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Hi, Nick!
Horizontal rain.
I haven't been to Aldea in a while, but the last time I was there I thought they had a ton of Portuguese wines for very low prices. Granted I know very little about Portuguese wines but the somm gave great recs.
Hitler was into tar babies.
I don't think you really know him ....
Well, um ... hmmm ... drawing a blank here ...
which one of you dipshits is saying an OCBD with no tie and a jacket looks bad?
I saw sand dabs at the fish market at the SF ferry building in Oct. Never seen that before.
One of the places is right on Cannery Row (Ocean View Avenue) down from the aquarium. Alas, it's not very good, but it does serve fresh sardines. If you haven't, you should try Aldea near Union Sq. Very good sardines.
There is no way to get to Matt's Fortress of Solitude on the 101. You can take it as far as Petaluma, but then you have to cut over. The Fort Ross stretch is mandatory.
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