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How do you fit the waist on side adjusters?  Use a waist size for trousers equivalent to braces, belt, etc?
These would definitely be higher rise trousers, probably 12-13", which sit right at the hips, maybe above and single pleat.  I am 6'2" for reference.  Never was a fan of belts so tempted to do away with them.  Guess only way to find out is purchase a pair with side adjusters and see how they treat me.
While Noodles is serving detention, I am interested in hearing opinions on side adjusters (not tabs) for odd trousers.  Do you find it overly peculiar to have side adjusters on trousers that would be worn both inside and outside the office?  I would prefer versatile trousers that could be worn in either situation...or this could all be wishful thinking.   General info: 1) Office dress code is slacks and shirt, no jacket or tie. 2) Plan on wearing mostly flannel, wool,...
 I was thinking of running his 4-day intermediate program that stretches across 20 weeks.  The variations on the Big 3 intrigue me but worried the volume may kill me.
   Besides the fit issue, it looks like you are wearing your trousers lower.  Not sure what you define as the "waist".  Braces require a looser fitting trouser, and are typically worn with the trouser waistband at or on the hips, which requires a greater rise measurement.  We would need a full length picture for better assessment.
The now wife had no say in the engagement ring process. I did a few months of research on Pricescope.com, the SF of diamonds. Knew exactly what I wanted (three stone with pear sides) but no B&M shop had the style I wanted. Purchased everything online at a trusted jewelry site with no regrets. My advise: 1) look for stone that is 'eye clean' from 4-6 inches. I could give a damn if you can see an imperfection with a scope. Can I see it with my eyes? Choosing a lower clarity...
Probably old news but needs to be shared again.
Air force blue fresco patch pocket blazer 40US for $225.  Was first listed back in 2012...not sure the reason it is still on the market.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/328789/minnis-air-force-blue-0520-fresco-blazer-patch-pockets/0_50
Marlow shell wingtip US 10.5D for only $265 http://www.styleforum.net/t/429887/polo-marlow-shell-wingtips-by-crockett-jones-10-5d
 You have gone 100% certified organic potato. Congratulations on the transformation.  You may not strictly count calories but you certainly have a general idea on what intakes allow you to grow, maintain, lose weight.  I do the same, as I am just an everyday joe who is not a competitive PLer/BBer.
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