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Very nice. GLWTS!
I'm a fan of cordings. I've been shopping there for about 25 years and still have many of the pieces I bought early on. Can't help but feel the styling has become increasingly more influenced by mainstream catalogues. There are fewer of the unique items I used to particularly enjoy. I thought the styling on the email I got from them this morning was particularly curious. The model and jacket look wildly out of proportion: tiny head, huge hands, super long jacket.
Only 12 photos with no spoiler this time followed by one line of text. A quantum improvement. Please see my post above.  Thanks.
Would you mind using the spoiler option when you quote someone else's post that has 14 photos in it and then you write one line underneath? Thanks again!
I asked this (specifically solid navy) @luxire suggested that I purchase one of their existing seersuckers and have them dye it.
Beautiful shoe! GLWTS
 One Post --> TWO reputation badges.  Now that's how you do it!
I have a Boglioli K. Jacket in an open fresco type weave. (@chobochobo sold it to me NWT a few years back (for a great price.))    That material is wonderful. Breathes well. You can literally ball it up and it doesn't wrinkle. Not scratchy.    Anyone know where Boglioli gets the fabric from?
Pedantic belt + shoe matching is really the mark of a neophyte.    "Check out how my shoes and belt match," said Gianni Agnelli to Sophia Loren never. 
 I'd love to see the fabrics in person before ordering. Do they send swatches? Does anyone know somewhere in LA I can see the solaro book?
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