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one of the bones in my left shoulder--the Acromion, I think--sticks up way further than the one on the right. Shattuck used to say he wanted to take a power sander to it.
I leave this to the discression of the mods, but I have used my "dubiously honored" powers to delete casual slander. Grammaton Cleric is free to be ALMOST as big an ass as he wants, but there is a line. If the mods disagree, fine.
Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that Grammaton Cleric has revealed, after shitting all over Rubinacci in this thread, that he is in fact ... in the process of getting his first garment from them? If that's not the ulimate meta-SF-Rubinacci revelation, I don't know what possibly could be.
Do you know anything? At least, do you know anything about this things you insist on posting about? Have you ever actually seen a Knize suit? I've been there and I know a client reasonably well. The suits are lean, almost columnar, with a rock hard chest piece and absolutely no drape.
Followng you? Your stench is everywhere in this thread. I'd love to get away from you, as would probably the entire forum.
That should have worked :headscratch:
You're like the Corinthian naugahyde version of a 2005 SF snark-troll.
Could be fun for 3-6 months.
He explicitly says in Prince 9 that a prince ought to found his rule on the people rather than the great, in part because the end or goal of the people is more decent than that of the great, and in part because the people are honest and the great are not (there are other reasons, too). This theme is picked up again in 20, in the discussion of "fortresses" where he says that the best fortress of all is to have the support of the people. In the Discourses, among many...
The Prince and the Discourses present the same fundametnal teaching, but from different perspectives. In the dedication to each work, NM says that each book presents "everything he knows." Or, to be more precise, he says that the Discourses contains everything he knows whereas reading The Prince will or can give one the "capacity to understand" all that he knows. Only the Discourses presents the full teaching. In The Prince that teaching is "reduced to one small...
New Posts  All Forums: