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 Personally I prefer the waste taken out.
Subscribed.    PS. Mike you might want to put some pertinent info in your "signature" (at the bottom of your comments) which makes is easier to click on your website etc. 
Interesting. NMWA also mentioned on SF that they're not picking up OS again. Was this year's collection a total bust or is this coincidence?  EDIT: I guess Greg essentially answered this from his point of view above. Is that the same reason for you Berlin?
 Well here are two photos of mine (click on them for larger size). As you can see the cutting of the zig zag edge is sharp and then becomes ragged (and then is sharper again).  I'd be interested to hear your opinion (and the opinion of others too). I think the QC is not good enough for $400 shoes, especially as the problems are on the toe. So I'm planning to contact Meermin about them. But please let me know your thoughts.   
 How's the zig zag at the edge of the broguing on yours? It looks pretty good.Mine look pretty chewed up. I would be interested to hear your experience. 
  (I assuming it is not inappropriate to post this here - please let me know if otherwise.)   I have the MONITALY Raglan zipper jacket in US Army blanket from NMWA. It's absolutely beautiful and thanks to G's sizing advice fits me perfectly.   However, I rarely wear this type of jacket and I was wondering if anyone on this thread would like to offer some styling suggestions of NMWA products that I could/should pair with this?
Nice! mine are due this week. you got yours fast!
So that's what Adrien Brody is doing these days ...
 No, I apply the same standard across the board. If you look at DC's fit today, who also has above average width hips, his lower button is much closer to the hole than in your fit and consequently works better. There's more tension in the fabric in yours because your hips are holding the bottom of the jacket apart. (I'm not talking about the cut style or the cutaway of the quarters, fyi, just how the jacket hangs on you). I wouldn't necessarily count the thumbs up vs....
Looking around eBay I've decided that the approved taxonomy is missing an important branch: NNWT which would stand for Not New but With Tags or perhaps simply UWT for Used With Tags
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