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i like old champs, don't get it often
You are just a euro snob, there is some very good pizza in NY.
The whites are better than the reds IME. The cheap whites are mostly pretty good. The reds I've had most recently have disappointed, but it's been a while.
stand around and sweat
I can get the bar on my shoulders with my arms extended. But when I fold my forearms back, my fingers can't touch the bar. They actually end up behind the bar. I can't tell if this is a fatal flaw or not but from the pics and vids I have seen, it appears to be.
So, I finally broke down and bought Starting Strength, 3rd Ed. It uses the power clean as one of the core excersizes. Well, I tried it yesterday with an empty bar to see if I could get the mechanics right and I don't think I can. My forearms are simply too long. I can rack the bar on my shoulders with my arms extended out, but I can't get my fingertips anywhere close to under the bar. I don't think it's simple flexiblity either. I might try going to a coach just to...
I had a hard time getting a cab to Newark Airport 10 days ago.
Wine Berserkers is heavily active but everyone on there only wants to talk about Roumier Musigny and other 2-barrell, $5K/bottle offerings. Or so it seems.
the humidity is astounding today. pure torture
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