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 Same Here. Go Neutral or you can switch between light and Mid Brown (for hiding scuffs).
Thanks for the answer. My priority changed a bit so I give up for the moment
Hello   How much would it be for shipping to France ?   regards
Thanks everyone, I'll post when I find some alden goods. I think I'll go for 10D or E Barrie and 10,5D or 10E Grant.
Hello Guys, Sorry to bother you with a usual sizing problem, but here it is. Living in France, I have access to very few alden Sizes and lasts, so I'd appreciate your help. I'm considering either a captoe boot or LWB. Here is what I've tried so far : size 10 B/D on Copley last : overall length, but way too tigh on both foot sides size 10 B/D on Grant last : overall length OK, ball width quite fine, but a bit tight at the external little toes   Having a...
My My ... what last are these on ?
Yes, dainite sole.
I wear 9.5UK in both 4497 and 4444, but according to Richard, most people should downsize 0.5 from 4497 to 4444. I assume it depends on your foot.
Yup, same Eaton Boots, but on last 4497.
     Quote:   I meant Eaton Boots        I'm more than interested sir ! May it be the exact same boot ? (sole / colour / etc...) That's good news as your last pair was a 9 and I'm still sad about it.   Antoine  
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