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Bachelet Gevery or Corbeaux. Should be able to get any vintagne for under $200. Never yet had a bad one. Charmes is well above $200 these days.
Ridge Monte Bello.
I was thinking, use the woody ends to make a broth, then strain and reserve the liquid. Then sweat some leek in butter, add the tops and sweat, cover with the broth, simmer until soft, blend, pass through chinois. Maybe a little cream after that. Save a few peelings and fry, use that as a garnish. Maybe some pancetta too.
I like them all, lord. Not completely crazy about the scale of the gingham, but I don't hate it. You Did The Right Thing with the solid dark tie.
I would say that, if one were to order a suit with CBD in mind, one would not get a ticket pocket. However, a ticket pocket is not the kiss of death for CBD. It's just that its absense is more CBD than its presense.I stopped getting them a long time ago on any thing but tweed, and even then, it's been a while. I still wear the ones I have, though.
This is not the threard where you get browbeat for personal preferences. That's the rest of the board. This is the thread where you let your freak flag fly.
I think I would chuck it. It's too woody to make a good soup. I suppose you could make a broth from it and use that as a soup base.
heh. Commis.
The whole peas in the bowl, cooked anglaise?
I guess that depends on the size of the pan. He should have included a quarter as a frame of reference.
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