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Amazing how in NY, no matter which direction you are walking, the wind is always in your face. it's sort of hard weather to dress for. Very cold in the morning, but too warm for a coat in the afternoon.
I don't like ceramics because you can't sharpen them, they chip (or worse) easily, and the tips are not pointed.
I have a great little paring knife, Shun Elite, not made any more. If I had to get another one, I would get either the Misono or the Masamoto here: http://korin.com/Knives/Style-paring_4 The care regimen question could take pages to answer.
Lychee House
I used to take the G to Tip Top in Greenpoint. But after a while I accumulated like 40 pieces of cloth and realized I had gone insane, so I stopped going.
I fail to see the purpose of a 2nd ave line that ends at 59th street. $2 billion subway to nowhere.
I am not going to wear a silk suit around my house.
Silk looks really nice but in practice there is almost never an occasion to wear it. When I am old and always cold I think I will get one.
the pasta at Marea in NYC is a very vivid orange. I tried to ask how they did it but I got the heismann.
is the E train now officially once per hour?
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