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    Ditto.  All the girls I work with have noticed my backpack...I've got an olive snap variation.  It's the best backpack I've ever owned...I wish I had something like this back when I was going to school.   Looking forward to the new totes!
  [[SPOILER]]   If they're comfortable in the thighs then I'd say you've got a pretty good fit there.  Personally, I wear 511's in the same size as I wear skinny guys, but the skinny guys do seem to run about a half a size larger than a similarly tagged 511.   Hemming methods aren't all *that* important.  Chain stitching is really more about "authenticity" bragging rights than anything else.  It provides a more pronounced roping effect at the hem as they fade.  If you...
    Ehhh I wouldn't say that's entirely correct.  IME, the double-weave fabrics (linen blend, blanket lined, potentially gauze double weave if the trend continues) run about one size small.   Other than that, there are slight variations depending on the fabric used.  My elephant 2's fit larger than my indigo/indigo's.  My lightweights fit larger than my deep indigos.  They're all in the same ballpark though.
Okies.   So, jeans have no gender.  Truth.   Different genders have different shapes, however.  Thus why there are "men's" jeans and "women's" jeans.   So, you don't like men's jeans.  You say they have no style.  You vastly prefer womens jeans.  This seems to imply that women's jeans fit you better.  Thus, you're shaped like a woman.   ...cool?
^@ cbxk   Here's a good explanation:   http://www.rawrdenim.com/2011/04/slub-slubby-slubbiness-what-does-it-mean/   ^@ Jump Around   You can soak, or you can not soak.  95% of weird guy models are sanforized, which means that they won't shrink much in a wash.  Soaking will get rid of some of the starch in the jeans and will soften them up faster.  Not soaking will give you more defined creases as you wear them.
^ (reply to tdhk) That depends,  From what I've read the fabric used on the heritages is somewhat similar to that used on the oni collabs.  The momo collabs have a much more even appearance: they're nowhere near as streaky or slubby.   If money isn't a factor, I'd get the momo's for some diversity.  However, if you find yourself really digging the slubby texture of the onis, you might like the japan heritages more.    
That all depends.  Part of the whole "don't wash your jeans" thing is the fact that washing regularly has a tendency to dull the color of...well...any article of clothing.  If you want to keep 'em looking good for as long as possible, wash only when they need it and as gently as possible.
I've got some lightly used sz33 skinny guy nep denim's in B&S right now, if anybody's looking to pick up a pair for cheap.
Everything sold except for the neps!
Put 'em in the wash with some baking soda.  Usually does the trick for me.
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