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Picked up this Black Fleece suit and blazer. Had the sleeves shortened on the jackets, and pants hemmed and tapered. I'm realizing now that the jackets are undarted and a little boxy. I like a very slim fit, so I was wondering if it's possible and/or worth it to add front darts? Should I get the waist suppressed or leave it as is? Thanks!    
Received my shirt yesterday. Feels great, much nicer than my AA shirts but I was a little disappointed in the fit. It's a little looser in the waist than I'd prefer, but my main gripe is the sleeves. I hate it when sleeve openings are really wide and create that triangle flappy thing. It's not like I have pencil arms either, so I'm not sure whose arms these sleeves are made for.     Here's comparison of an AA t-shirt (size M).     Both shirts have been...
Same here. That P&B hoodie looks rad but the reverse seams look silly to me, and not in a good way. I don't need people constantly asking me why I'm wearing my sweatshirt inside out.
I picked up a tie because I'm a sucker for skinny repp ties.   As a side note, why is the park and bond inside out polo only $95? Aren't their polos usually around $150? And the two oxfords are marked "P&B exclusives", but they look like all the other BoO oxfords I've seen.
For people having website issues, after I logged out and cleared my brooksbrothers.com cookies the site issues went away.
Some measurements and sizing info:     boc-hem: 21.5 in pit-to-pit: 18.5 in sleeve: 21 in (shoulder seem to wrist)   These cardigans have a very shrunken fit. I'd recommend this for someone who wears a 36 or 38 suit, or smaller. Or if you wear a TB1 or TB2 in their shirts. 
  In general, or this particular one? Never heard that before, what do you recommend for layering over a polo shirt then?
  Hah, ok fair enough, I can see that a solid colored tie would be better here, but is the striped repp really that bad? I always thought it was ok to match patterns if they were different enough from each other.
Thanks for the feedback. I went with black shoes instead of brown/tan because I thought the outfit was loud enough as it was. I could never get into knit ties, but maybe it's time to look into that option.   As for the jacket/pants length and taper, I'd expect to hear that criticism in MC but thought SW&D would be more forgiving. The pants do look more tapered in that photo than they actually are, but I'm a young guy and have already gotten a couple grandpa jokes from my...
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