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Great looking boot. Praise the lord these aren't my size.
Did you quote a price on the hats (not listed for auction)?
Love me some Kakishibu. Sort of glad these aren't my size. GLWTS
 Not too orange ... if you want to disguise yourself as a traffic cone. 
 Has anyone ordered the Warzone White Oxford and the Warzone Plus White Oxford? Any thoughts on the differences between them?
Anyone have any codes at present?   My wife is on a spree. She seems to get the urge to buy a day or two after my codes expire. 
I wear clothes a few days until they get dirty, throw them away and clip the tags off a new one. Anything else causes me existential ennui.
 You're quite wrong. Your Latin teacher has let you down: ad = toward or at, hominem = accusative singular of homo meaning man. There's nothing about character. It means a personal attack.
 Rather infra dig to launch an ad hominem attack in this thread. It's not a fit thread. It's an affiliate thread paid for by the artisans. Considering this is your 3rd post on SF you might consider dialing back the condemnation. I'd recommend more reading and less posting. 
New Posts  All Forums: