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 Coincidentally I just logged in to ask if there will be a new batch of the tan cotton solaros, I've wanted one for ages but my size is not available. Please let me know.
 knew I should have PM'd ... lol
the momentum is back!
The latest GMTO is for dark brown calf double monks - not even Linea M.  What a snooze-fest. Is meermin going over to the Gustin jeans model of only making products after people order them? Either way, can we get some more interesting and more high end options?
Is that the same Hermes coat? What happened? Perhaps more importantly, will it fit a sz 40 with suit under? 
Paging anyone with one small ball...
LOL - I'm in for $40
 Dear Hans der Hund - worth remembering that in many of those cases the original phrase started out as Deutsch and been mispronounced to Dutch over the years. (See Pennsylvania Dutch, etc.) Just figured you should know considering your German name.  
I can virtually feel the excitement evaporating. It seems the baller bidders have all left the room. I suppose they must be working to make all that $$$   Perhaps two auctions, one traditional and one dutch? So there's some competition and d--k measuring. 
@LA Guy - the title says Epaulet "Custom Suit" but the link and body text is for an MTO SC. Perhaps worth clarifying? 
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