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One of my first planned purchases once we purchase our first home is a chest freezer.  Cannot fit my bulk meat purchases in freezer along with all the wife's stuff in our traditional fridge.
 Agreed.  FedEx charged me $25 for a pair of Carmina shoes last week and $27 for a pair of boots this week.
Rain balmoral boot is a snug fit for me, mainly across the instep.  The same size in Soller balmoral boot is not as tight across the instep -- I may just be lacing my boots too tight.  The Soller cups my heel perfectly and no slippage even unlaced.  Granted, both experiences are with boots so take with a grain of salt.
I took the same size in both Soller and Rain, even with standard dress socks.
Preference is #2.  Great collar roll -- custom?
I certainly cannot compete with Skoak's photography or backdrops. My first two orders from Skoak just happened to be my first two pairs of polo suede. I agree with the sentiments on the true color is difficult to photograph.- polo suede boot on the Soller last- polo suede NST on the Forest lastThere is a minor imperfection on the vamp of the right boot, but I will not lose any sleep over it. [[SPOILER]] Last, but not least... [[SPOILER]]
A pleasant surprise this Friday morning.  Just received email confirming a Skoak delivery even though it was scheduled for next week.  One of the few advantages of living in same city as FedEx's HQ.  Will celebrate with some BBQ for lunch.   Pics to follow.
Shoes will go up about $11 and boots $40 USD effective Aug 17. Beginning in September there will be a new US website. Carmina has get to advise on the exact price Skoak must list for. It's believed to be $450-550 MSRP.
Look over the past few pages. Skoak made two large posts about the subject. No need to continue cluttering up the thread.
I'm mainly looking to capitalize before the pice increase effective tomorrow. Not sure what pricing is like on a GMTO now.
New Posts  All Forums: