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Sandy was in the fall of 2012 ...
The "true" way to do meuneire is to cook the fish whole (well, minus the head and guts) and then take if off the bone with two spoons. Old school frog places train the waiters to do this. La Pannetierre in Rye has tuxedoed waiters who can do it. But when I do it, it looks like complete shit. So I fileted it first and then cooked the filets. It was a smallish fish, so I left the sides intact. With a bigger fish, you'd get four filets--they would be cut along that line...
max, btw, if you want just chicken wings, in quantity, try Vincent's on Arthur Ave.
June is is a bit of a strech, but in the really bad winters of '11 and '14 early May ...
you should drop by and say hi
It's bad out but not outrageously bad. I was afriad the walk to the train station would be iced over and dangerous, and it wasn't ideal, but manageable. Midtown is fine.
pretty much, though I would call the sole more of a mueniere or maybe a cross between the two. Short ribs over puree of celery root with braised celery ribs and some fried leaves on top.i sort of combined a keller and a daniel recipe for this. Super profligate with three bottles of red wine, set on fire and reduced to a glaze. Very, very tasty dish.
I take it you've never heard of Michael Bloomberg?
dang. anyway, the point is that the quote was memorable in part because of the bad English of the speaker.
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