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Monterey proper is, indeed, a rather half-assed restaurant town. However, as noted, you can fresh sardines on the Wharf and at a couple of places on Cannery Row. Beyond that, you have to go to Pacific Grove, Carmel village or, best of all, Carmel Valley which is where all the truly good restaurants are. I went to the newly renovated restaurant at the C. Valley Ranch in Aug and it was great.
What? I know like 10 places in monterey to get fresh sardines! Also, sand dabs (yeah, Russ, I know ...)
weird about the frozen. I drive that stretch a lot and all year round it seems there at least a dozen stands at the side of the 1 selling fresh chokes for almost nothing.
when I first got my licence I would drive that road at hair raising speeds and think nothing of it. Two summers ago I met some friends from Cambria halfway at Big Sur and at my advanced age, I found it terrifying. The drive down from Matt's place in Sonoma was also super scary, as southbound there is no buffer (other lane, shoulder) between you and the cliff that plunges into the ocean. People were crossing double yellows to pass me.
it's actually a fairly new structure, I can't remember when it was completed, but within the last five years, I think. Definitely not there when I was growing up.
Watsonville, CA, is the strawberry capital of the world. Just south of there is Castroville, which is the artichoke capital. on the 1, there is an overpass bridge with big bas-relief scupltures. On the watsonville side, there are giant strawberries, on the castroville side, giant artichokes.
glad you saw the light, max
thanks, but it would be more useful if you could hook me up with some IndianGirlz
a big fran of the gerund, are we?
I was with you all along, foo
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