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elephant 4, multi-coloured weft, sweatpant jeans, reflective jeans, pomegranate 2, kakishibu weft, coloured chinos and cords
got shipping confirmation on my navy shells!
what width are these made on? d or e? would we be able to specify an exact size and width for the pre-order?
^ the branta "italian luxury" collection is their collaboration with loro piana. i have the como parka from two seasons ago. it actually comes without a cg patch. it had a metal emblem on the front placket instead. yes, it cost a heck of a lot more than other cg coats, but i wanted something dressier and the wool exterior makes it look more like a dress coat than a ski jacket. the storm system treatment actually makes the wool waterproof too so when i wear it during colder...
^ Might I suggest an alternative? Instead of hunting down an old, hard to find model in a specific size, why not have a look at the limited run Okayama Spirit from the new collection? 16oz unsanforized denim from Okayama (hence the name).   The JH really is just the Oni collab material which has been sanforized.  Both Bahzad from NF and Jay Doughten from Blue Owl have confirmed as much.  If you have your heart set on an unsanforized fabric, the OS's should be a nice,...
 Keep the Japanese Heritage that you have.  The JH is the exact same fabric as the Oni collab, only sanforized.  Look at the selvedge edges; you'll see that they are identical.
Tate and Yoko has the 32oz super heavyweights back in stock.
It fits the same as other slim shirts, but it is very light feeling. I'm always afraid that it could tear like tissue paper, but it hasn't yet. I love their selvedge shirting. I wish they would make more of them. There weren't any selvedge shirts this past season and this current season.
I still have to take my final pictures, but this is what the indigo/indigos did to my driver's side seat.
  I got these last week through Jay at Blueowl.  I was tempted to start wearing them immediately, but I'm committed to finishing the indigo/indigo contest.
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