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Just got my Frankenstein 2's in, absolutely love 'em:  
To add some more perspective to my above post, I *usually* buy my t-shirts in a large.  That counts for: express slim crews, target athletic fits, american apparel (though I don't much like their cuts), and bannana republic fitted crews.   I only have a few mediums in my closet:  Calvin Klein (non-slim fit), Lucky Brand, and a couple of alternative apparels, though I could definitely size up on the latter.   Can't say I've ever had any experience with J-crew T's.
I've been wanting one of their Made in the USA selvedge 511's for a while now.   I saw some non-usa made selvedge 513's in the levis store yesterday: it felt like a solid, mid-weight fabric.  They were very stiff and starchy, and had a wonderful sheen to them.  Overall they seemed like a good deal for $118 retail.
Just got my batch in.  Three v's in brick, black, and grey.  One crew in blue.  One olive snap backpack.   I'm 6'2", 190lbs, athletic build & 14-15% bodyfat.  I ordered mine in large.   First impressions on the T's: absolutely fantastic.  The supima cotton is soft and buttery, the construction is solid, and the fit is very nice.  They're not clingy in the chest, and while I would like them to be a little slimmer in the waist I've read that's already in the works....
Honestly, I like my girl to dress simple.  Jeans and a nice top.  Maybe some heels.  Maybe some chucks.  Maybe whatever.  She seems to be able to make cheap stuff from target and various clearance racks look like a million bucks anyways, so I've got no complaints.
I certainly don't fall into that category.  I'm 6'2" at about 14.5% body fat with an athletic build. I find that target's athletic fit T's are damned decent.  I get a large, and while they could stand to be a *little* more fitted around the waist, I don't have any complaints for the price.  I run mine through one wash/dry cycle, and then wash them on gentle and hang dry from that point out.  The initial wash/dry seems to shrink 'em to a very nice fit, and they seem to...
Just picked up a Grey warp/Black weft rigid levis trucker jacket today for $40 with a macy's giftcard I had laying around.  Honesty, I'm impressed with the fit and finish.  Nice and slim, and decent construction/materials.  Excellent purchase.
A little optimistic about this brand.  Anybody who offers basics at this low of a price point with a promise of quality (and usa-manufacturing no less), is something that will easily catch my attention.   Bought four of their shirts, three v-necks and one crew neck.  An olive backpack as well.  Can't wait to try them out!  If all goes well, everlane may have a loyal customer here.
Aye, word.  Thighs may stretch a little.  But they're also *very* weak.  You don't want your thighs to stretch too much, or else they'll start coming apart at the seams.  A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link, and a pair of jeans is only as strong as the stitching on it's seams.  No matter how much attention given to the construction of a pair of jeans, the seams will always fail first.   I have to size up one on my skinny guys because of the thighs.  my two...
^ those ones literally just came out last month, so it's doubtful we'll see any unless N&F provides some.
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