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 Fabric looks beautiful and you definitely nailed the trouser fit.  Mind posting the thigh, knee, and hem measurements to get an idea on the tapering?  Waiting on my second pair of trousers to arrive after a few tweaks.  Ordered single reverse pleat on both but your results may convince me to go flat front if I still do not like how the pleats are on this new pair. Still waiting to have my trousers from the Black Friday sale produced, so I would feel guilty buying some of...
 @Crat has the lovely C&J Westbourne.  @Cleav has a pair also.   IMO, brogueing looks out of place on black shoes.  Does Noodles usually opt against brown/burgundy hooves?  
A good ol' polish will fix that right up. Standard after some wears.
Follow the directions at this link: http://luxire.com/pages/replicate-existing
I recently purchased those (not my pair in pic), to be worn in CBD work environment, and got them lined to knee
For those in casual work environments, do you wear tucked in linen shirts?  Or do you limit linen to casual wear untucked?
 Of course.  Purchase 2 or 3 mats, place next to each other, viola.  My gym's deadlift area is just 15'x20' of horse stall mats, no wooden platform.
Agreed on the chest/waist shaping, albeit minimal.  
If budget is not overly tight, I would recommend getting a TPB over the junk Fitness Gear barbell.
My novice opinion is you need to designate the intention of the $50k windfall.  Is it to eventually be used as a house down payment in 2-3 years?  Just include it as part of your retirement portfolio?  The difference between those options have significant bearing on how it would be invested.  If for the down payment, I would go very conservative with high-yield CDs.  If for retirement, just follow your self-defined retirement asset allocation -- your preference on lump sum...
New Posts  All Forums: