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@DSky told me he got the invoice and should be paying today I'm waiting for confirmation but all should be set today
Got @shunted22 by mail. Payment made yesterday so should be good. I'm checking with @DSky
I know you're right but I Hate that. We're grown ups. People should be involved without needing to chase after them
@DSky is waiting for invoice from C&J but OK if I understood Well @shunted22 replied to Pernilla's first email but I don't know what's going on since. Sir, please be quick to finish. Today is the last day. I have a backup ready to pay
 Thanks a lot then
Now you're in, of course you should check sizing for sure. I'm Only disappointed you Only consider getting the answer Now the invoice has been sent, and 10-11 people May risk paying 30£ more because of that.Feel free to keep me informed of your status through PM.Edit: i'll ask pernilla a status on monday morning. If someone hasn't paid till then I proceed with waiting list
I don't understand you guys considering sizing issues only now whereas being committed in this GMTO since more than a month ....
Got PernillaWe are indeed talking of a 4+5 boot. Everything is fineI received the payment requestGOGOGOGO guys
You're right We talked previously about that with pernilla and agreed on 4+5 (as previous run). It must be à mistake I'll mail her anyway to be sure
ZUG Snowdon run#2 update List has been provided to Pernilla and you should receive the info request from her leading to payment !
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