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2009 Ch Pradeau red last night. I like this wine a lot, and it will age, but damn did I overpay for it.
I think so, but they are not as good as the really great eggs with the bright orange yolks. I don't know where to get those retail, but certain restaurants seem to have them.
At the whole foods nearest my house, they sell eggs that come with a little newsletter inside the carton that tells you the names of the hens and what they've been up to recently. $9.99 for a half dozen.
Finally escaped.
for brown stocks.
My general rule is take the quarts of water your pot can hold, divide by two, and get that many pounds of bones. So 20 q pot = 10 lbs of bones.
I don't understand why those are legal.
"While there will be some minor fluctuations in temperature, a persistent ridge of high pressure will keep the warmth and humidity locked into the East through most of the rest of August."
Gomestar makes more as a dog walker than he does at his real job.
I think, for 68, my dad is still pretty tough.
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