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I think they just went overboard on the waist suppression trying to make it slim. I have a Thom Browne blazer that's shorter, slimmer, and with a higher button stance that doesn't create an hourglass silhouette, so I don't think I asked them to create something impoosible, although in hindsight it's probably too far away from their house cut to expect good results. I get it back next week so hopefully they were able to resolve the issue...
  Doesn't usually get colder than 50 F in San Francisco. Just having something to protect my hands from wind chill is all I need, and I don't like how bulky lined gloves feel on my hands.
Apparently this Black Fleece scarf I was looking at was recalled. Gucci went after them for infringement, so these scarves and a bunch of accessories had to be recalled and I guess they're not allowed to sell them. In cases like this, what happens to the scarves? Do they get burned? Sealed in a vault somewhere? Because I'd still kind of like one.    
Picked up those unlined skyfall gloves from Dent. Not sure how I feel about them, was expecting a snugger fit. Hand measures 8.75" which is a medium by their chart, but I think if I size down to a small I won't be able to fit my hand in. Palm and thumb are ok but fingers are a little long and loose. Thoughts?              
Sorry I couldn't take this off your hands, but have a free bump.
Burberry Prorsum is 50% off, in stores only. No signs or advertising up to tell you anything is on sale, but it started 3 days ago apparently.
Thom Browne sample sale in NYC is back, today through Saturday. Anyone going who wants to proxy?
  Very odd. Bought mine a few months ago and they were dainite, don't know why anything would have changed since then. Contact BB.
  Damn, how does one get invited to such things? Those boots are so nice but I told myself no more shoes...kind of hoping they sell out of my size so I don't have to think about it. $75 is incredible for those though.
SA told me there's a 30% corporate incentive sale this Friday.
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