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@gdl203 @conceptual 4est  you guys are no doubt already aware but there was something not right with your website. Just refreshed and seems to be back up.       
Yes. Pacific Blue is the best. There's also Premium Denim Outlet. Occasionally there are nice pieces of fabric on ebay or an ebay seller will cut down a larger roll if you ask (often you can also ask for a bit more if they're selling less than you want). 
I've been looking at sending you denims to have made up, so it would be great to see some in stock. I only buy Japanese (selvedge) denim. In particular would be interested to see: true (natural) indigo, kakishibu, zimbabwe cottons, cotton linen blends, and denim with more variation (and slub) to the weave rather than a super uniform machine loomed product.     
If you're the kind of guy who cares enough to get something custom made then you're probably the kind of guy who'd be unhappy if it didn't turn out as expected and you'd passed up the chance to get a trial jacket.
Looks great. Whose solaro did you buy and cotton or woollen?
 Nice jacket (suit?) who's it by?
Well it seems reasonable that if he gets two shipments then he should only pay for two and if he gets three then he pays for three.
I just purchased a Sartoria Formosa suit off B&S from @acdthegr81 He is a new member (with few posts and little feedback).   If anyone is considering any of his items I wanted to let them know it was an excellent transaction. The items were as described or better, and he is a pleasure to deal with. 
If you pay to have that done regularly while wearing women's undergarments you could have a promising career as a British politician.
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