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we all gotta go sometime (and somewhere)
Robert Benmosche, who used to run AIG, had a vineyard there.
But it's never been available in the lighter weight. I always wondered why. THat's why for a tan summer suit I had to get leser tropical. Perhaps there is some reason it just can't be done in the lighter weight?
true story, I once had dinner with Gary Johnson, and he went on a diatribe against dope.
Goddamn trucks were out there blocking the whole street again today. Free 50th Street!
So I guy I know is on the board of a thing, and for some reason the whole board met in Denmark. The chairman took them all to Noma and even got the pairings. Total freight was $50K. No, I was not there.
What I don't get is, if you're doing a construction project that blocks the sidewalk, the law requires some kind of setup to route pedestrians around it. But you can just back a truck up to a loading dock, block the entire sidewalk and 1/3 the width of the street. all day every day?
here is a minor reason why New York sucks: every day now, all day, on 50th Street, there is some truck backed up into the loading dock at the Waldorf. Completely blocks the sidewalk. Sticks waayyyyy out into the street. This never used to happen. Now it's literally all day, every day. WTF?
lucky deal last night, found two underpriced gems on a list: 2008 Prum Kabinett and 2008 Rougeard Poyeaux.
Had some interesting stuff recently. Highlights include a 2006 Ravenau Les Clos (fantastic, but hold it for another five) and a 1982 Tempier (easily the best Bandol red I've ever had). Not that impressed by Quintarelli Valpolicella. Cherry cough syrup notes predominated. Saturday lineup was: 2005 Gloria Ferrer pink (good but fading) 2001 Chassagne Montrachet Les Caillerets JN Gagnard (Loved this, no premox!) 1998 Paleo LeMacchiole (Pretty good, very fresh, not super...
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