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I try to lacrosse ball my glutes and stretch hip flexors daily. This helps combat my daily desk job and getting tight. Even if only psychological, I like the boost.
Have a 257 in tan incoming. Debated the 256 but my current laptop bag gets cramped with files, papers, laptop, and iPad so I opted for the extra space with the 257. I need a bag(s) for two other purposes. Am I off base on which bag best suits each scenario? 1) business travel with 1-2 night stay -- standard packing for business plus spare clothes and shoes for a trip to gym. Would also bring my 257 for laptop and papers. I'm thinking the medium travel or sportsman are...
Barrie last?
Nice tie collection for sale: http://www.styleforum.net/t/512146/drakes-bigi-tie-your-tie-corneliani-henry-carter-neckties/0_50.  $400 for the lot  
In order to contribute to an IRA, you must have earned income.  Believe this must be via 1099 or W-2.  Below is a WSJ article from 2012 so some data may be outdated.  It addresses the common scenarios of an overfunded or unused 529 plan. http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052970204542404577159311576663798
 Luxire has commented that trouser fit recommendations take longer than shirts.  More individuals are involved in analyzing the pictures to provide feedback.  My experience has been 7-10 day response times regarding trousers.
What a tease! That is the Griz team that needs to show up every night. Took them until the 8th game of season.
48% from deep, +13 boards, +12 assists, +6 points in paint. Memphis getting it handed to them. I have tickets to GSW next week. Worried it'll be another 50 point deficit.
This game is rough. Their D is non-existent tonight too. Props to Portland for shooting lights out the second half.
That's a timeout whistle, not a traveling call.    
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