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 Definitely feel like you should have included these unremarkable people in equal proportion to the numbers of them you saw on the street vs the people who "are elegant or are really into fashion". I've always relied on SF images to give me a comprehensive cross section of the world outside my computer room. If these allegations by the Frenchman above are true and SF is in fact not representative of the man on the street then I'm beginning to think I've overbought...
Anyone see a Navy on Navy seersucker - like the attached - on the site. @luxire any plans for something like that?  
 @thefoxtooth FWIW I think the pants are awesome. Clever how they are high rise and flat front and how the wide part of the pant is moved down from the hip to the thigh to accentuate the slim waist. I'd be interested to hear where you got these. I'd like a pair myself. 
I feel like I should also post my very positive experience with Meermin customer service.    Eagle-eyed followers of this thread may remember that I posted photos of my Linea Maestro Cherry Shell Cordovan GMTO. There was significant irregularity to the zig zag edge on the toe cap of the brogue.   They were very responsive to my emails and (despite the no refund/return policy of the GMTO) they took the shoes back and paid me for return shipping.   They made me a new...
In case anyone is counting ... +1 on the valentine's day sale 
 I saw these the other day http://luxire.com/products/khaki-ripstop-chino
+1 for team pockets on all my Luxire shirts. (I'm also in the popover shirt camp)   I have been working with them to perfect the shape of a flowing curved pocket that's somewhere between a Monitaly workshirt pocket (or a Levis M&C curved shirt pocket) and a Neapolitan sport coat patch breast pocket.    
 Anyone know if Jodek sells to the public? They're very close to me and would be convenient if they did. 
A thing I don't get about Gustin - and I have, and like, at least a half dozen if not more of their jeans - is why a mail order company doesn't include shipping in the price.   If it's really that hard to do the math for the small stuff just have "Free Shipping over $120" and it would drive up average sales at the same time.  
Yes. Seems that way. My size too.
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