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  Hah, ok fair enough, I can see that a solid colored tie would be better here, but is the striped repp really that bad? I always thought it was ok to match patterns if they were different enough from each other.
Thanks for the feedback. I went with black shoes instead of brown/tan because I thought the outfit was loud enough as it was. I could never get into knit ties, but maybe it's time to look into that option.   As for the jacket/pants length and taper, I'd expect to hear that criticism in MC but thought SW&D would be more forgiving. The pants do look more tapered in that photo than they actually are, but I'm a young guy and have already gotten a couple grandpa jokes from my...
First WAYWT post. This look might be a little too MC, but I never get a chance to dress up.  
I picked up this suit from them a couple months ago. I have very broad and sloping shoulders shoulders and it'd been difficult to find something that fit me well OTR. I paid $700 for it, overall I'm pretty happy with it. Fully canvased, functional kissing button cuffs (which are really fun to use), construction seems pretty solid, and the only alterations I made were to have the pants hemmed half an inch (not seen in these pictures). I'd say it'd be hard to find a MTM...
  I know, but I always see them listed as oxfords: http://www.gilt.com/sale/men/generic-man-2917/product/90695869-generic-man-naval-lace-up-oxfords
Naval by The Generic Man in black canvas. Yeah, I know they're not technically oxfords, but everyone else calls them that so I will too.   Lightly worn and still plenty of life in them. Love this shoe but decided to get rid of them because I have way too many black shoes and I already own identical pairs of these in white and brown.   Black canvas upper Leather lining Leather sole with rubber toppy and partial rubber heel Size EU 43 / US...
San francisco Barneys has a bunch of these, 60% off. Give them a call.
  What were you looking for? Check Barneys, they carry BF and are up to 60% now. If it's sold out then there's probably a reason the BF discounts were so shallow this season.
Drop to $175
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