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Where are you guys finding RLBL suits for $800? I never see their basics (solids or pinstripes) on sale.
Unlined leather gloves from Dents. The same as the ones worn by Daniel Craig in Skyfall:   http://www.dents.co.uk/products/786/James-Bond---Skyfall-Leather-Gloves.asp#n   These are size Medium and unfortunately don't fit me. Brand new, never worn outside but I snipped the tags and unfortunately can't return them.   See Dent's sizing page for sizing info: http://www.dents.co.uk/pages/Sizing.asp   Shipping included in price if within CONUS.
I think they just went overboard on the waist suppression trying to make it slim. I have a Thom Browne blazer that's shorter, slimmer, and with a higher button stance that doesn't create an hourglass silhouette, so I don't think I asked them to create something impoosible, although in hindsight it's probably too far away from their house cut to expect good results. I get it back next week so hopefully they were able to resolve the issue...
  Doesn't usually get colder than 50 F in San Francisco. Just having something to protect my hands from wind chill is all I need, and I don't like how bulky lined gloves feel on my hands.
Apparently this Black Fleece scarf I was looking at was recalled. Gucci went after them for infringement, so these scarves and a bunch of accessories had to be recalled and I guess they're not allowed to sell them. In cases like this, what happens to the scarves? Do they get burned? Sealed in a vault somewhere? Because I'd still kind of like one.    
Picked up those unlined skyfall gloves from Dent. Not sure how I feel about them, was expecting a snugger fit. Hand measures 8.75" which is a medium by their chart, but I think if I size down to a small I won't be able to fit my hand in. Palm and thumb are ok but fingers are a little long and loose. Thoughts?              
Sorry I couldn't take this off your hands, but have a free bump.
Burberry Prorsum is 50% off, in stores only. No signs or advertising up to tell you anything is on sale, but it started 3 days ago apparently.
Thom Browne sample sale in NYC is back, today through Saturday. http://www.thechoosybeggar.com/2012/12/thom-browne-sample-sale/ Anyone going who wants to proxy?
  Very odd. Bought mine a few months ago and they were dainite, don't know why anything would have changed since then. Contact BB.
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