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 Kopped.  Fortunately, no snow in my area.
Stumbled across a pair of Carmina suede captoe boots over at GF.  Last pair in stock, my size, price reduced plus 10% off code?  Too good to be true.  Only thing preventing me from purchasing is I am unsure about the commando sole.  Or am I being ridiculous?   http://gentlemensfootwear.myshopify.com/collections/shoes/products/carmina-shoemaker-captoe-boots-in-brown-suede  
If stretching the right hip flexor (right knee on ground) emphasize the stretch by squeezing right glute and raising right arm full extended vertically. I so these 3-4x to help combat sitting at my office desk job.
Why are you not 9.5US?
I assume you are just busting LBJ's balls, as each comment was in different context.  Declaring himself as the best in the world, which he currently is, does not mean he focuses his intentions on the individual awards.
Truth.  Great player but I cannot stand his constant complaints and flopping.  This permeates the league but CPIII leads the pack.  
Not ideal lighting but further reference points.  Agree with Betel on the true color/saturation being between his full shot and close up. left to right:- Cotton-linen: navy- sky blue cool linen cotton- pale blue cool linen cotton- cotton-linen: blue chambray- linen: blue chambray
Bronkaid is the easiest way to acquire ephedrine in the states.  Will let others speak as to how they might acquire it. There is nothing fancy or confusing to the protocol.  Think this used to be a well recommended site.  http://www.hotnfit.com/ecstack
 Because it is .098% odds that you incorrectly select red/black 10 times in a row when it is a 50/50 probability. That is true when odds are not 50/50 but we are dealing with even odds.  p^x*(1-p)^(n-x), where p=probability of red, n=number of spins, x=number of red spins.  The order of events is inconsequential.
Offense was never the issue for the Dubs, so I agree benching Lee all season wasn't a mistake. Draymond burst into the scene this year. He's a gritty guy that brings energy to the team. Very versatile defensively and average offensively. Not a max player in my eyes but definitely will not say Lee is better. They were struggling offensively and Lee helps them spread the floor. He also moves much better than Bogut -- saw him sprint with the transition game multiple times for...
New Posts  All Forums: