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I've carried scary looking knives--knives that look like Samurai swords--on the Subway down to Korin to get sharpened. Are you saying that I was at risk of arrest all that time? Or am I so whitebread looking that cops don't bother to notice me?
maybe, but I'm not aware of any waterstones that don't come from japan. There must be some, I guess, but all the places where I shop--in person and online--seem to have only Japanese stones.
Forget what EP says, Chosera is pretty close to the industry standard. If you look at Korin or CK2G or various other websites that carry a lot of stones, that's the system nearly all of them will use.
For stones, basically you want a progression. The lower the grit, the more metal it shaves off (or "cuts"). You really don't want to use a low grit unless the blade is chipped, hopelessly dull, or needs to be thinned behind the edge. For normal sharpening, 1000 is as low as I ever go. Then you work up. The way it has been explained to me is that each successive stone should be 2x the last grit. So 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000 is a good progression. But this is not "set in...
I bought a 2000 stone today. Before that all I had was 1000/6000 double sided. I've been told that I really needed something in between. This does help a lot, I must say. Did four knives and they are singing. I also bought this polish that supposedly tunes up a "mirror" finish. Yeah, no. Junk.
Felidia is so good and nobody really cares about it any more so you can always get in and it's quiet.
i forget what it is called, but there is this little device called the angle cube or something like that which allows you to REALLY lock in the perfect angle. Naturally, I have one.
That looks like a golf course.
Amazing how in NY, no matter which direction you are walking, the wind is always in your face. it's sort of hard weather to dress for. Very cold in the morning, but too warm for a coat in the afternoon.
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