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Black Fleece shirts are really nice, great construction, materials, patterns, etc, but the fit is terrible IMO. The open box pleat on the back makes the waist very blousey and the sleeves are too baggy and long. It's just strange considering how slim fitting the rest of the line is.
Anyone have experience with their trench coats? Pics on their site make it look pretty decent. I've been looking for a slimmer and shorter trench and the only one I've liked so far is $2000 from Burberry...
  I can see the appeal of a $130 MTM BB shirt if it fits him well. To get the same fit off the rack he'd probably have to spend $25 with an alterationist, plus the time and hassle of making two visits to drop off and pick up. Assuming he's paying retail (yeah I know, big assumption), $80 + 25 = $105. So BB MTM is costing him an extra $25, not that big of a deal.   Trying out a new MTM service always takes a couple tries to get it right. Depending on their policy, at best...
  BB will sometimes do a weekend sale where they'll temporarily drop to 60 or 70% off, probably not until later in the season though.
  Thanks, I was going to get a Burberry one but the Uniqlo trench is 1/10 the price so it's very tempting. Just hope it doesn't rain between now and when the SF Uniqlo opens.
How is the Uniqlo trench in the rain? What's the fabric composition and does it actually repel water or just absorb it?
I picked up these shoes brand new a few months ago, and have decided that they aren't for me. Literally only wore them 5 times, so they have barely any wear. Kept in shoe trees in the box when not in use.   Includes two dust bags and shoebox. Shoe trees not included.   Price includes shipping within continental US, pm me for international rates or if you want more pictures.   200 -> 180.
I'm told that the next Friends and Family (25% off) will be the third week of september, and corporate incentive (30% for corporate incentive members) will be mid October.   I wasn't too jazzed by the fall Black Fleece collection, but it looked surprisingly good when I tried it on in store. My experience with a lot of Thom Browne and Black Fleece is that the pieces look like something I would never be able to pull off, then I try it on and change my mind.    I...
  I have a feeling you were never BBBF's target demographic. The whole point of BBBF was to introduce Brooks Brothers to a younger generation that for the most part had written it off as a stogy old man store. Hate on Thom Browne all you want but it's pretty clear that shorter jackets, narrower lapels, and higher pant lengths are on trend right now.    As for the fall 2012 collection, I'm not that into the oversized tartans, I think they look kind of bizarre on my frame....
  Pretty sure the ones I linked to have been around for at least two seasons, or are you talking about something else? I don't really follow this line.
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