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Do you have shoulder and trouser waist measurements? If yours, I assume it must be a large drop.
Believe this is the standard Luxire BD collar.  Ordered it on my first batch of shirts and very impressed.  Will be trying the Broke & Bespoke BD collar next time to compare.  
   That listing is by SF member @Brianpore.  Great guy to do business with!
Fortunately...or unfortunately (depends who you ask)...I wear 9.5US so all of @Ian L's offerings are slightly large
In honor of @razl...     Carmina Brogue Captoe 9.5UK (Simpson Last): $240     Carmina Brown Suede Balmoral Boot 7.5UK: $350     Alden Snuff Suede Wingtip 9d: $100 (needs resole)     @Ian L with plenty of footwear offerings.  Meermin Brown Pebble Grain Brogue Wingtip Boot (Islay Copy) 9UK: $240     Meermin Dark Brown Captoe w/Medallion 7.5UK: $100     Alden Shell Corodvan #8 Wingtip Boot 10D: $500   @larryr with a couple gorgeous outerwear...
+1.  Just received my second trouser iteration and still suffering from diaper butt plus now too tight in the seat.  Granted, these were my own adjustments so I will send pictures to Luxire to see if they can recommend corrections.
Unless dieting for a competition, I do not understand the fuss over a single meal.  Be intelligent with your choices and estimates the calories.  Done deal.
 Believe these are mine.  Driving to the other office to pick up the spoils.  Nice looks.  Albeit unused, looks like the second button is located lower than a typical dress shirt, probably with the intent to be worn casually.  How did you specify this to Luxire?
Influx of boots hitting B&S. Carmina snuff suede boots 10UK $300 http://www.styleforum.net/t/477991/carmina-derby-boots-snuff-suede-rain-last-size-10-uk
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