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It does finally feel something less than awful.
There will be, there was a photog there. I don't have any yet.
Tonight, I shared a stage with Tom Wolfe. An interview format, I asked the questions and he answered. At the beginning, he said he was "honored to share the stage with the best dressed man in New York." Wolfe has been my literary hero since 1989. This was a big deal.
Still amazingly humid. 60 degrees, linen shirt, Rangoon suit, and sweating like it's July -- at 9:30 pm!
When in the history of the world has this ever happened?
I'm sure this has been going on forever and I've only started to notice, but it drives me nuts how cabs will slow down, initiate a turn--and sometimes even signal--so that you think you can cross, and then change their mind at the last minute and gun it through the intersection right at you. Assholes.
Raphet M-S-D 2006. Very damned good wine. Not familiar with this producer but the Zachy's people vouched, and I am happy. I am far, far from a Burg expert. But given my first experiences with Burg 20 years ago, I am amazed at how Burg is built these days. 8-y/o village wine and it's fresh as a daisy. I think I still like my Burgs on the younger side than I like Bord, but this has miles to go.
Also, instead of slicing the lemon into rounds, you should supreme them. It's really better that way--no pith or uncooked zest.
Piob, that's what that dish is supposed to look like. I make it a lot because the wife loooooves it. I plate it a little more "preciously" but not by much. That's what it is, enjoy. I tend to add capers and a few home made croutons.
Are we talking about Maggie May on the Let it Be album?
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