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Costco ones are great but are pretty thick. Definitely more of a hiking/boot sock.
Purchased these shoes from the Roden Gray sale. I wear a 9.5 and unfortunately they're too small. Just trying to get back what I paid for them. Price includes shipping with the US, PM me for international.
I have a wool/cashmere blend cardigan from them that I also picked up on gilt before I knew any better. Thin and pilled up really fast, not worth it. Gilt is the only place I've ever seen it sold, which might imply that they're made for gilt, but that's just speculation.
Naval shoe by The Generic Man in cognac saddle leather. Picked these up new and wore them over the summer, but just don't have room in my closet for them. Plenty of life still in them. Includes original box  and travel bag.   Made in Portugal Full grain leather upper Leather lining Leather sole with rubber toppy and partial rubber heel Size EU 42  and tagged US 9.5, but I would call them a size 9 because I normally wear a size 9.   Price...
  Don't have one on me right now to measure but the last time I checked I believe they're 2.5 inches, maybe 2.75. They can vary though.
  I didn't ask Andreas to alter it, I only asked him what was causing the canvas rippling. 
Thank you, live and learn I suppose. I'll keep that in mind next time.
Update on my blazer, having the waist let out seems to have fixed the hourglass problem. Silhouette is still not exactly great and armholes are very low, but I don't think anything else can be done at this point. They could not fix the chest rippling and seemed to be confused about it, thought it might be a pressing issue.   I took it to Andreas Gorges who does my alterations for his opinion. He says it's because the fabric is being stretched too tightly over the...
Where are you guys finding RLBL suits for $800? I never see their basics (solids or pinstripes) on sale.
Unlined leather gloves from Dents. The same as the ones worn by Daniel Craig in Skyfall:   These are size Medium and unfortunately don't fit me. Brand new, never worn outside but I snipped the tags and unfortunately can't return them.   See Dent's sizing page for sizing info:   Shipping included in price if within CONUS.
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