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well, my conservative estimate is that this will be mature in about 90 years ...
I've had good luck with Langhes from all kinds of no-name producers, but Produttori's is in a class by itself, and can be found for around $20, certainly not more than $25.
Cusey!!!! I opened a Ch. Montus about 3 hours ago and decanted. Still have not tasted but it smells like a monster. 80% Tannat. What a beast. It's a 2006, so I think quite a baby by their standards. I am rather glad everyone but me and booth hate Madiran, as it keeps the prices down. Hate on, h8ers.
A suite is typical, but not absolutely required.
I learned something interesting today. Apparently, if you try to hack up a duck carcass with a heavy Global cleaver on a plastic cutting board, the board will split in two.
yeah, I think there was just a vastly insufficient amount of air in the dough.
I tried making those barbajuans once and I completely screwed it up. Should try again.
last year was much worse than this year, in terms of volume of snow, frequency of storms, and average temps/cold stretches. No comparison, really.
red: 1958 BV. White ... hmmm ... probably a 1990 LeRoy BB.
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