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Price drop!
Price drop.
New Isaia navy suit - one of the most classic colors in one of the most desirable sizes. Fabric is best suited for fall and winter. Jacket Measurements Shoulder: 18.5" Length: 30.5" Chest: 20.5" Sleeves: 25" Pants Measurements Waist across: 16" Inseam: 31.5"
Is iOS 5 getting released at midnight Eastern or Pacific time?
I agree with these. Readability needs to be tweaked with the new layout. Clamping down on vertical space would help.
Any recommendations for restaurants with high quality-to-price ratio in the following areas? 1) San Francisco downtown 2) South Bay (Cupertino, Los Gatos, etc) Thank you in advance!
When is this going to be available to the general public?
Quote: Originally Posted by thenanyu That's a promotion at my firm. Finance and tech/F500 have it switched. I've always wondered why ...
Is it too early to Priceline for August bookings?
One data point for the Penn vs Yale debate. In the latest round of summer analyst recruiting, a top bulge took in nearly 4 Penn for every 1 Yale.
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