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Gorgeous forest green grenadine from ET.  Brand new.  About $48 for our U.S. brethren.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/444049/exquisite-trimmings-forest-green-fine-weave-grenadine-tie/0_50   edit: add a new listing of 3 panta/vanda ties -- staple neat patterns ($65 each)   http://www.styleforum.net/t/444068/three-perfect-staple-ties-panta-and-vanda/0_50
It may have just been the day that is was overly bothersome.  Or grow a pair and get over the mental barrier.
I probably will when I go home for the holidays if the issues continue.  Will smash vastus medialis and lateralis to see if those are tight and causing the problem.
My left knee is continuing to give me problems even after I dropped Sheiko a couple weeks ago and have not squat for a week's time.  When I go from knee flexion to tension, there is a "popping" noise, definitely more noticeable when coming out of a deep squat (even just bodyweight).  It is not necessarily painful but definitely bothersome.  The lack of pain leads me to think it is not tendonitis.  Any recommended stretches?
   Sometimes called hex bar deadlifts.  It places more emphasis on the legs and reduces the stress on the lower back.  Given RTC's limitations, they might be a worthy addition if they do not re-aggravate problems. 
 v-bar or v-grip
   Understood.  The GC code only applies the 20% to the gift card value in cart.  Based on the link DD provided, it should apply 20% to entire order but it does not.  I reached out to Luxire and will let you know the reply.
Anyone else having difficulties with the BLACKFRIDAY2014 code?  Trying to order a $1,000 gift card plus $500+ in fabrics.  It says I did not meet the requirements for the code.
 Looks you are correct.  I am just pulling the trigger on the herringbone without requesting adjustments.
Do the lines disappear if you raise your shoulders?  If so, that is probably caused by your sloped shoulderss.  Also, if one is more pronounced than the other, you may have a drop shoulder that exacerbates the problem.
New Posts  All Forums: