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I have, and I may actually do it some day. The problem is, it will not be original. But on the other hand, Strauss and Mansfield are so hard to understand that simply explicating them is a service.
wow it's bad out there toda
All I have is that one thing, which is really a shirt. It's quite stiff for a shirt, and somewhat scratchy. I have no idea what coating/suiting would be like. I found it wore hot, but I am hot in basically all weather over 75/no humidity.
It's Philipine formal wear.
I have a bamboo barong, worn once. Bespoke!
In Prince 22, Machiavelli famously delineates three kinds of brains: one that understands by itself, one that understands what others understand, and the one that understands nothing. These may be analogized to the philosopher, the "intellectual" and the masses. In the contest of P 22, Nick is talking about his own enterprise. He understands without help from others. Those who understand with help are the subsequent thinker-writers whom he will train and whom will...
The smoke or whatever it is at Shake Shack is delicious, but not so delicious after the obligatory 20 minute line.
I should buy more "bad" vintages. Last night, had a 1994 Cos from a case that I bought on release when I was "poor." I mean, it's not '61 Latour, but it was damn good. Plenty enjoyable for me.
This was sort of discouraging. In CA, I have access to two gyms, both of which have dumbbells that top out at 60s and no squat rack. Well, one of them has a Smith rack, but I've been told not to use those. So I do dumbbell front squats at 120. Last Aug, I was able to do 11x3. Yesterday? 8, 8, 10. Ouch! I tell myself that the difference is that I am squatting much deeper these days, which may even be true. But still. Right before I left, I did a bar back squat at...
For the first time in like five years, I am missing a super heat wave. yay!
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