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Going to "swim camp" Tues and Wed. I'll let you know. Been swimming at the Ida Lee pool in Leesburg the last few days. Nice pool. Good number of hot girls.
I don't know what the point is of selling only in half-meter lengths, unless it is to parcel out the cloth in vest sized pieces so as to make it available to more customers. If so, why would they allow that?
Because to make a coat or pants, you need an unbroken run of 2 yards or so. Unless you want horizontal stitch lines (assuming that would even work, which I doubt).
Yeah that's the place. Basically a half block in any direction is a borderline slum.
I visited that place once but it was on San Pablo in Berkeley (what was a very bad neighborhood in my school days and didn't look like an obvious spot for a fine wine store in 2012). Same place? I've read a little about it. I do recall seeing a lot of fine and rare bottles there and mentioning it to Slewfoot, who basically said "Don't."
Yeah, I had high hopes for this and while it was fine, it just didn't blow me away. Didn't cost me much either, so that helps.
I had a magnum of 1983 Prieurre Lichine. It was a good bottle, not spoiled in the least, but definitely over the hill. Not showing any signs of rot, just clearly past its peak. Terrific on the nose, but about 50% of what you could smell you could not taste. Probably a great bottle 10-15 years ago.
What if you are the gamekeeper on a Scottish estate?
Sorry, but this is wrong. The tweed suit is a staple that long pre-dates the tweed odd jacket, which when it first appeared was considered sort of a middle class cheat to get around paying for a full suit.
Mine has.
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