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Agree with Cantab. My NSM pants are really good. The jacket I don't like as much. Probably wouldn't get another suit, but I would and have ordered more pants.
I am going to games 3, 4 and 5 of the World Series.
I am not sure the vox coat is Steed, though I'm not sure it's not either, but I think it is not. I know the slewfoot suit is Steed, In any event, the key difference is that slew has a lot more obvious drape or excess chest. Vox's coat is leaner and more "parenthetical" in silhouette. What you see david wearing there is much more representative of what steed makes for most people, including me.
Beaune is more than a village, I think. Not that it's huge, but it's a town, at least. yes, there is a wall. I don't recall savigny les beaune at all, and I am pretty sure I went there
astoundingly humid. we are going straight from sweat season to blizzards. There is no more "fall"
we are buying snow tires this year, knock wood
isn't it red newt you drunk?
Zachy's had some Moulis I'd never heard of, but 1989, for $50. Delicious!
wait---you live in Brooklyn???
Red Burg tonight, because I can.
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