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I had a 1981 Tondonia white last week that was great. Perfect bottle.
I was actually.
Those 90s Mondavi Reserves are great, and the prices are still a bargain, IMO.
Yeah, I have three of these, and while they are not that practical in the NE for that many days, they are great when the weather is just right.
It's not that I dislike Paso, it's that I really enjoy making fun of you for liking Paso.
Two cheapies tonight: 2012 Herman J Wiemer Semi-Dry. Fucking love this wine. Very slight sweetness. Five years and the petrol is coming out. Can go another five easy. 2007 Villa Antinori: Not deep or profound, but it tastes "aged." All the smoothness, the perfume, secondaries, etc. There isn't a great deal of depth underneath, but if you just like the unique taste of "old" wine, even if the fruit has faded, and without any sign of spoilage, this is a winner.
I bet that's going to be pretty good ....
Yes. Wore at all over NorCal on Christmas break and it looked great, I thought.
is the circular punch just a small ravioli cutter?
Gosh, I can't remember. Probably. It's the one that the Steed boys (father and son) recommended most highly, and I have to say, the cloth turned out great, as did the jacket. It's the one with the more golden-tan ground, as opposed to the off white.
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