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    Only been using it for about a month, but pretty happy so far. Wish I had been able to get the navy/red one though. 
Thom Browne for Brooks Brothers Black Fleece solid gray suit. This suit was from one of the lines that was made in Italy by Caruso. Brand new with tags, pants and sleeves are unfinished and have not been hemmed.  Label has a mark on it to prevent store returns at full price. This is a beautiful suit that's great for warmer weather, really sad to let this go but I just can't justify owning another grey suit at this time.   Jacket:  Fits a 40R. 1/2 lined....
Picked these up during the Black Fleece private sale and realized that I don't need them. Brand new with tags. Crew neck, cashmere, made in scotland, retails for $500.   Price includes shipping within the US, message me for international.    I have one in navy and one in black.
Drop to $675.
Drop to $135. Going out of town tomorrow, so if it isn't sold by then I'll take it down.
Drop to $135. Going out of town tomorrow, so if it isn't sold by then I'll take it down.
  I've heard that the Black Fleece sale date has been moved up to the 13th from the 18th, is this what you're talking about? Don't have any details on it though. Feel free to fill us in bro! 
  My stuff shipped on monday.
  I'm assuming like any business, they persist with the line because it makes money. None of that is spring 2012, most of it is stuff that was already on sale from previous seasons or what looks to be fall 2012 samples. If you like the TB aesthetic, $400 for a full canvas suit is a steal.
Never been worn, tags attached, still in original wrapping and box. Retail price is $345. Pink, slim collars, gold fit, which is their slimmest fit. Stretch cotton fabric (97% cotton, 3% elastane). Size is 43, which translates to a 17 inch neck size.   Price includes shipping if within the US, message me for international rates.
New Posts  All Forums: