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The list, I have to say again, was really good. Plenty of aged wine at reasonable prices. Got a split of Krug, 2000 single vineyard Austrian Riesling chosen by the somm, and a 1989 Ch. Fieuzual. And, just because he was a nice guy, he poured us some very large pours of a spectacular 1973 Alsatian because he thought we would like it. We did! first one was 2000 Jamek, Ried Klaus, second one was 1973 Louis Sipp Kirchberg. Interestingly the younger one was deep yellow...
I've been for lunch, possibly more often than I've been for dinner. I love that place. It helps that it's so convenient to my office, but it is also genuinely awesome.
Burgundy truffles will be in season. They are better than summer truffles, but not as good as winter. Speaking of which, I went to The Modern last night. one dish was a black truffle tortellini. Damn fine. All in, i'd say it was a hair less great than EMP, but still really great. Reasonably good value too for what you get (a lot). And a nice wine list that does not insult the diner on every page.
My son is 4 and even he uses the bathroom. However, one could see excusing a 3 year old. But these people in SF are grown men. What's their excuse?
So basically, the point is that SFers have regressed to pre-civilizational norms, and anyone who finds this regrettable is a reactionary or prude?
I don't use cast iron, but I do sear it on the stovetop. However, I have a really good hood. (Finally)
This was a common topic back when SField used to post. I eventually came around to his view. The point I think is that it's no longer so hard to get top end beef, whereas it used to be that you had to go to a restaurant. Now you can get dry-aged prime at retail without much difficultly. Second, the markup for cooking it (and for staff, facilities, overhead, etc.) may be justified on a strict cost basis (what it costs them to do all that). However, I can pretty easily...
the keene's mutton chop is memorable.
It will cost a fortune but Clos Rougeard is the best Cab Franc I've ever had, except Cheval Blanc.
I used to buy it and still do when I see old bottles at K&L because my dad loves it. I think 1997 was the last decent vintage. I had a 91 the last time I was in CA and it was very good.Piob, no, the SO winery is nothing like that one in the movie. Plus, they only have two wines, the Napa Cab and the Alexander Valley Cab. No whites or anything else.
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