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i drive a 2.0TD volkswagen scirocco and love it to bits, smooth to drive and never had a problem with it yet, fingers crossed lol
hey everyone thanks for all your reply's. got a few bits over the weekend decided to go with dark tiles on the floor and far wall then white on the remaining three walls. the rooms just a shell at the min so i can just throw it all in there until its ready to fit. also got a mirror almost the full length of the room that will sit flush with the tiles in the wall. ordered the walk in shower but still waiting for that should be here friday. i'm lucky too my dads going to...
well thanks for your .02. because any help is welcome, I really want to make this room something i'll be happy in and be able to relax at the same time. i'm thinking about dark colours too. if not a bowl what would you suggest? and do you have any pics of your fresh new bathroom? think im going to go for a minimilistic walk in shower but not sure about which one. been looking at these at the min, what do you guys think? walk in shower       Haven't picked one out...
Yeah does definitely depend on surroundings but just by the look of the 2 I would go with the Knoll J
Hi everyone,   over the next few weeks i will be starting my bathroom renovation and thought it would be a good idea to ask you all what your bathrooms are like at home or what you all think are good ideas in bathrooms. Any help would be much appreciated even photos of your own bathrooms so i can start to collect lots of ideas together.
I had my body fat percentage taken on friday at the gym and its 16.7% they told me. now i wouldnt say im ripped but you can clearly see my abs, so do you really have to be under 10%? or have they calculated my percentage wrong maybe? as two of my friends have the same percentage as me yet they have very little definition?
also i watched abduction the other nite, and ive got to say its one of the worst films i have seen in a long time, even considered turning it off after a while but had nothing else to watch lol
yeah i watched this film the other nite and it is pretty good, the fight scenes are amaing and have just the right amount of blood and gore :)
  this sofa is awesome, wudnt just go in any room im guessing though lol would need to be a really minimalistic room i think. what does every1 think?
I watched Machete the other day and its actually so rubbish that its good! it dosn't take itself seriously at all and is over the top and cheesy which makes it hilarious. plus theres a few known actors in it which also adds to the craziness. any1 else seen it? what ya think?
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