, leek, carrot, turnip, fennel), apples, and a cider vinegar/duck stock glaze Filet au Poivre, Pommes Anna, Brussels sprouts, cipollini onions
New Posts  All Forums: