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San francisco Barneys has a bunch of these, 60% off. Give them a call.
  What were you looking for? Check Barneys, they carry BF and are up to 60% now. If it's sold out then there's probably a reason the BF discounts were so shallow this season.
Drop to $175
  I want this Thom Browne cardigan, but damn $995 is a lot for a cardigan. The only store I've found that carries it in a size 5 is the Thom Browne NY store. Do they ever have sales or discounts? I was hoping since it's the middle of the summer it'd be cheaper, but no dice.
Yes, SF black fleece store.
  I've noticed that there are more shoes in store than online. For example they only show the black C&J longwings online, but I saw walnut, black pebbled leather, and the old Alden cordovans (no size 9 though ). Wasn't paying attention to suede though, sorry.
Black Fleece sale starts tomorrow, 25-40% off depending on the item. I know suits and sports coats are going to be 40% off, non-cordovan shoes are 25% off. The polo I was looking at was 25% off. That's all I know.
  Pretty sure it's indigo from my raw denim. That was one of the things I was worried about with the white.
    Only been using it for about a month, but pretty happy so far. Wish I had been able to get the navy/red one though. 
Thom Browne for Brooks Brothers Black Fleece solid gray suit. This suit was from one of the lines that was made in Italy by Caruso. Brand new with tags, pants and sleeves are unfinished and have not been hemmed.  Label has a mark on it to prevent store returns at full price. This is a beautiful suit that's great for warmer weather, really sad to let this go but I just can't justify owning another grey suit at this time.   Jacket:  Fits a 40R. 1/2 lined....
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