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Thank you for the advices.   I agree with the comments, that I might need something else than dark brown.   I actually already have a pair of black oxfords lined up for purchase. Also I'm sure Rui is the only Meermin last for me.   I'm now trying to decide between the tan longwing I listede or these blue suede shoes:   However there seems to be very little information anywhere on the classic collection - casual models. Can anybody vouch for this nacy rapello suede?
I need advice on my next shoe purchase.   Im slowly starting to build me a more classic wardrobe. For now I am mostly wearing Chinos and Corduroys. I have recently bought:       And now I'm looking to add a third pair of shoes for versatility and rotation. Meermin Classic Collection seems good for my budget, but should i get:  
 Seems to me the Private label at Herring Shoes also increased. Didn't the Knightbridge made by Loake use to sell at 185 GBP? 
 Unfortunately you cannot combine the codes. Else it would be a neat deal. So depending on the item price and the need for a shoe tree the AAAC code will in some cases be the better code to use.
Which size would you recommend for the rui last?   I am 10,5E US Barrie, Alden and 325, C&J last and 10G UK 026 and Pennine last, Loake
For what it is worth I wear a 11E on the 325 last and it is slightly roomy (works best with thick socks) while I am 10E on the Barrie last (and it is slightly tight (works only with thin socks) So I reckon my perfect fit would be 10,5 E on both. And sounds like you would be good on 11D.
It is the highly praised Ridgeway sole (Same company as Dainite). It might not look sleek. But it is believed to provide both more comfort and traction rain, snow or off the paverment.
Which last is the widest in the toe box. My little toes gets squashed in the 325 :(
Looks a bit tight and short in lenght  also on the sleeves and you need slightly wider shoulders   I would definitely size up.     Side note: A lot of fit pics being posted. With free shipping and free returns - I do not understand why more of you don't order 2 sizes if you are uncertain about your size.
The C&J 325 size 11 US is a little narrow in the toe box for me (my little toe gets squeezed) - does anyone know how the fit on the Rui last compares?
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