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After having my Proper Suit a little over a year and a half now, here are my thoughts:   Other than the shoulders being too narrow, the silhouette looks pretty good. The base fabric they use sucks though. It's hard to explain or capture in pictures, but the fabric has a bunch of loose strands coming off it. I have about a dozen suits and blazers and none of them do this, and it's not like I wear this thing all the time.     Echoing the user above, they have...
 I've seen Ervell and (I think Geller) at bloomingdales so I don't see why not at Nordstrom. Last time I was in Cincinnati I stopped by Saks and the men's section was 90% Vince and Hugo Boss. What are the good places (if any) there?
I don't know if I'd call the SLP varsity perfect, but I don't see the big deal with it being a replica. How is this any different than OG vs MMM gats?
      Rick Owens Spring 2014 show was cool as hell. He hired step dance teams to perform instead of regular models. Video helps put this into perspective a little bit, unfortunately this was the best I could find for now.   Full collection here
  Just different strokes for different folks. I remember seeing a Mr. Moo fit on sufu that get tons of negs but was very well received here. Every community is going to be a little different in what they like.
  Same, wear a 3 in shirts but my arms couldn't fit inside a 4 to even try it on so I just gave up on BoO for suiting.
Love these boots but "foam sole" makes me nervous. Anyone have experience? I have a pair of Grenson boots with a foam sole and the heel wore out really fast.  
  Thanks, yeah shirt is weak. Been meaning to get a MTM one that fits my neck better, guess I'll get on that.
  Do you even Thom Browne?     Ouch, right in the feels...   Pants aren't particularly cropped, just hemmed to have no break. 
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