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ed, I thought you lived in NY state? It's illegal for grocery stores to carry wine (or anything over, I believe, 5% alc) in NYS. The WFs here in California have great wine selections, but the ones in Yonkers and White Plains have zero wine, though they do have some beer.
The Whole Foods at Ridge Hill in Yonkers is great--huge, never crowded, easy to park, and they validate (it's a pay lot). The WFs in Capitola and Santa Cruz are on another level, though, however they never have veal. Just visited the WH in Petaluma, very nice as well.
I would if I could.
I return Aug 26, so expect the humidity to top 115% that day and for the following month.
Kinda blown away by a 2007 Heitz Trailside from a restaurant. I typically really don't like young cab, but this was great. Outshone many far more expensive bottles I sampled. Quintessa, e.g., just sucked by comparison. Local store here has the 2006 for $70, which is expensive (should be $60-$65) but I am going to grab one anyway.
not there, thank god
I like it.
1999 produttori single vineyard barbaresco. Delicious. HIghly acidic. Bricky red, almost brown. Years to go, I would guess. Not experienced enough to say if fully mature, but delicious. Went well with veal marengo.
Had a lovely, lovely 1998 Leroy BB the other day. $95 off a list, last bottle in the Restaurant. Perfect!
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