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They are not that easy to find. I think I have maybe 4.
I dislike it less, but I tend to wear linen with repp ties.I do like slightly napped silk squares that have a drier look. Have a few of those. Will wear with wool ties.
If you aren't interested in the philosophy, don't read it. Why is this so hard for people? Foo repeated something that I and many others have long found oddly perverse--not his dislike of w+w per se, but his insistence that it is intrinsically bad, a "badness" that none of the rest of us can see. Except edmorel, who hates all squares on principle. I explained why foo can't be right about that. Some wanted to hear it. That's all. Complaning about posts one shouldn't...
last I checked, no. Still have, I think, 8 bottles. It's probably been a year since I tried one, I don't remember. Amazing wine for the price--assuming it ever comes around.
nebbiolos always have crazy high acid compared to other reds. Feature, not bug. I don't know about this particular wine, but I drink Langhes within 2 years of the vintage and they are fine.
I like wool ties with suits and wear them in fall / winter, not exclusively, but half to 2/3s of the time. However, always with a puffed silk square.
Stitch, I think it would look better if tie and square were not both wool (dry). That is, wool tie + silk square or vice versa. (Cashmere counts as wool in this case.) Vary the textures.
coolpapa is an expert. I have used winebid with some success. The K&L site gets some really good wine but their interface is not great. Winebid is much better. All Winebid auctions end on Sunday night, so you'd better be able to tune in then.
Several people--all of them Asian--were wearing masks on my flight from SFO to JFK on Monday. Kinda reminded me of the SARS scare in 2002 or whenever that was.
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