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I think we need 2-3 more really good snowstorms before this winter ends.
SF discount?
If the FCI gave a class just on plating, I would take it.
You went without me!!!!???!!! Duck with root vegetables (parsnip, leek, carrot, turnip, fennel), apples, and a cider vinegar/duck stock glaze Filet au Poivre, Pommes Anna, Brussels sprouts, cipollini onions
sorry; sore subject
"working hard" apparently excuses or exonerates ever possible offense. Look, I know that I am in the minority among "coastal sophisticates" in actually wishing to see the written immigration laws enforced. In the circles in which I live and work, there is not only no one who agrees with me; I can't really even state my opinion aloud without starting a fight and/or jeopardizing my employment. This despite the fact that the vast, vast majority of the American people agree...
No, I used prosecutorial discretion and let them go. Better yet, I taxed the rest of the street and gave them money for doing nothing. Except breaking the law in the first place.
I realize that illegal aliens are sanctified beings who can do no wrong, and about whom it is blasphemy to say anything negative, but how's about if they stop coming and ringing my doorbell incessantly at 6:15 am every time it snows? No, I don't want you to shovel my walk, I will take care of it. Go away and don't disturb my family. In America, we tend to sleep until at least 7 am on weekends.
New Posts  All Forums: