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+1   A lot of businesses (and people!) on the east coast are scrambling right now. Try to have some perspective...
  $600 for that coat is incredible. Do you usually wear a BB4? Wondering if I need to size up for their outerwear if I plan on wearing it over a blazer.
  Thanks, I was afraid that might be the case. I asked them to drop the button stance during the first fitting but perhaps not enough. Is it possible to take the skirt in to try and remove some of the hourglass-ness? My fear is that just removing the waist suppression will make it look like a sack.
  Fine print on the sale excludes Black Fleece, but who knows how the website will work.    
Had some more shirts made with Thomas Mason fabric a few months ago, really like the way these turned out.       Also had a blazer made, but it Sleeves are obviously a little long. I wanted it slim but the waist suppression forms an hourglass silhouette that I'm not really into. I'm ok with the jacket length and lapel width...I know that isn't everyone's cup of tea here. Any ideas on what to suggest?      
I was at Jeremy's in SF today and saw some Tom Ford suits for sale. From a cursory glance I saw a 37R black suit ($1800?) and a 40R tux ($2800?).
That coat has been on sale for forever. I'm surprised your SA let you take 30% off though, they haven't let me use my corporate discount on sale items.
  Thanks, this was perfect. I needed a nice tote now that San Francisco charges you for paper bags.
Speaking of those cordovan boots, mine had a hole in the tongue.         I asked the SA for a replacement pair. He had two more pairs brought in, and one of those also had a hole in the tongue. The tongue is supposed to be stitched to the boot there, and I guess it ripped itself out.   Just something to look out for, you might be able get a price reduction if they can't get a replacement.
  I got mine at the 25% off F&F sale. I think they were technically excluded but I guess my SA likes me.
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