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first wear of new Formosa suit. Seems pretty good. Pents a bit snugger than I am used to. I don't think I actually want them let out at this stage, but they will take some getting used to. Overall, this is a bit sharper cut than Solito. But still very comfortable and nice looking.
Pichon Lalande tasting last night. 15 vintages. Not a single one was actually bad, though the weakest was probably the 1993. Surprises for me were the 1999 (excellent and drinkable now), the 1994 (way better than this vintage's reputation) and the 1983 (never had but guess it would have been fading out. it's not). the 2000 is awesome, you can tell already, but needs serious time. I loved both the 96 and the 95; prefer the 95 right now. The 96 will, I believe,...
Peppoli ages well, too.
Local guy just got in a huge stash of 2010 Bord for $8.99. Suck it, Booth.
so far I have not really noticed, beyond the usual blockage for UNGA.
Yet another way that NY is superior to Philly: whenever I go to wine dinners here, the winemakers really pour on the charm. Maybe they think you people are not worth the effort. Still and all, I love that producer, so I would have been bummed to go to that and get no effort from them.
even I can't complain about the weather lately, that leaves Booth all alone.
Yeah, I had a $10.99 2000 last night that was perfect, but I think the shop just got it direct from France.
11s and 13s are said to suck. 12s and 14s are said to be good.However, at the very low end (Lucky me, a local shop just got in a ton very cheap 2010s and even some 2000s.
1) oysters with mignonette 2) argege egg 3) sweet pepper soup 4) sweet potato pancakes with yogurt sauce 5) corn and red pepper fritter with chipotle aioli 6) pink snapper with wild mushrooms and port-sherry vin reduction 7) lamb Bolognese with pappardelle 8) leg of lamb with baby carrot glace, pommes darphin and lamb demi-glace 9) marquise au chocolate with vanilla crème anglaise
New Posts  All Forums: