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There is very litle riff raff on metro north. (so far.) But they are never, ever, ever on time.
The MTA will never improve, it's official, the brass is admitting that it's never going to get better. Points for honesty? No, not really, because they are still lying about the nature, extent, and reasons for the problem.
u r ghey
No flash
It's really not shiney, that's the flash. Without flash, it won't shine, but the colors won't be true either. It's no shinier than any other Cappelli/Marinella silk, which is to say, quite dry overall.
it's not a Macc, it's a print:
Saturn plate
claghorn, are you really wearing a windowpane jacket with glen plaid pants? Anyway, that suit cerruti is wearing looks like a vintage lesser I have. Easily my most FU suit. I don't think I've worn it in the last five years. Sigh. Looking more closely, though, it's not the same cloth. His is more F-U than mine.
You can buy spectacular fireworks in Missouri.
I'm not itching to, but I suppose I could.
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