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Don't fool with the measurements -- change the inseam to your preference and maybe belt loop location. Don't mess with the measurement integrity. People would believe you if you claimed bespoke. Sharing that it's a general mall brand will only make our blood boil with envy.
Never.  I sometimes have problem enough buttoning the damn shirt in the morning.  This includes my linen/cotton blends.
Anyone have experience with Selekt Supply?  http://selektsupply.com/collections/carmina-footwear  Their eBay handle is buttonsnboots, rated as top seller with 2000+ reviews.   They are running a grand opening 15% discount with code GO15.  Can grab a pair of tobacco suede split toe derby on the Soller last for $365+tax.
Ouch. I just transplanted from a lifetime in Cincinnati to Memphis. My life is full of misery.Agreed on Cincinnati's transformation over the past several years. They are making great strides at developing the downtown area, with more projects currently under construction -- P&G, W&S, and GAI driving these.
  How do you have your hems finished on linen trousers like this?  8.5" with 2" cuff? This is the fabric?  http://luxire.com/products/linen-drab-sand-pants  Looks great in your pic but the Luxire image appears much darker.  Goes to show you the importance of swatches.
 My company owns MFU's in Kansas City and Austin and we are looking into installing  Google Fiber.  Google keeps delaying their installation dates.  The time frame has transitioned from Q2 2015 to now late 2016.  Unsure if this translates to the Nashville area or residential marketplace.
I purchased all three of those KW ties as part of my wedding.  The houndstooth is very small scale and almost discernible at a distance, which may be a good thing for a wedding.  Very pleased with the POW.  Cannot speak for the others because they went to my groomsmen.
Random googling results in 6,850 pounds.  This all assumes consumption in cruise. Use the below (stolen from Google), average cruise speed of 591mph.  1,100km is equal to 683 miles.  Approximate 1.15 hour flight.  Well, first you need the SFCs (lbs fuel/hr/lbs thrust) of both A320 engines in cruise (finding SFC figures for takeoff/climb is a bit tricky, so you'll have to satisfy yourself with just cruise for now)...CFM56-5A1: 0.596IAE V2500A1: 0.581...then, take the...
Luxire on top of their game.  Ordered a couple shirts on Saturday.  Woke up to a shipping confirmation email today.  This order even included a few measurement tweaks from the last iteration.
Full view pictures would be useful but it looks that the yoke is too wide.
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