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Funny, in my family dried porcini has been A Thing for decades. My grandmother and great-grandmother would get them from the Italian markets in North Beach. But I never had a fresh one until I moved here. Neither had my mother. She was shocked when I first served them to her. She almost didn't believe that there was a fresh version.
Got porcinis this weekend, too. Had much fun with them.
The sterling tram is kind of fun Also, for the ultimate in 1970s chic, domain chandon. Like the set of 6 million dollar man
Mondavi is the best place to taste, IMO. Pay the very reasonable fee in the Reserve room.
I find the historic properties much more fun to visit: Mondavi, BV, Beringer, Inglenook would be my top recs.
Trains shut down all night and running on limited schedule today. two tracks out of commission.
it's for women
I am actually. But I like that big B&W plaid for a summer jacket. I actually have something like it in half linen, half silk. The slubs save it from looking cheesy and the linen saves it from wearing too hot.
plaid looks cool. What's the issue, too heavy?
I don't think you even need the stock or additional water. The water content of the mushrooms is so high that I find they tenderize just fine on their own.
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