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What if you are the gamekeeper on a Scottish estate?
Sorry, but this is wrong. The tweed suit is a staple that long pre-dates the tweed odd jacket, which when it first appeared was considered sort of a middle class cheat to get around paying for a full suit.
Mine has.
I had never heard of these guys, not being a big chocolate person. But as it happens I had lunch at EMP on Friday. The very last course was a "game" in which they give you four small bars of chocolate--one made from cow milk, one bison, one sheep, one goat--and then challenge you to taste and guess. (Naturally, I got only one right.)The guy I was with is a connoisseur of basically everything and he knew the brand. He just bluntly said to the waiter that he thought they...
we're going to pay dearly for this, with 17 blizzards.
I am meh on fish too, though I probably like it a little more than you. But I have a fish-loving wife and since I learned to cook it, she demands it a lot of me. I also really enjoy the process of breaking them down, which is strange, but once done, you have to eat it. Agree about LB, no matter what they do, it's perfect. And when he does throw in a little foie or filet, it's just as great as everything else.
I liked Ma Peche but have not been in a very long time. As for LB, I thought you were sort of meh on fish ...
Did you have to click their website precisely at midnight to get the rez? Or whatever their stupid process is ... The place looks interesting, but I've seen Chang in interviews and he seems like the biggest of the bigtime a-holes.
I signed up for this.
no, it's a fresco weave that alden designed. Lovely looking but heavy. at least 12, I think.
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