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I wear clothes a few days until they get dirty, throw them away and clip the tags off a new one. Anything else causes me existential ennui.
 You're quite wrong. Your Latin teacher has let you down: ad = toward or at, hominem = accusative singular of homo meaning man. There's nothing about character. It means a personal attack.
 Rather infra dig to launch an ad hominem attack in this thread. It's not a fit thread. It's an affiliate thread paid for by the artisans. Considering this is your 3rd post on SF you might consider dialing back the condemnation. I'd recommend more reading and less posting. 
 I'd have to agree with this. An author who doesn't take time to learn about his subject won't be able to draw the reader in. The article falls flat. There's no passion there. Highlighting DT's financial position after the gracious way DT had shared his time and knowledge is crass. Furthermore the ending that attacked the rich was uncalled for. It's people who are willing to pay that much for a suit that enable DT and others on the Row to do what they love for a living. 
 Now I wish I had looked at AJ's cuffs more closely the last time I saw him play live.  @WillingToLearn If you're around a 40R this chart - given to me by a tailor - will give you a rough idea of how much fabric you need for most different options 
I'd be very interested to read that, but I can't find it. Any chance you can point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
 @ DWW suggested a few different options when he had his perfecto "graffiti'ed". Depends if you want a line like a crayon or all over coverage. I want to draw/paint on the back of a vintage double rider. I'm trying to figure out a product that won't leave the paint looking too fresh and white against the vintage leather. If anyone has suggestions...
 I actually prefer the patch pockets on the RAF Blue.
@UrbanComposition  So interesting to see the two jackets side by side. They're more different than I expected. Thank you for doing this. 
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