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When I first got to NY, I thought Luger was the end-all. I probably haven't been in 15 years. I sort of got beyond steakhouses, I think. I did go to Wolfgang's several years ago, which is sort of a little Luger.
That was bad. Like a month after the earthquake, too.
have there been that many? I remember a near collapse after Sandy, but no one died.
This is more like it, NY, time snow so that the maximum impact is for 7:30 am. Also, did anyone see the crane collapse? Awful. Killed a guy.
By God, these people are geniuses!
me too. Spent several hours with that 89 Rauzan Segla, but alas by the end it was fading. For the first two hours (after about an hour breathing) it was killer. It had a kind of layer of earth-smoke that had totally dissipated by the end.
Better than the 1990?
So I went to New Paltz for two days for instruction in the TI method. It was fun and informative but all done in an Endless Pool. haven't been able to get to a full pool since, so I don't know how well this will work. it's also clear that I have a lot of practicing to do before I can consistently do this correctly. Anyway, on Monday I will test drive the method to the extent that I can and see if my times improve.
1989 Rauzan Segla is not bad.
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