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  While they claim it's possible to wear 100 days straight without washing, no one is going to force you to wear it 100 days straight or 3 days a week.   It's just a shirt made from wool. Wool doesn't retain odors and sweat the same way cotton or synthetics does. Think of it like a wool sweater, how many wears do you get out of it between dry cleaning?   I like wool a lot but am still a little skeptical of their claims. We'll see though.
black fleece is eligible for F&F and corporate incentives
  No. Corp discount does not stack with sales other than stuff like 3 shirts for $225.   Is there a way to get this stickied? Because someone asks this once a week.
  Next Friends and Family is May 8 - 11, 25% off.
  Thick as Thieves blazer came the other day. I have really sloped shoulders which is causing some rippling, might ask tailor to add some shoulder padding to try fixing it.
Jack Spade friends & family sale, 25% off everything today and tomorrow   code: S13FFUS
  Hah, same here. Looking like I might just have to wait until fw 13 comes out. I'm a size 42 if anyone is selling.
Any news? Still haven't heard anything and no answer when I tried calling the shop today.
I've been wondering the same thing. Ordered a pair of CPs a week ago and it still says "awaiting fulfillment". Email and phone call with no response...not looking good.
Costco ones are great but are pretty thick. Definitely more of a hiking/boot sock.
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