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I think Grange gets even more expensive than that. Never had it, myself.
I don't wear stays.
When I have beer, which is not that often, I seem always to have the same half dozen or so brands.
Or, if you want to get some older wines at decent prices, try a vertical of BV PR or Mondavi PR. They won't break the bank, to say the least. You can easily find them back into the 80s and they are very drinkable now.
Bachelet Gevery or Corbeaux. Should be able to get any vintagne for under $200. Never yet had a bad one. Charmes is well above $200 these days.
Ridge Monte Bello.
I was thinking, use the woody ends to make a broth, then strain and reserve the liquid. Then sweat some leek in butter, add the tops and sweat, cover with the broth, simmer until soft, blend, pass through chinois. Maybe a little cream after that. Save a few peelings and fry, use that as a garnish. Maybe some pancetta too.
I like them all, lord. Not completely crazy about the scale of the gingham, but I don't hate it. You Did The Right Thing with the solid dark tie.
I would say that, if one were to order a suit with CBD in mind, one would not get a ticket pocket. However, a ticket pocket is not the kiss of death for CBD. It's just that its absense is more CBD than its presense.I stopped getting them a long time ago on any thing but tweed, and even then, it's been a while. I still wear the ones I have, though.
This is not the threard where you get browbeat for personal preferences. That's the rest of the board. This is the thread where you let your freak flag fly.
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