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You pay the premium for convenience with protein bars. I travel home frequently and it's a 7 hour drive each way. I certainly cannot bring a full meal with me while in the car and I sometimes forget to pack sandwiches for the long haul. I'd much rather drop $2/bar than stop for some junk food along the way.
I have a Cuisinart that cost not even $50.
You have a coach or run known programs with slight variants to suit you personally?
I am far from a major contributor but I echo this. The fit is not "miles" worse, but increasing the chest measurement will help alleviate the bowing lapels and the waist is nipped to much for my liking. Narrow the shoulders, as mentioned, and you are set. My opinion is also on wider lapels but if you prefer narrow, by all means.
^ am I unaware or has a new copy/paste been born?
Anyone a 11.5US and need an instant upgrade to your boot collection? Behold shell Lindricks for $625. http://www.styleforum.net/t/399550/ralph-lauren-lindrick-shell-boots-by-crockett-and-jones-used-w-box-bags
Wrong thread
Exactly. My former company had their own brokerage branch so I had my IRA through them. After switching jobs, in the process of transferring it over to Vanguard where I can manage both me and the lady's funds with one company. They have the lowest fees in the market also. You could do the same with Fidelity if you prefer to stay with them.At this point, we are sitting on a hefty sum of cash for being only 24. Debating to bump up our 401k contributions to double digits...
The least you can do is take advantage of your company's 401k match, if offered, and max out an IRA very year. Based on the description of your lifestyle, that alone will probably be close to enough for retirement.
Unfortunately, who you know is often exceedingly more important than what you know.
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