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In New York, a $100k salary will yield $20k federal tax and $6k+ state tax plus SS, healthcare, etc.  Agreed that $100k is nothing to sneeze at but the notion of $50k disposable income is false.   This all assumes single filer and no tax deductions.
Was eyeing that RL safari linen jacket. Figured I didn't have the balls to pull it off. A steal at
Your lucky day.  Ron Rider is running a bailout special on a project that must be halted, outside of his control.   http://riderboot.com/product-category/going-going-gone/
Appears I misplaced by tailoring tape so I cannot measure.  If you want a visual, I asked for a replicated collar of the classic grey oxford shirt.  The best picture is under gallery --> shirts.  It is the third shirt pictured.   Compared to a skimpy BD here (not sure which collar this is). 
 Collar spreadsheet is located here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArNeLrwWnsmodDMwWl9ScVo3VkNlR2JRSU5tTFFOMlE&usp=sharing#gid=0 I opted for the standard Luxire BD and very pleased with the roll.  The pic you posted looks a little strange but that might be alleviated without button the top button since you mentioned going sans tie.
@Fred G. Unn dropping some footwear.  They'd be mine if 9.5US.   AS Charlton Derby 9UK $225   CJ for BB Coniston Pebble Grain 10US $225
Think I'm coming down with the flu. Had a slightly runny nose today but thought nothing of it. Pushed it real hard on pulls tonight. Immediately afterward, I'm overcome by chills, sore throat, and significant runny nose.Wrap bands around the length of the bench. The rubber provides great friction to keep body in place. Or you can try heavily chalking the bench and your traps.
Can you provide pictures? That is certainly a superior method.
Yes, I think they are the same pair. Agreed on I'd just wear them myself, especially if only unloading for that price.
C&J shell Lindrick 10.5US $360.  Be aware of the blemish on the toe brogueing.  A shitty $45 shipping fee but at $360, it is still a steal.
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