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oh good grief
Depends. If you were saying something like "Hey, what have you got in the privileged-information category?" Then "privileged-information" is a compund adjective modifying "category" and needs a hyphen.
Is this discussion about privilege-as-a-verb better or worse than the Socratic question of "What is a Stylist?"
what about as an adjective? Privileged information. That construction couldn't exist without the implicit use of privilege as a verb: something is done to the information to make it "privileged".
isn't it a lawyer thing to use "privilege" as a verb?
Hey, I am the last person who should criticizing others for running a thread into the ground and straight to the earth's core, so knock yourself out.
Fixed, no charge.
jeffryd has written many interesting things about the difficulty of drafting really good RTW pattern sets.
According to his book (second book) it was because Scholte would only cut high waisted brace trousers and he wanted lower rise belt trousers.
People with backpacks on the subway are supremely annoying. They love to turn from side to side smacking everyone in a 100 degree arc behind them. It should be legal stomp on their toes, I think, but banning backpacks outright is going too far.
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