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Anyone have any experience with the Feisole's fit?  It's not made from a standard last. Anyone see them in person? Can't find any pics and it's hard for me to judge just based on AE's picture.  Can't decide.  Great price though, 50% off.  
  Allen Edmonds themselves used to sell some of their "seven" product line in calf leather and a color called "cordovan".   It's not an error, and though it may annoy you, 'cordovan' actually can refer to the color that cordovan leather traditionally used.
  I'm normally EEE so I couldn't size up on the width.  Sizing up in length still wasn't wide enough and as you said, introduced new problems.  I bought them in my size anyways since they were only $100, along with a shoe stretcher off Amazon.     I've stretched them to the point where it's no longer painful to wear them, and I can't really see any noticeable change in appearance.  They're wearable but not what I'd consider comfortable.  I didn't want to let that amazing...
Amazon is running another 20% off select shoes coupon, "SIZE2012".  Expires August 29th.  Lots of AE styles included.  They still have select Elgin sizes for $220 as someone mentioned a while back, less 20% made it $176.
Not necessarily.  AE sells seconds to Nordstrom to sell in Nordstrom Racks.  They could be using those without AE knowing about it.
  It does happen.  The extent of it is hard to say, and I can only provide one data point that I'm certain of.   I bought a pair of Red Wing Iron Rangers from Nordstrom when they were randomly on sale for $170 a couple of months ago.   Received a horrible pair, even worse than seconds.  Sloppy stitching, leather sections were slightly different colors, and there was some sort of white glue or paint splatter around one of the heels.  Sent them in for exchange a couple...
  Shame they don't have my size.   They do, however, have the walnut strands for just under $295.  Less the 20% off using that code puts it at $236, slightly cheaper than Nordstrom's sale price after tax.  Another 3% off if you use an Amazon card and it comes to just under $230.  Not bad.
Nordstrom doesn't seem to carry Leeds at all.
Call or email your order.  2 for $200 is long over, and they only seem to have those every 6 months.  Seconds are hit or miss, there are a lot of reasons they decide they can't sell a shoe retail.  You can get anything from a first quality shoe that was a store return to something horribly disfigured, though most often they seem to have only slight imperfections.
Generally the discounted shoes on their website are recently discontinued models that they want to get rid of.
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