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He did have the trousers. I think he is making them himself--in any event, they are not Ambrosi any more. everything was basted so for all I know when it's time to have them actually made, he sends the basted cuttings out to a trouser maker. If so, I don't know who. And, anyway, Ambrosi is only trouser maker in Naples I know by name.
hoo-boy, is it going to suck next week when every street is closed!
I saw him. I don't know if he had your stuff or not, but he had two of mine in basted fittings.
He really is here!
I had it once and was blown away by it. Totally mistook it for another wine.
I've had DP oeno '96 three times and it's been fantastic every time.
don't know about Salon specifically but for champs generally, '96 was epic and '02 slightly less epic.
are all downtown streets closed or just the ones I'm on?
While I respect it as a NY landmark and all that, the food had really not been any good in a very long time. And they were charging about 3x for a meal that was 1/5 as good as Cafe Boulud, JG, Marea, the Modern and many other spots.
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