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I don't think so. The one I use is from the TFL book, which has worked well for me.Also, you know that I played for the other team, right?
why do you hate philly? I was just there and had a great time. always have a good time.
Nor cheap, low 20s at best, but good.
You have no idea what you're talking about. Not only is that not Lil Wayne, that's not even Dwayne Wayne.
try clos du val
Chateau Montelena 1986, which had been one of my favorite wines ever, is now seriously over the hill. 1994 Monte Bello is a fucking masterpiece.
Cornwell is also the guy who more or less single-handedly busted Rudy Kurniawan.
Impressed by Mondavi Reserve 1998. Low rated, so not expensive. Smokey and deep and dry, like I like them.
That is one of my favorite duck sauces. Cook a little shallot in some of the reserved duck fat, deglaze the pan with sherry vin and/or stock, then add jelly. Strain for a refined sauce, leave the little bits in there for a more rustic version
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