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edge pro stones dish like crazy so you will need to flatten them often
Agree. But then he has been very good to me.
I was at the inlaws over Christmas and visited the Wegmann's there. The store is still impressive but the wine selection was not as mindblowing as I remembered it (from 2009)
Still a bit tight and primary for me.
1996 Gloria yesterday. Probably a bit young, but perfect bottle and delicious. One of the cheapest of the good Bords and, relative to its peers, it always out-performs.
I chipped my Takemura!
2010 was like the greatest brunello vintage of all time. I've yet to have even tasted a bad one.
I have. Turned around between visits (so ~3 months), no problems.
That just tasted oxy to me.
that's a barleycorn, I don't really think it's a donegal
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