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Do it. It's a very good look, assuming your shirt is appropriately buttoned and aren't exposing too much for the world to see. They say there's nothing worse than a "naked" suit, tie or not.
  I've inquired before, but never got the chance to drop in and get a shirt done. Still looking for my "first" tailor.
Hi Ediee! Yes, I usually just lurk around these parts but figured I'd contribute to this thread. I will try to see if Cornell's can make shirts with removable collars next, I'll add that to the linen obsession I've been having as of late.   Btw, how is FRS? Speedy delivery?       *Cornell's Custom Tailor 8485 Kalayaan Ave. Barangay Poblacion, Makati City, Tel: 896-65-24
I'd like to add that Cornell's makes some pretty nice shirts, they fit well (I did provide an ready to wear piece though as a guide) Fabric selection isn't too bad either, and they are prompt with their deadlines. All in all pretty happy with their work, just request that they make your shirt with removable collar stays.
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