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^ I'd put them in a class higher than AA.  Better quality fabrics, better quality construction.   That, and I wouldn't put them in a similar class to AA in any other way, either, except that both make basics.  AA is stuck in the 80's.  That and they seem to heavily cater to the hipster subculture.   It will be interesting to see how Everlane evolves over time.
Guess I've come to the thread a little late.   Ignore the bullies.  Wear a bowtie if you want, but it's certainly a little...ah...out of the norm.  I can't say that I'm crazy about them.  At all.   I haven't seen anything posted in this thread, in terms of bowties, that looks good in my book.  That includes Chris Brown.  That outfit is just...awful.  If you ask me.   Anywho, this has turned out to be a truly awful thread.  No offense meant to the OP....
Do the 29, the fit looks good.  If you can't get a 28 buttoned, and you don't like the fit as much, don't go for a 28.  It's really as simple as that.   I really don't know how else to put this...but if your belt is creating pulling around the crotch you have to be doing something wrong.  It sounds like you might be tightening it too much and pulling your jeans up too high.  In that case...it's a simple matter of loosening 'em up a notch and wearing them lower on your...
I'd call it a low-mid rise.  It's not crazy low by any means, but it's on the lower end of the spectrum.  Too low for me to tuck-in, truth told.  But I never do that with my jeans anyways.   I don't have any problems though.  The cut works well for me.
^ My elephant 2's buttons are evenly spaced out, and they don't look like that.
Just got mine in a few days ago.  Bought these during their 15% off sale to complement my black RW iron rangers.   Impressions:   As others have said, the leather is much darker than pictured on the website.  This was a good thing in my case, I prefer the darker color in real life.  The orange-y bit on the welt is the only thing about them that I don't like, cosmetically speaking.  I'm sure it will become a bit darker with use and wear though.   The leather...
I feel like converse is missing out on a great opportunity to bring some manufacturing back to the US.  They've already got their Converse by John Varvatos line, why not have a higher-end made in america line?   Chucks are a wardrobe staple.  They're simple, classic, and go with just about anything in a casual setting.  I'd pay triple what they're currently going for for something made in the USA to better standards and with better materials.   Then again, maybe...
^ Oof.  Yeah, truly awful stuff.  The captions are...eh...lame though.     Find horribly dressed person + break caps lock key + misplaced rage =/= hilarity.   Insults, stating the obvious: a good critic craves not these things.  Insight and wit is the path to hilarious critiques.
^ It's, ah, it's at the top of his post.   8 months.  3 washes.
Those look like Nep Selvedge to me:   http://www.nakedandfamousdenim.com/collection/men/weirdguy/nep-selvedge.html
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