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I'm a standard 9.5US and I sized down to 9US for Marlow's. I have no other experience with C&J but you may be in luck. Possibly visit the C&J for RL thread and see if you can find any sizing advice.
That feel when went to university for statistics (plus finance) degrees and never used R; always used SAS. But I can build a damn good spreadsheet for business
1) Looking for a shell full strap loafer by CJ? 2) wear a 6.5UK? 3) you a whore for the Horween stamp on inside lining of shoe? Go indulge: http://www.styleforum.net/t/387970/new-price-drop-used-crockett-jones-harvard-shell-cordovan-loafers-size-uk6-5d-us-7-5d
I just measured a pair of Pal Zileri suit trousers I adore and the pleat is 20mm deep (stuck measuring tape under pleat where it meets waistband). That is not significantly larger than @daDudeson quotes, so the pleat length may be the greater concern. Unfortunately, I do not think there is a systematic way to measure pleat length to ensure comparisons are accurate. Trying to measure them from where bottom of pleat disappears and becomes standard trouser crease to top of...
@daDudeson you are not the first to comment on the shallow pleats, and I agree. @Henry Carter suffered the same safe and posted a pic of Vox's trousers as an example.
Are you in the U.S.?  If so, you should be able to send it to New Jersey and it will be forwarded over the India.  Should cost you no more than $10-15, I would think.
Arms crossed.
 Many companies are now including glycine and taurine in the protein content for nutrient panel.  Other than that, agreed whey is whey (or a blend if you prefer).
Appreciate the correction. Yes, the blasted Simpson last....
Since Razl cannot pimp his own listing, I will do it for him.  He bought the Carmina 9.5K Simpson last mid brown captoes and did not work out for him.  He put them back up for sale at same price.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/407657/carmina-80105-semi-brogue-in-uk9-5/0_50
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