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This is probably your best bet.  My advice is: try on a few pairs.  If the waist needs to stretch out a little bit, that's fine.  Waistbands are extremely rugged and take stretching well.  I will say, though, having an exposed fly caused by too much stretching just looks sloppy IMO.  Not a good look on anybody.  If you can't get them to fit how you want in the legs without sizing down so much that you can't button them up, you're probably better off looking for a slimmer...
    I know there's a lot of hype surrounding how much to size down when it comes to a pair of jeans.  The truth of the matter is, it's all about the fit you want.  Not sizing down *does not* equal having a pair of clown pants down the road.   Sizing down *does* have disadvantages.  The more you size down, the more you force your jeans to stretch to conform to your body.  The more denim stretches, the thinner and weaker it becomes.  The weaker the denim becomes, the less...
I'd say give 'em a pass if you're not keen on the raspberry thing.  If you don't want your pants to smell like candy, there's *plenty* of other models to choose from.  Unless you *really* like the way they look.    As for similar cuts from Nudie, IMO the weird guy fits right in between the Average Joe and the Grim Tim, with a slightly shorter rise.
^I'd recommend the 32, if not a 33.  A 31 will likely be too tight in the thighs for you.     I'm stuck inbetween sizes, at about a 33.5" waist, with 23" thighs and the WG works for me in sz 33 in most of their fabrics.
  In terms of price/quality, I'd say no.  With nudies, you have to pay about $275 at the low end to get a pair made with selvage denim.  Consider at that point that you could get one of the N&F Japanese collaborations...like the momotaro, big john, or FH collabo (at present), the divide becomes a little clearer.   Even on the low end, Nudies tend to run about $179 minimum.  There's plenty of N&F options below that price point that use *arguably* better denim and...
Just picked up a pair of the Hemp Blends on Tate & Yoko.  Excited to see this pair!
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