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Saintsbury is also not bad. I also like Mt. Eden and the Phelps pinot. Or, try to get a Drouhin village level wine, some of those are under $50. They tend to need some age, though.
I've not heard that he's booked anything. He said when he was here in Sept (or whenever that was) that he would be back in Dec and going to be a the same place. Whose location I've already forgotten ...
"soon" in NY infrastructure language means sometime in the next century.Plus, it will only go to 59th Street.
And it takes two hours to walk to the subway.But there are some lovely buildings on EEA.
Everyone I know on the UWS says it feels like the early Lindsay administration, the moment when the bus is just about to go off the cliff.
the way the world is going, I can't tell any more.
oh right I forgot that all disagreement = hate; my mistake!
somehow we get by
that's quite a good price for napanook
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