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I was at the inlaws over Christmas and visited the Wegmann's there. The store is still impressive but the wine selection was not as mindblowing as I remembered it (from 2009)
Still a bit tight and primary for me.
1996 Gloria yesterday. Probably a bit young, but perfect bottle and delicious. One of the cheapest of the good Bords and, relative to its peers, it always out-performs.
I chipped my Takemura!
2010 was like the greatest brunello vintage of all time. I've yet to have even tasted a bad one.
I have. Turned around between visits (so ~3 months), no problems.
That just tasted oxy to me.
that's a barleycorn, I don't really think it's a donegal
The list, I have to say again, was really good. Plenty of aged wine at reasonable prices. Got a split of Krug, 2000 single vineyard Austrian Riesling chosen by the somm, and a 1989 Ch. Fieuzual. And, just because he was a nice guy, he poured us some very large pours of a spectacular 1973 Alsatian because he thought we would like it. We did! first one was 2000 Jamek, Ried Klaus, second one was 1973 Louis Sipp Kirchberg. Interestingly the younger one was deep yellow...
I've been for lunch, possibly more often than I've been for dinner. I love that place. It helps that it's so convenient to my office, but it is also genuinely awesome.
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