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I remember in college some guy had an older sister who lived on TwP and we went up there for a party and I was thinking "This is the most inconvenient place to live in the entire world."
BV has Tapestry and Rutherford. Mondavi has Oakville and Napa Valley. Phelps has ... I can't remember but it has something. Heitz also has a basic in addition to the single vineyard bottlings. Beringer has several levels below the Private Reseve.
I still wear a pair of BB shell loafers bought in college. They look ... well, not new, but not nearly as bad as it's being made out here. The water spotting, to the extent that happens, polishes out easily.
I like shell Wearing some today.
A study was done on that whole altitude question and guess what, it's all explainable by income and property values: the rich areas of SF tend to be high up.
It hasn't yet. I don't know if I'm just lucky or what.
I don't think there was ever a button boot craze. There iwas Tutee, who got one pair, and then FNB ragged on it incessently for two years over that one pair. I have two bal boots and two blucher. I don't notice a comfort difference. And there is really nothing odd about the bal boots, they just look like shoes most of the time. I don't see the big deal. In a bad NY winter like we've had, when you have to trudge through a lot of snow and slush almost every day, boots...
As our capricious "law enforcement' machine continues to spin into ever higher and higher gear, with incomprehensible crimes ("honest services fraud"?) racking up 97% conviction rates, I think a return to allowing honorable suicide would be the decent thing. OK, we get it, this is a tyranny. If the government wants to take all our assets, destroy our families, put us away for life over nothing, fine. It has the power. I get that. It can do whatever it wants without...
Can we throw Nick Kristof off that bridge? Or any bridge?
What is a bilateral pocket?
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