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Do you still believe in the Tooth Fairy?
Big dinner last night. Did 3 TFL recipes I've not done before, the white corn agnolotti, the halibut with cippolinis and the Duck roulade. All were good but I was quite proud of the duck. That was very tasty and very beautiful.
Everything was excellent. Smoked trout may have been the best. Decent wine list with some good, interesting values.
Me too, to say the least.Odd that he has not reached out to any of us directly. I even own him money which he refuses to collect. I've heard all about the flakiness of Italians and tailors and Italian tailors but "No, don't pay me!" is a new one.
What a well dressed pirate.Arrggggggh matey!!!!!!!! Shiver me timbers, avast ye scurvy dogs, etc.
The carlo barbera 8 ounce lambswool are idea summer checks. But that's probably the only book in that style I have ever liked. They all have, IIRC correctly, a yellowish or gold ground.
I don't remember, it was one of their books. 7 or 8 ounce twill.
I can absolutely tell the difference between a gyuto and a German knife, and even between decent, good and really good gyutos. My veg cuts are way better with a very good Japanese knife.
I think that Tignanello doesn't have much cab in it. It's about 80% Sang, IIRC. But there is enough "foreign" grape in it that they can't call it by one of the DOCG designations. I view it as very high end Chianti.
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