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I've never made it with a rooster, which I wouldn't know how to get in any case, but it's always come out fine.
Could you elaborate?
It was like the ending to an O. Henry story. One twist after another...
A couple of years ago I got a '68 Rioja that had to have been reconditioned and rebottled. The bottle and cork were both pristine. I think it was a re-release from the producer. Very nice wine. It only cost around $100, which is expensive, but not so crazy for a bottle that old. I can't recall the producer off the top of my head, but I have a picture of it somewhere, and may even have posted one ITT.
It's bread fried in clarified butter. Then the tip is dipped in the sauce, and then dipped in minced parsley. Chef X taught us that. Except at school we cut the hearts with our paring knives, but we have all these cookie cutters, so I used one of those. Honestly, I think I have not done that since I did it in cooking school. Max, when you make chicken stock, do you seek out large packs of just wings? Whenever I make it (like yesterday), it's typically when I am...
Coq au vin. Or really, poulet au vin. I remember one time when Collichio berated a Top Chef contestant for calling a dish "coq au vin" when it wasn't made with a rooster.
that was the most astounding thing I've ever seen. At least since "the play" (Big Game, 1982).
I do use feet for beef/veal stock when I can find them, and pig's feet in pork stock (I can always get those) and of course wings in any poultry stock. But with bunny, all I had was the bunny bones. So, I browned them, then browned mirepoix, then some tom paste, then added previously made brown chicken stock and BG. Was on the fire for about 2.5 hours, I think, before straining, then I reduced a little more. I used the pan that I cooked the saddle and racks in, sweated...
http://www.accuweather.com/en/features/trend/unusually_high_number_of_sea_l/41362576 Sea lions are mean bastards who would kill you just as soon as look at you, but still, they are part of the landscape, so this is sad.
I don't think he has to shell out for the Waldorf. Basically, anywhere in the 50s between 6th and 3rd will be fine.
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