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Not to be a dick, but M-N has been better lately, especially PM northbound.
Some people I work with built a pizza oven in their back yard. I've seen pics, it looks nice. Wood fired pizza is good but coal fired pizza is awesome.
I am noticing that pedestrians are much more numerous, much slower, and much stupider than they used to be. It's like they are all in silent conspiracy to block my progress.
Paolo Scavino, whose Nebbiolo I like a lot. The white was meh.
I've been enjoying Langhe Nebbiolos a lot lately, great wine for $20-$25 and typically can be drink young. So I tried a Langhe bianco. Didn't like it as much as I hoped I would, for $17.
I have a cotton suit that began its life as olive and is slowly fading to tan. It is in its 10th year at this point.
There was a .5% commuter tax which Pataki repealed in 1999 or 2000.
3.5% of personal income.
New Posts  All Forums: