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^ Bazhad's one of the big dudes at N&F; him and Brandon run the show.  It's very likely that he already knows.
I say just wash 'em.  Do it by hand if you want to be gentle about it.  You might not even need to use detergent to get rid of the smell.   There's a lot of voodoo that gets tacked on to raw denim, but truth told it's about as mundane as it gets.  Water will remove some of the dye.  If you go about washing them gently, they won't lose a whole lot.  They'll still fade after a wash, it won't ruin them.   Plus...you won't smell like fish sauce.  Nobody want's to...
Idealistic, for sure.  But an interesting point.   I don't have any problems with the current model.  I'm happy that ya'll haven't gone the whole "starved and emaciated" route that seems to be so popular with high-fashion brands *dry heave*.  The current model certainly isn't overweight or fat.  He's not the fittest guy in the world, but then again, most Americans generally aren't "athletes".     It might be interesting to see what different people with different builds...
Agreed.  Combining two busy pieces like that is pretty daring, but didn't really pay off here, IMO.  The beret does go well with the jacket though.
Just picked up the black one and a couple of t's my girlfriend.  Thanks for offering these at such great prices...can't wait to give her her t-shirts :).
I have the opposite problem, at 6'2".  Many t-shirts are too short for my torso.  Either that or they tent out in the midsection, or both.     The hemming idea is a solid one.  What do you usually buy?
Congrats Mike...certainly well-deserved!
  Ah, and now we get to the core of it.  It annoys you when people speak out against bullies, because that makes them "righteous".  Which...truth told...yeah.  That kinda does, don't it?   So I accept your conclusion.  If you're done trying to pick a fight, we can move on.
*sighs*   My point that you first responded to was that selvedge has been hyped up beyond all possible recognition.  In this regard, Mauro seems to agree with me.   Mauro obviously knows a whole lot more about fabric and denim than I do, and I will defer to him.  My last post was simply what I've heard about selvedge denim, the "story" behind selvedge denim.  The hype.  I didn't mean to present it as irrefutable fact, and I don't mean to proclaim myself as an expert:...
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