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no, i hate those too
well, keep in mind 1) I personally fucking hate tattoos (bias) 2) I know at least one very nice young lady who is tatted and seems none the worse for it so ... my opinion may not be worth much ...
the tats are an infinitely larger red flag than wanting to get marred at 25
Would you rather wait until she is five years older and sampled a lot more strange?
Yesterday it took one hour to get from my office to the Q-M tunnel, and then 75 minutes to get from there to JFK. Almost missed the damned plane. Left three hours before flight time, got to the gate just as they started boarding,
damn. get the rest and deliver to my office
2009 is a great year to drink Bord young so I am not surprised it was good. It would still probably evolve for 10-20 more years. I tried to find as many 09s under $15 as I could but they are off the market now.
$35 is way too much for a daily wine.
Agree with Cantab. My NSM pants are really good. The jacket I don't like as much. Probably wouldn't get another suit, but I would and have ordered more pants.
I am going to games 3, 4 and 5 of the World Series.
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