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  I know Black Fleece goes on sale on the 10th. Don't know about mainline BB.
  Designing and maintaining a website, syncing physical inventory with online inventory, processing online shipping and returns are all non-trivial tasks. Many brands don't want you to sell their stuff online either.   Taking decent photos of your inventory is a lot of work and money too, especially if you're hiring models and using a professional photographer.
      Navy wool blazer with MOP buttons in house cut. Half lined, pretty happy with it.   I have really sloped shoulders which I think is what's causing the shoulders to ripple a little bit.
No pictures but a little preview text    http://shop.outlier.cc/shop/retail/freemansblazer.html
Naval shoe by The Generic Man in white canvas. Picked these up new and wore them last summer, but just don't have room in my closet for them. Plenty of life still in them. Includes original box and travel bag.   Made in Portugal Canvas upper Leather lining Leather sole with rubber toppy and partial rubber heel Size EU 43  and tagged US 10.   Price includes shipping within the US, international is an extra $10. PM me if you have more questions.
Weird, it looks way too tight from the back but too loose from the front. Odd cut.
  While they claim it's possible to wear 100 days straight without washing, no one is going to force you to wear it 100 days straight or 3 days a week.   It's just a shirt made from wool. Wool doesn't retain odors and sweat the same way cotton or synthetics does. Think of it like a wool sweater, how many wears do you get out of it between dry cleaning?   I like wool a lot but am still a little skeptical of their claims. We'll see though.
black fleece is eligible for F&F and corporate incentives
  No. Corp discount does not stack with sales other than stuff like 3 shirts for $225.   Is there a way to get this stickied? Because someone asks this once a week.
  Next Friends and Family is May 8 - 11, 25% off.
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