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They are both awesome, you really can't go wrong. I have the black handle Takamura and it's the best knife I have ever owned, though out of your stated price range. The red handle one is cheaper because it uses less total steel, but it's the same quality. It's a lot like the Masamoto in that it's a "laser", which is to say, extremely thin. This is for fine veg cuts, not for anything hard. I have less experience (but not zero) sharpening a Masamoto. I would say that...
of those, masamoto hands down but get this instead http://www.mtckitchen.com/p-768-takamura-hsps-gyuto-knife-21cm.aspx
I thought I did too, but is oxy part of the deal? Like Jura?
Is Gavi supposed to be oxidized?
I feel bad for the Mets and their fans, but they really didn't do much to earn it, did they?
Large scale, no, but I am wearing a nice one from Lesser 13. There used to be a 16 version which was really great but it ran out and they didn't remake it.
at least the red tie fad of the 1980s mercifully passed on
The best navy chalk I ever saw was in an LL book that Steed had. Get that.
Looks so very different that I really, really doubt it.
Definitely not. The ground in the cloth above is much lighter and more yellow. The LL gunclub had a dark tan ground with a purplish overtone.
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