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OK, then!
I don't think the language analogy works here. In brief (and this is a rare area of agreement between Chomsky and Aristotle), the capacity of language--logos--is natural to man. The content of language is wholly conventional, beyond the "deep structure." So evolving linguistic norms really don't tell us anything about the permanence or impermanence (or "intrinsicality") of non-scientific things. Humans have invented entire languages (Esperanto, Klingon, Elvish, etc.)...
Well, to me the jacket has a brightness, esp from that blue check, that makes the tie work. Still, if it were me, I would have worn a solid blue shirt, not a stripe, or if the striped shirt, then a solid knit tie. that said, I think it's fine otherwise, except for the square, which doesn't work at all. Not sure I would ever wear that square with tweed, but again, given the overcheck, it could work with the coat. Problem is, that square would look best with a white...
^^^ I think that is mostly great, except ... it would better with a plain white square. That square is nice with the jacket, but it needs a less busy shirt and tie combo. And it should be pushed down more.
Somebody broke my dad's car window Friday night and stole 3 golf balls. Pissed off over game 3?
Some time back I wrote a thread called "Groupthink or Connoisseurs Consensus?" that should stand as a pretty good statement of my anti-relativism/historicism in aesthetic matters. Chapter 25 of my book may stand as my full and final word on the subject.
Hopefully, this will add some clarity and color to what I posted yesterday before Bumgarner completely shut down the Royals.Let us, for the sake of argument and because I believe this is not far wrong, stipulate that there are three epistemological categories:(1) Those things which are amenable to proof by the modern scientific method (math, gravity, chemical reactions, and so on).(2) Things that are true, but whose truth is not establishable by the modern scientific...
I can confirm that gome is a fucking douchebag hipster
I have to go to the World Series now.
let me restate for the record: it cannot be true that white square + white shirt = "cardinal sin." Sins are known only through authoritative guidance. All the authorities in this case say that the w+w=A-OK. It is obvious that foo really dislikes the combo, which is his prerogative. But he must recognize, as a matter of empirical fact, that this opinion of his is not shared by the great dressers of the past or present. This is not merely another appeal to authority. ...
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