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"He who payeth over $10 for Antico ist un dipshit"They seem to think that Cab Franc is going to be their thing, but so far I am not impressed.
2011 wasn't "bad" it was just below the standards that Napa has gotten used to over the last 20 years, when every vintage is billed as "spectacular." I can't give any great advice here. But I will note that a couple of times I have gone to tastings and tried young wines that critics were raving about. E.g., 2005 Las Cases, and I could discern absolutely nothing about them, they were wound up soooooo tight.
I am really into philosophy and I can't imagine why anyone would even go to that thing, much less wait in line.
I have not.
I don't know, I've never heard of him.
I would go if they let me give a lecture on Machiavelli or Xenophon.
if it keeps on rainin ...
this is as good as new york gets, jerkoffs
Although, once lolani traded the bikini for the mumu, ep 2 lost some of its punch
Max, where are you getting truffle right now?
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