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  No. Corp discount does not stack with sales other than stuff like 3 shirts for $225.   Is there a way to get this stickied? Because someone asks this once a week.
  Next Friends and Family is May 8 - 11, 25% off.
  Thick as Thieves blazer came the other day. I have really sloped shoulders which is causing some rippling, might ask tailor to add some shoulder padding to try fixing it.
Jack Spade friends & family sale, 25% off everything today and tomorrow   code: S13FFUS
  Hah, same here. Looking like I might just have to wait until fw 13 comes out. I'm a size 42 if anyone is selling.
Any news? Still haven't heard anything and no answer when I tried calling the shop today.
I've been wondering the same thing. Ordered a pair of CPs a week ago and it still says "awaiting fulfillment". Email and phone call with no response...not looking good.
Costco ones are great but are pretty thick. Definitely more of a hiking/boot sock.
Purchased these shoes from the Roden Gray sale. I wear a 9.5 and unfortunately they're too small. Just trying to get back what I paid for them. Price includes shipping with the US, PM me for international.
I have a wool/cashmere blend cardigan from them that I also picked up on gilt before I knew any better. Thin and pilled up really fast, not worth it. Gilt is the only place I've ever seen it sold, which might imply that they're made for gilt, but that's just speculation.
New Posts  All Forums: