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LOL   But in case anyone can help. It's not about Beckham, it's about tracking down the designer of the larger pattern the tie was cut from and who that person is that artistically or intellectually understands non-overlapping marked spatial models that imply randomness to a high degree. Or at least where they got the pattern of intersecting circles behind it from. But whatever thanks for making me laugh.
What's up . . . I've been looking (driving myself insane) to find out who made this tie Beckham is wearing.  Can anybody help?  As far as I can tell, it's rotated silver or white squares in a random/scattered/tossed fashion on navy silk.  I still think it's Armani, but have gone through all the collections since 2010 and can't find it.  Tons of similar ties, but none that have this The most similar I've found is Kirk Miller in NYC has a similar random design but with...
For Sale: Selling one Crescent Down Works Large "Classico" Down Parka in Olive 60/40 cloth with an orange interior, made in the USA.  Worn once -- it's just too big for me.  Measurements below, but for reference, I'm 6" 185lb and this was just too large for me to stroll down the streets of Manhattan.  I hate to part with it, since it seems super warm and is clearly well-made with attention to detail.  The blaze orange contrasts nicely with the olive.  Shipping...
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