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Lately for business I have been pretty bland. With other stuff, a little less. Did get a Russell Plaid last year, which I love.
so, slice with mandolin, cut out with a punch? Then what, mince the scraps and reserve for another use?
In the course of being myself, I discovered that myself is CBD.
I would just get a 10 ounce plain weave.
I was recently in Napa and had an instructive experience at Mondavi. I got to taste, in succession, the basic Sauv Blanc (they call it "fume"), the Reserve, and the I Block. The basic MSRP is around $20 but you can get it for $15 or less. The Reserve is typically $35-$40. The I Block is sold only at the winery and is made in very small quantities (200 cases) from the "I Block" of vines, which are the oldest at the whole property, dating to 1945. They are said to be...
Old Dom gets very nutty/toasty and also kind of flat. Personally, I love it, but I guess it's not for everyone.
That was long before I was banned from the CE. I have no idea what is going on in that thread!
I really want to like Rubicon for sentimental reasons re: Inglenook, but it's never moved me. Very austere and tannin-dominant. I say that as someone who does not typically love the fruit-forward style
Barathea is a traditional formal wear cloth. It's less a twill than a honeycomb weave. It may technically be a twill, but to my eye, it looks different. It also looks too "slick" to be a blazer, I think. You're better off with a coarser weave.
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