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Pretty impressed by my first Formosa.
Where do you get Piedmont for under $20, and what can you get? Langhe's seem to be more around $25 these days.
Yeah but the frogs are like our next-door neighbors.
All I can say is, whatever DNA you have that makes you not notice this, I wish I had it too.
you're insane
18 is fine for a tweed coat. I like to be able to go out without an overcoat when I can. For some reason, the heat really tortures me in summer, but I have no problem wearing heavy cloth indoors in winter, with rare exceptions. I wear 16 ounce suits all the time without a problem.
Maybe I can't tell the difference, but the edges of my Drake squares seem hand-rolled. So does my one Rubinacci.
I don't know what the fabric was but you can ask them. At first they didn't seem to quite understand what I wanted. But then when they understood they got an overcoat out of a suitcase and when I saw the cloth I knew that was what I wanted. I am just getting a jacket, though. I think they said it was 18 ounces, all wool.
Not that I was not a fan, it's just that I didn't have it and they couldn't get it for me when I asked. However, I do think that what they found is closer to what I was looking for.
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