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There's still a chance for Greg to bid against his proxy self. 
In case it's a useful datapoint in the packaging debate, I have yet to receive one shipment (sample size of at least a half dozen) that hasn't had the box crushed and the packaging torn (in transit?).    I'm all for less packaging, but I would personally opt for something that - at a minimum - would form an impenetrable barrier between the oil puddle in the delivery truck and my bespoke clothing.  
 Put me down for $5 ...
The weather outside is frightful. But the charity is quite delightful. i look forward to read more details about the offerings.
 I guess your customer density in Los Angeles / SF / Hawaii doesn't warrant a later start time?
Has anyone send @luxire a Brooks Bros. Slim Fit OCBD 15.5-34 to be replicated?    If the pattern is already there it will save the expense, carbon footprint, and labor of sending a shirt around the world.
 No. Really, mate. They look great. Wouldn't work for everyone. But it suits you. Don't change a thing. 
 Douggie the Thread (a.k.a. Douglas Hayward) used to tell a story about someone asking him "can you make me a suit that looks like an Armani." Douggie responded, "go and buy one from Armani it will be half the price." FWIW, I've met Armani and in my experience he dresses well. I happen to think he's dressed fine in the photo you posted with Sophia. Albeit in a style of his choosing.  
"Oh long legs, so great, so elegant, you're so lucky, blah, blah, blah ... "   Not so great if you're trying to buy corduroy and moleskin pants from Spoo and they're all 27.5" inseams.   Thanks Spoo...  
Anyone know what shoes are on the front page of SF right now that points to this thread? 
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