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 It's 3r2 to the extent that any Boglioli K Jacket is. They are all soft and unstructured more like a cardigan than a British heavily canvased jacket.  I've uploaded a new picture taken in sunlight for better color evaluation. It's dark gray and brown checks over a light gray background.  
Bought this 100% Cashmere Boglioli K Jacket from Yoox last week.   It arrived today and is too small :( very disappointed.   It's marked a size EU50 (US 40) but fits more like a 38 - or perhaps smaller?    It was the last one and as it doesn't fit me thought I would check if anyone wanted it before I sent it back.   Photos / measurements / etc available on request.  $299 + actual cost of shipping (US only). No Returns.   --- there has been strong interest so here...
 Regrettably it sounds like I share your pain.
Good point. Visually I agree with you, but my suit jackets are close to 31" and the camoshita is 28.5 in my size. Prevailing wisdom is that suit jackets are more formal and should be a little bit longer. I'm not that fussy, but don't think this will sufficiently cover my posterior.
I really want to buy that CAMOSHITA Prussian blue suit - the price is ridiculously good - but the length is 1/2" shorter than the shortest SC I have. And I rarely wear that because it's too short. Bummed.   
So happy the TS(S) products got spotlighted in the newsletter today. I've never looked at them before (thought they weren't for me) but the fabrics are great and now I want some of the shirts. 
I bet I could pull if I wore that on a night out.
FWIW I bought a Sartoria Partenopea suit from him a couple months ago and was very happy with the quality and the transaction. (I've had a lot of compliments on the suit too so all around good news.)
FWIW I bought a Sartoria Partenopea suit from the seller and was very happy with the quality and the transaction. 
I'd forgotten about the SF 10% ... thanks for reminding me. I will also PM you with my email - would love to be on the mailing list in general (a sale would be a bonus). 
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