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A carry on? That's a no-go. Checked luggage? By all means.
Cross posting this from another website. Limited colorways and sizes of Romaleos on sale for $120. This might work as a promo code to get 15% off: LKS1494S http://m.champssports.com/?uri=product&sku=76927010&model=196942&cm=GLOBAL%20SEARCH:%20KEYWORD%20SEARCH#sku-76927001 edit: confirmed the promo code is valid. Just ordered size 10 in Volt. Perfect timing
Why do you all get unflavored protonz? I easily find well flavored powders from reputable sources for
Try this again with a pair of RL Marlows.... Lightly worn (still see sole stitching) Marlows in US 10.5D for $280 http://www.styleforum.net/t/418420/10-5-rl-c-j-marlow-shell-cordovan
 FYI, that is the gauntlet button.
RTC cannot do lying leg curls because that puts the lower back in a compromised position. Seated leg curls may be possible.
He can enlighten us, as I can't say I have had close to 700lbs on my back. My guess is it's more so to avoid disaster and possibly peace of mind.
 lawl at the spotter on your first single at 695.  Permanent new gym, or just for the day?  Second set was very smooth.
Going to make the Chipotle chicken marinade tonight.  Wanted to marinade yesterday overnight and cook this evening but the four closest grocery stores did not have any dried ancho chiles nor adobo sauce.  If both Whole Foods and Fresh Market do not have them, I am filing discrimination against the city of Memphis.
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