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Interesting. I was quoting the announcers from USA's first game against China.
Yes, the ball is slightly smaller and has panels. Some of the panels don't have the texture of the NBA ball so can be described as "slippery".
Vanguard TF 2055 has returned 3.5% YTD.  We are on autopilot and I do not regularly monitor the market -- maximum contributions to both 401k's and IRA's in TF 2055 accounts.  We are 20-30 years away and let compound interest do its work.
I'm waiting for an updated article on how the KD signing impacts GSW roster. I'm thinking they need to clear about $10M in cap space to make room for KD. The only players making $10M+ are the Big 3 plus Bogut and Iggy. One of the latter players has to go.
Are there any quality free agents left for the Sixers to spend their mandatory $40M+?
Wishing these were 42.5!  Gorgeous boots.  GLWS.
Kyrie absolutely outplayed Curry this series. Unbelievable comeback.
Championship level effort from Lebron on the defensive end: close out on Barnes and the trail block on Iggy
Kyrie! Cavs are hitting outside shots the second half. Really opens up the floor.
Lebron received a technical for taunting. Draymond received the flagrant for a "retaliatory swipe of his hand to the groin". Sure the explanation is ridiculous but the cumulative point system is what did Draymond in, not this one specific incident. Draymond has no excuse.
New Posts  All Forums: