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I'd forgotten about the SF 10% ... thanks for reminding me. I will also PM you with my email - would love to be on the mailing list in general (a sale would be a bonus). 
 Thanks Charlie!I do follow you on FB (but I almost never log on these days). I'm subscribed to this thread but I get the updates weekly so I'm always a few days off. :^) 
How do I always manage to miss the sales? But it's still great to see all the cool things you are working on. 
You seem to have posted the photos for your Wool/Cash double breasted for this listing. Can you post photos of actual jacket?
Very nice - if I wore ties more often you would be a couple ties lighter right now.
Thanks for your response comrade. I knew that's what it means in Italian. I just wanted to establish if "i gemelli" is an indication of a certain line / quality of the suit.    
That's great advice. I shall ask for a photo of the tag and see what it says on it.    (I did a search based on "I Gemelli" being a clothing store and see that there are some sport coats on Yoox that are Sartoria Parma per I Gemelli so I think you've nailed that one.)   Thanks for your help!
I've searched around the 'net and can't find an answer. I'm hoping the collective brain of SF can help. I'm considering buying a suit and the (red) label reads ISAIA NAPOLI at the top and under that I GEMELLI.   Which one of the Isaia lines does this suit belong to? I want to make an offer, but without knowing the quality I'm not sure where to start.   Thanks in advance to this great community and a happy new year! 
 That's a NICE tie!!
just the thing for new year's eve, too bad it's not my size.
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