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Partly they protest Wall Street because they want to pressure banks to stop financing coal. It's been a somewhat effective campaign, actually.
souper humid today
Am I the only one who imagines that the people Butler works for are always dressed in shorts, torn t-shirts and flip-flops?
because everything else has already been done.
it's pouring here in the burbs
I would tell you all to go to hell, except we're already here. Actually, hell is probably less humid.
Note that it will be even worse tomorrow, when I have to walk around in a suit. just like last Wed, when I had to travel to DC, was bloody awful. And it will be terrible for the rest of the week. Probably be OK on Sat, then back to awful on Mon. Esp. Tues, when I have to go out.
Because I dial the bitterness to 11.
mondavi Napa has been better lately. The last Rutherford I really liked was the 2005.
New Posts  All Forums: