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 Seeing as you ask, I feel like the shoes are throwing off the fit because the jacket is looking for something to connect with. The t-shirt works with the pale jeans, the white shoes work with the t-shirt - but the jacket is left hanging as a one off element. I feel that slightly darker shoes - in the same tone/hue - as the jacket would ground the outfit a little better.  
@luxire can you source a green wool like the ones below that could be fashioned into a peacoat?     Also do you have any examples of decorative stitching? As I would like to have a (tone on tone) stitched design on the gauntlet something like this (but simpler and stitched instead of appliqué)  
 Dat GIF!!
 Thumbs up for the lapels. Thumbs also up for the knee high (20"?) baseboard. Then again, come to think of it, the baseboard might be normal and you might only be 12" tall ... 
sharp fit, oh, and your confidence in your finish carpenter is impressive; I looked at those mitered corners and just thought "snag" ...
Congrats on the purchase. Very cool. My suggestion would be to not wear a tie with it. 
Sweet looking boot. Too bad they're not my size
 Thanks for mentioning this. FYI that seller is also a SF member as the same photos are used in the SW&D B&S thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/508555/maison-martin-margiela-viscose-anatomical-knit-sweater/0_100 
I personally prefer the matt version with some texture that the Prince Charles is wearing far more than the Ben Silver which to me looks (but is not) cheap.    
Nice shoes, can you give us more details?
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