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You know, it doesn't work.
No. [exaggerated for effect] On the rare (as in, natural Pu 239) occasions when I go out in the city, here is the differing reaction I get. My preferred style--meet random woman, she says "Aww, you're so sweet, you remind me of my great grandpa who died at age 95 when I was 11!" Wearing NSM suit: "I'm in town on business for 18 hours, how about you come back to my hotel room and fuck me until my skull cracks against the headboard?" {/exaggerated for effect] Yeah, I...
Good to hear. Regardless of national style--London, Naples, New York--I always want a little extension.
Gandalf was not around for the First Age. He was sent, with the other four wizards, to Middle Earth early in the Third Age.
that is a damned fine quenelle, Max
My basic concern so far is that Paone seems to cut a narrow shoulder. Not sure if that's accurate or what, but one of the things I like about Rubinacci is the way they do a little extension so that the shoulders almost always look just a hair wider than the hips.
I've taken 10,000X times the shit you or anybody else, with the possible exception of Foo, has had slung at him on this forum. I've also been for nine years and counting, one of the two or three principle subjects of a mass orgy of hate on another forum dedicated almost solely to trashing and libeling me and a few others.The tired old “censorship” comment is a canard from the Jurassic Era of the Internet. Please familiarize yourself with forum rules, with Fok’s “bar”...
You had fair warning. DH powers activated.
Five armies were Men, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs and Eagles. 1) True. 2) Absolutely. 3) Could go either way on this. Greater sin was fucking up the conversation scene and context ("On the Doorstep" and "Inside Information" in the book).* 4) Not quite, The name is mentioned as being the orc who killed Thorin's father. 5) Not officially, but he chose to make that argument. So the movie portrays that element more or less faithfully. 6) No. There were only three Silmarils and...
There used to be (may still be) corn growing in the median on Upper Broadway in the 100s.
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