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the worst public bathroom I ever experienced ... well actually that was in China. The worst one in the US was the DC public library.
I have never, ever been a subway bathroom. How many stations even have them?
It's very small.
I haven't used anything but an 8000 in a long time. But I have a chip now that I have to deal with somehow.
The SF establishment is on the record in stating the view I summarized.
The Tenderloin has been a slum since Dashiell Hammett lived in there in the 1920s. The reason it 's still a slum is policy. The land is obviously mega-valuable. The libs who run the city think it would be a human tragedy to eliminate the last great urban slum in the middle of any otherwise functional American city. Junkies, hookers, thieves, etc. "deserve" a nice location. So the Tenderloin will never be allowed to improve.
I've only seen someone shoot up in public twice. Once was on the A train on the UWS. The other was in the Tenderloin.
That is awesome for a RTW jacket. Hats off to Wang.
I only got one suit from NSM. The pents fit really well. The jacket I think is tight and a little too racy. I don't like it as much as either Solito or Formosa. However, I have gone back to them for odd trousers and would again, if I needed any.
I gave luigi 5 pieces of cloth a long time ago. We're just working through all that. I do like his clothes, but I would say that between him and Formosa, it's a horse race. They are both really good. I have only one Formosa but I like it a lot. It's a little leaner/racier than Solito but wears well.
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