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Welcome to the past month of the Grizzlies. Knew we were outmatched going into the playoffs but our guys were resilient all year and fought to the bitter end. Cannot ask for anything more from that hodgepodge group of a "team". Sure, Coach Joerger will be ridiculed on social media for his emotional press conference, but I think he earned a great deal of respect from around the league.
CP3 with a fractured right hand.  If Clippers manage to advance, it will be a battle of backup PGs.
Standing OHP? Yes, a standard cue is "head thru the key hole". The bar path will lead behind your head at full extension. I cannot speak to if that is optimal for building muscle or strength.
Slugs are destroying our petunias on the back patio. i hand picked nearly 50 slugs throughout the day from our 12" petunia pot. Anyone had success with deterring (or killing) these bastards? I set a couple "beer traps" yesterday and awoke to a couple drowned slugs but hoping there's a way to prevent the reproduction too.
No need to demand a trade when KD is a free agent this summer.  Westbrook hits the market a year later.
 We are in the mid-south so most homes are on the larger size.  These should not be specialty brokers.  As soon as I explained us being first-time buyers and no kids/pets, they immediately understood our position and could see their gears turning to think of any other listings that may suit us.  Do not know anyone in real estate to confirm but an open house seems to serve multiple purposes: (1) sell the current listing and (2) network to find additional clients and (3)...
What is proper protocol when visiting open houses?   Wife and I are thinking about purchasing our first home, but no guarantees we will leave our rental.  Want to get an idea on what is on the market so we stopped by a couple open houses this weekend in our desired area.  The thing is, we had no intent to purchase either house because they were too large for only the two of us: 5BR and 3,000sqft.  When the selling agent inquired, I explained our situation about casually...
Kobe coming up clutch! Drained four consecutive buckets for 9 points and lead by 1 with 30 seconds remaining
It pains me to rent. We pay $1,200/month for a very modest 2BR apartment but could easily get a decent house for $220k, which is only $1,100 PITI. Desire to have our own place and the wife enjoys gardening (plants and veggies) -- obviously cannot do that without green space in an apartment. Problem is we don't know how long we will stay in town so the financially responsible decision is still rent. I'm even inclined to purchase and take a $5-10k loss for our personal...
Which last are these on?
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