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Acquired both these jackets from Ed over at Panta but never worn.  Both are never worn and re-purposing his classified with permission.  Recently changed jobs and these will sit in my closet.  They deserve a better home so passing on for the same price I paid.   Prices include CONUS shipping.     Houndstooth NSM 100% wool bespoke sportcoat 3roll2, 2 patch, chest welt, 1/4 lined, side vents, surgeon cuffs. $350 (would be a 42ish in RTW) Shoulders- 19 1/4 Sleeve -...
 A well executed military hem.  Anxiously awaiting my first order to arrive so I can dial in the find and start ordering a handful of both shirts and trousers.
I own that Time Series book. Had my worst professor for that class.
Thoughts on dollar cost averaging vs. lump sum for roth IRA?  I have DCA'ed the past couple years just because it is simple.  However, our income is not in danger of the eligibility limit and we could both afford the lump sum now.  There seem to be differing opinions on the two methods.   edit: found this from Vanguard.  Still interested in opinions.   https://pressroom.vanguard.com/content/nonindexed/7.23.2012_Dollar-cost_Averaging.pdf
Did you size down a half for the Marlows? Or TTS?
My 9.5US Gianni's are too large, and think the sizing for Gianni/Marlow/Lindrick is similar (usually recommended to size down .5), so I leave these for someone else to acquire.   C&J shell Lindricks 9.5US $550
This Campbell's slow cooker sauce is delicious: Mexican red chile taco.  Unfortunately, it was discontinued last month so only available online at those that have stock left.  Bought 15 of them.  Plop a 4lb beef chuck roast plus this sauce in crock pot for 6-8 hours, shred, and enjoy over rice/potato/tacos. http://www.amazon.com/Campbells-Slow-Cooker-Sauces-Mexican/dp/B00CSS42HO
I could understand it for the cardiovascular benefit.  Maybe a mile or two a couple times per week.  That certainly does not constitute two days of cardio though.  That lets me pound another 50g carbs for the day too.
Completely.  I lift at a powerlifting gym and he has totaled elite in two weight classes.
New Posts  All Forums: