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I've been to the airport twice, does that entitle me to say it sucks?
Was she arrested or anything?
I think it supposed to be the quality of the climate and pasturing, and so forth, but in recent years they have been increasingly doing grain feeding in feedlots rather than "free range" on the pampas so I don't know how current that reputation is. Argentine grass fed is still very good, but very expensive.
You sure you're not thinking of Argentinian beef?
NY sure sucks today. Why does wind always have to go with rain?
the whale supremacy business is cheesy and very 80s but the movie is fun in a campy sort of way. Plus I love all the bay area location shooting.
you people are nuts. 2 is the best of the films by far, and the arc of 2-4 is quite good overall.
I think when LH started in the 30s or whenever it wasn't primarily a tailor shop but a store selling British imports. So the name makes sense, at least historically.
I don't know. The Harold McGee book might have it. I do notice that the color intensifies during the boiling and then peaks, and then if you leave it in too long, it starts to fade and kind of go grey. I don't know if it's matter of taking it out at the right moment or if the ice actually helps the color. It definitely helps prevent mushiness. The veg should be completely cold to the touch before you take it out of the ice bath.
They told me in cooking school that it's the salt that preserves and even intensifies the color. The ice bath (shock) is to stop the cooking so that they don't get too mushy and to firm or re-firm the texture. Despite all the salt in the water, very little if any will flavor the veg, so when you reheat, it's necessary to throw on a pinch.
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