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Double (standard) is 150 cm or 60". Single is typically half that, or slightly more. This is for suitings/jacketings etc., not shirtings.
I will agree with sugar that white shirt+brown/tan suit and dark solid tie can be very cool. But I remind everyone that he wears two earings, so subject everything he says to extra scrutiny.
the library systems are non-profits and not controlled by the mayor. he appoints some board seats but that's it.
cold. no tourists
It does seem to be getting a little crazier out there. There is now a begger on every corner in Midtown, for instance.
Butler, you need some dress boots!
doc only wears chelsea boots
uncuffed navy flannel odd trousers, JFC, I know the world is ending but can you a-holes stop trying to speed it up?
Went to a dinner last night hosted by the owners of Ch. Canon (St Emilion) and Rauzan-Segla (Margaux). Wines poured were: 1964 R-S 1978 Canon (Magnum) 1989 both 1995 Canon 1996 R-S 2000 both 2005 both 1964: over the hill, almost entirely tertiary: leather, tea leaves, mushroom, tobacco, etc. Not spoiled, exactly, but too old IMO. Interesting but mostly for historical reasons 1978: also too old for me, but just barely. Still some secondary and even a little...
Manhattan is totally not plowed. I mean, Park in the 50s. Really, people? I have never seen this, ever, in 20-odd years either living here or visiting here. My little flyspeck village in W'chester is spotless and Midtown East looks like Siberia.
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