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I had no idea this could be so serious.
I'd like to try barolo vinegar.
Lucien Boillot, Pommard, 2007. Zachys for $70. Impulse buy. A very nice wine. I'd love it at $50, but it's not an insult at $70.
The safest way to enjoy old Champs is to pick up bottles that the producers release or re-release after years in their cellars. Or, sometimes, in cask. Prices aren't always awful, either. By "old" though I mean 20-25 max. I never have Champs older than that. That is truly hard to find, and very pricey.
Me too. Never seems to go bad.
At the "North beach" stand at AT&T, two Italian sausages and two beers was $30.
you dumb wop
Why on earth?!?!
Ruby is basically jug wine. I only cook with it these days. If I want a port, I will shell out the $15 or $20 for a basic NV bottle from a good house.
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