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I'm the only person I know who goes out of his way to get Madiran, which is typically like 60% Tannat. Very chewy and tannic. Can't imagine what 100% would be like.
el oh el
You need to STFU.Not that you are wrong .... but still ... STFU
I like loud paisley squares, but I hate the same patterns in a tie.
some of those drake's are fantastic
They are not that easy to find. I think I have maybe 4.
I dislike it less, but I tend to wear linen with repp ties.I do like slightly napped silk squares that have a drier look. Have a few of those. Will wear with wool ties.
If you aren't interested in the philosophy, don't read it. Why is this so hard for people? Foo repeated something that I and many others have long found oddly perverse--not his dislike of w+w per se, but his insistence that it is intrinsically bad, a "badness" that none of the rest of us can see. Except edmorel, who hates all squares on principle. I explained why foo can't be right about that. Some wanted to hear it. That's all. Complaning about posts one shouldn't...
last I checked, no. Still have, I think, 8 bottles. It's probably been a year since I tried one, I don't remember. Amazing wine for the price--assuming it ever comes around.
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