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Pat Riley was the most recent with the Lakers in 1982 (?). Last rookie coach to reach finals was the guy with Phoenix Suns in '93.
Cue Gatorade trolling LeBron on his cramps
derp.  Corrected.
Would only recommend for conservative casual business dress or casual wear.  I work in a casual BD environment and regularly wear my linen/cotton blend shirts (freshly ironed).
To help those with the linen sale, here are mine from the latest sale. The sleeve draped over top is the ever popular, sky blue oxford. left to right: - Cotton-linen: navy - sky blue cool linen cotton - pale blue cool linen cotton - cotton-linen: blue chambray - linen: blue chambray
Green got mugged though one specific angle isn't so telling. Refs were overly inconsistent with Grizz benefiting Game 6 but got clobbered in Game 4/5 while getting whistles for touch fouls on defensive end. Have to adapt and find a way to record the W.Even with a healthy Conley & TA, I'd pick GSW in seven. Love to see those two go full strength against the Dubs backcourt for an entire series. Was surprised as to how well Memphis performed given the circumstances.
Grizz fan checking in (current Memphian). We got plenty of calls at end of game but there was fair share of blown calls each way before late 4th qtr. The entire city embraces the team's blue-collar style. I was overly impressed when I moved here.
MVP form tonight
It amazes me how Z Bo is still effective in the league. The guy has a 2" vertical. Memphis has been killed by late quarter shots. That was a ridiculous shot. Fuck you, Steph Curry.
+1, for my shirts and trousers
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