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snow in manhattan is an annoyance. Snow in the burbs stops normal life cold.
Its humid! I'd like to get out of here too, everybody knows to where, but it's impossible for the (far) foreseeable future, alas
You're moving to Florida?
I said upthread somewhere that last winter was worse. Not so sure about that any more.
this really isn't funny any more, if it ever was
I just wrote a little about flood in the article I am working on, which I mentioned to you. Almost at the point where I use your anecdote, but first I have to get in my sob story. I just saw, trolling a RE website, that a shell of a house on Vallejo, completely gutted by fire, is selling for $6m.
is this the same flood whose house survived 1906 and became the pac union club?
funny, when I look at that I think of Hillsborough.There is a spectacular G&G house in Berkeley owned by a stoner fraternity, but that is probably redundant.
No but one of my 1st college roommates was from Hillsborough and his place was fabulous. Another guy I later got know was from atherton and I visited a few times and found it meh. Not that I have hung out in a great many of these homes--I've seen more NYC co-ops, to be honest--but what I have seen, inside and from the street, leaves me generally very cold, though I think core Palo Alto is lovely. I also generally love much of the housing stock in the East Bay, at least...
This may be my taste, but I vastly prefer the pre-ww2 housing stock of old Palo Alto and Hillsborough to just about anything in Atherton. i don't remember anyone talking in hushed tones about Atherton the way they used to talk about Hillsborough.
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