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Wouldn't it be easier with a pair of Zug Snowdon ?                                        \                                                  You don't say                           \                                                       /                            \                                                     /     This is a Bump for Zog Snowdon GMTO 2 slots left
 It should, but just a bit.Zug is a thick but supple leather. It depends on how tight you are at the momentIt should be ok if it's unconfortableIf painful I wouldnt insist on stretching it  For a +1 width, the last is usualy stretched by its entire width (heel to toe) for the same lentghFor a +0,5 size up, everything is stretched up a bit. To check best what you need, you should check if the end of your arch area corresponds to the end of the arch for the shoeIf yes => add...
Just confirm me you're in, and fill in the file herehttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bZ6_ctp_ElaAqFORjMMnwLZw_BRkxZV59z6rk5SvZhk/edit#gid=1284680499 Snowdown Zug Run#2Confirmed (7)@momone@MSAINT@HerrMunich@kczsilence@Fala@loanshark@mbaltazar Pending (3)@BudhaNL@ph75 (need to confirm size)@lecoprin (need to confirm size) Waiting for confirmation (2)@Wesley Crusher@Cjwylie C'mon Gentlemen. If everyone's in we could be 12
 GreenDefinitely green as my first choice, either racing green or moss/kakiThen blue/navythen brown
Thanks May have priority changes in January but so I know full price Will let you know for sure
Hi What would be the shipping cost for France (insured) please ? Thanks
   exactly7 confirmed3 pending2 slots for sureyou're welcome to join
I .... I ....
Guys Still 2 slots left in the Snowdon Zug#2 MTO Just sayin'
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