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Noodles relapses more often than Charlie Sheen
Glad to see you do something other than squat.
+1 @Betelgeuse I faced the same decision a few months back. Always lusted for a display case back so that ruled out the 3570.50 for me. The domed hesalite crystal on the now discontinued 3572.50 won my heart. Depending on if it comes with box and papers, prices range from $2.6-3.3k.
Use thicker wraps for your heavy sets? You squat wider than most raw lifters I've seen.
 I will not bother inform you if that glorious day was before/after either of us were conceived  
  Thanks, gents.  It was a long time coming after 7 years dating (high school sweethearts).  /derail.
I'd jump all over these if they were 9.5US.   GLWS!
@gettoasty already provided deetz but here is an action shot. [[SPOILER]]
The gym can be a cruel cruel place. Hit a double at 365lb squat two weeks ago and almost had to dump a "warm up" single at 315lb.   Punished myself by doing 4 sets of 20 rep oly squats as follow up since I called it a day after the near dump.
You pay the premium for convenience with protein bars. I travel home frequently and it's a 7 hour drive each way. I certainly cannot bring a full meal with me while in the car and I sometimes forget to pack sandwiches for the long haul. I'd much rather drop $2/bar than stop for some junk food along the way.
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