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Thanks Fok! Great advice.   P.S. If I don't buy the shoes from this site then I'll have enough credit to give that nice Nigerian Oil Minister my credit card info so he can buy a plane ticket to reclaim his family money from the bank that is holding it in escrow. When he pays me my cut I'll buy everyone on SF a new pair of Adidas.
Has anyone purchased from this online retailer? http://www.serengetigiraffeproject.org/   Good prices on some Adidas I'm looking for, just not sure if they are legit.    Thanks!
 was that from @edmorel? He had 7 yards a little while back. Someone wanted 3.5 - I needed 4 because I was going to make the jacket and pants with different people. Still wondering if I shouldn't have done it anyway.  Good luck with having it made up; I'm sure it's going to look great. 
@agjiffy Did you buy the tonik online? Anywhere you'd recommend?
Gents, I've had these in my closet. I LOVE them. But I've finally come to terms with the fact I won't be (a size) 34 again. So, I'm releasing them back into the wild.   NWT (Neiman Marcus tags), Unhemmed. Tagged a 34, inside waist unstretched measures 16" x 2.   These are such a great color!!!! First photo with pants closed is most accurate. IRL they have no blue or purple cast. They are a dusty rose color.     The weight of the fabric is great. Makes them hang like...
UC are you doing something similar to gauge interest on the west coast?  
G-blum looks good in everything in this clip. Basically shows it ain't what you wear. It's the way that you wear it. 
 And a grey jacket. And it would seem a grey elephant. Can we now move back to the original subject of this thread?
Looks really nice. Sorry I missed it.
I'd seen it on there, but looks much better in your photos. Tempted now. Thanks!
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