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There's too little information here to make a recommendation.   What do you mean by similar?  Similar cut, construction, materials, etc?   APC makes good stuff.  So do a lot of other companies.  What is it about this pair that caught your eye?
People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.   The OP started off this thread as a simple inquiry.  Then people started the dogpile and insults.  "the point of selvedge is quality, you fucktard" they said.     Contrary to popular belief, there is no "point" to selvedge, it's simply how denim and many other fabrics were made before projectile looms.  It's a feature of the fabric, nothing less, and it's been hyped up beyond all recognition.  Can we really blame people for...
Oof, reading this thread makes my head hurt.   here's a nice TL;DR:   Selvedge doesn't equal quality, but there's nothing wrong with buying cheaper clothing if you like it.   Some of you kids need to learn to play nice.  Chill out a little, eh?
Hard to see how a person could not like chucks.  They're functional, versatile, timless, cheap, durable, they go with practically everything barring formal wear.  There's a reason why chucks haven't changed much in the past 60+ years...   But, none of that matters if you don't like 'em.  C'est la vie.  If you're willing to pony up the extra cash, there's plenty of weightlifting shoes out there that will work.  Just look for anything with a minimal amount of cushioning.
How so?  They're both taper cuts, so that at the very least puts them in the same ballpark.   I own both: the average joe has a higher rise and is a touch more relaxed in the thighs.  Hell, I'd call both "slim taper", with the weird guy being the slimmer of the two.   Sooooo...care to elaborate?
IMO, anybody who tells you to buy a pair of jeans that you can't button up is talking out of their ass.  But I digress...   I've got the WG in deep indigo.  The deep indigo fabric can stretch, but doesn't stretch a whole lot on it's own.  The power stretch is going to have a whole lot more give to it than something that's 100% cotton, so if you can *just* button those up, I'd bet that you wouldn't be able to do the deep indigos.   My suggestion?  Go for the 34.  You'll be...
Black and white is a good choice.  Gym gear is best kept conservative IMO.   You'll need a different pair of shoes for lifting though, especially if you plan on doing any deadlifts or squats.  Running shoes are great for absorbing impact; you want contact with the floor, control, and balance when lifting free weights, though.  A basic converse LT chuck taylor is an excellent lifting shoe.   Get both, and you'll be set.
One up from your *usual* weird guy size worked well for me.  I'm usually a 33, and I went with a 34.  After a soak, they fit a touch smaller than most of my 33's.  Perfect choice, they fit like I want them to after the initial soak.     Nudie has the Average joe, It's a similar cut to the weird guy, but it's a little more relaxed in the thighs.  Could be worth checking out.     Slubby denims tend to have more vertical fading simply because some of the threads that make...
^ don't worry too much about it, the construction is solid and the materials are great.  My olive snap backpack is just as good as anything I've had that was made in the USA; it's really an incredible piece.  It's easily worth twice the asking price.   Unless you're coming from an ideological standpoint.  Which I can completely understand.
I've tried it.  I like my jeans.  I wish I could wear them more often, my job doesn't quite allow me to do that though.  Sleeping in them seemed like a good idea, especially if it was a pear that I was "working on".   The result?  I wake up halfway through the night and strip 'em off.  They're not particularly comfortable to sleep in.  I don't recommend it.     I'm fascinated by the poms, but can't imagine myself ever wearing them.  Nice color, though.  Solid blacks I...
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