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I have one bottle of that, I guess time to drink it?
burgundy truffle?
I've bought a lot on release, it's one of my favorite wines and always has been. But it also turns up frequently on the secondary market at very reasonable prices.
Oldest Mondavi I've had recently was the 1987, which turned out to be the best from that decade. (On release, I though the '85 would be the clear winner, and it was great in its youth and early middle age, but dried out early.) The '87 is still alive an elegant, but faded and very tertiary. I like it, but it's kind of a "cheese wine" at this point. The 1990s vintages are mostly all great right now, but they've peaked and won't get better. If you have any, make a plan...
hahaha rube
Rain kills trouser creases dead.
I did take some time off in the summer. Seem to have been getting better since. No roids for me.
Zachy's is definitely reliable. Most--perhaps all--of the old wine they sell is direct from the producer's cellars. It's one reason why their prices are typically so much higher than others'.
Looks more hopsacky than frescoy to me. Easy test, though. When you get it, hold an unlined portion up to light. If light pours through, it's fresco.
I like those dark "charcoal browns" for a city suit.
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