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Bill Clinton once wrote off his underwear.
How is it possible to make a movie this fucking stupid?
So, I sort of vaguely know this from books but not direct experience. There were a handful of firms in London, all of them in St. James, I think, that would get barrels direct from chateaux and bottle the wine themselves with their own labels. This is described in various novels, particularly Trollope. Occasionally--VERY occasionally--I see wines on restaurant lists that marked as "Ch. Margeaux, bottled by Barton & Gustier" or some such. But 1966 is very late for this...
iv drip
she did marry him, though ...
Well, sorry, no offense meant against your family. But my experience with the NYPD (which includes working with them rather closely) is that they are way more on the ball than any other force in the country, and also quite a bit larger, in both absolute numbers and relative to population. So it almost has to be Armageddon before something life Ferguson can happen here. De Blasio may do his best to hollow them out, but it's not even been a year yet so they are still...
my sense is that foo is a much bigger ball-buster as a SF poaster than as a Rubinacci customer.
I am afraid you don't know much about the NYPD.
No, I still like them. The latest Steed I got is vested. I will probably get some more, but I used to want a vest with all SB suits, and I don't do that any more.
The one Mariano wore to the Royal Wedding, which I saw only in pictures, is the only good Italian vest I have ever seen. Never again, for me.
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