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I like wool ties with suits and wear them in fall / winter, not exclusively, but half to 2/3s of the time. However, always with a puffed silk square.
Stitch, I think it would look better if tie and square were not both wool (dry). That is, wool tie + silk square or vice versa. (Cashmere counts as wool in this case.) Vary the textures.
coolpapa is an expert. I have used winebid with some success. The K&L site gets some really good wine but their interface is not great. Winebid is much better. All Winebid auctions end on Sunday night, so you'd better be able to tune in then.
Several people--all of them Asian--were wearing masks on my flight from SFO to JFK on Monday. Kinda reminded me of the SARS scare in 2002 or whenever that was.
The game was certainly a fiasco.
3 games to 2.
So what are you saying, then? I posted in this thread for the first time since I don't know when in order to push back against what I thought was an excessively narrow view from foo. For that, the response is, yes, the same relativistic garbage that made all of this tiresome in the first place. If you, as you say, want to be critiqued by strangers, the critique has to have a basis. Standards are not impossible, you say. I agree. So what are you complaining about?
What's the difference, it's all relative, wear what you want, there are no rules, all these self-appointed gurus, who the fuck are they, you look great man, rock it!I just checked my calendar, is it 2005 again on Style Forvm?
OK, then!
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