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  Just different strokes for different folks. I remember seeing a Mr. Moo fit on sufu that get tons of negs but was very well received here. Every community is going to be a little different in what they like.
  Same, wear a 3 in shirts but my arms couldn't fit inside a 4 to even try it on so I just gave up on BoO for suiting.
Love these boots but "foam sole" makes me nervous. Anyone have experience? I have a pair of Grenson boots with a foam sole and the heel wore out really fast.  
  Thanks, yeah shirt is weak. Been meaning to get a MTM one that fits my neck better, guess I'll get on that.
  Do you even Thom Browne?     Ouch, right in the feels...   Pants aren't particularly cropped, just hemmed to have no break. 
    Brooks Brothers Black Fleece, except the shirt. More of a CM kind of fit I guess but I think those guys would hate this.
  I guess it depends on how oversized you want it, because they're supposed to fit a little bigger/boxier. I just got my regular size, which is a medium. I have about a 41.5" chest, here's a pic:  
  Nordstrom has them   I got mine on sale at Acrimony for $50, great shirt. My guess is it's going to be hard to find them on sale unless you wait a couple months till winter clearance.
I have a Thomas Mason shirt from Spoon and it was $195 if I recall correctly.    As an update on the malformed blazer from a few posts ago, they offered to remake it and I'm much more pleased with it now. Also had a few more shirts made that have turned out great. I'll try to post some pictures at some point.   If anything, Spoon has great customer service and will work hard to make you happy. I'm not sure if I'll get another blazer or suit from them just because...
  End of season sale, so seasonal stuff will go to 40% off and other stuff will go to 25%.
New Posts  All Forums: