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I don't think the EP system is really workable with a single bevel knife. Which, in any case, are very easy to do on a stone.
yeah, it's more "gifty" and nearly everyone likes it so you are less likely to run into personal taste issues
I worked in a restaurant and never got paid
well you sort of are, right?
The freemark abby bottle is the same as ever (this was the Sycamore Vineyard bottling, which I am not sure they do any more, it used to be the sister to Bosche, which they still do). The GL was those old Cordier fat bottles, sort of like Haut Brion, but squatter. Frankly, the bottle shape reminds one of cheap plonk so it's good that they changed it. Also, I scored a '71 BV that someone brought but we didn't open. I think he was a little loaded or just in good spirits...
Yesterday, a 1961 Gruaud Larose and a 1986 Freemark Abby. Both incredibly fresh. The Bord won because it was just sooooo awesome, and multidimensional. The cab was more straightforward but a good old school napa cab from a vintage that may be the greatest aging vintage from Napa ever, certainly that I am familiar with. '41, '51 and '58 may have been better overall but my experience with those is limited. Of the great '80s vintages, '86 looks to live the longest IMO.
i use a leather strop that is backed by a magnet and mounted on a plate. Basically it functions just like a stone.
I use a 140 Atoma diamond plate. It's like a big file, basically.
if I lived or worked near that store, I'd be dead broke
a couple of years ago, i went to a dinner that included foo and Mrs. foo--who both look about 12--and I was the only who got carded.
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