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Thank you all once more for the help! I left Len a message and have decided on a lighter tweed jacket. If you gents would like I can take photographs of the process.    Best,    -Robert
Thank you all so much for your advice. It seems I will be going with Len Logsdail. I am wondering, does anyone have experience with him? I have heard some accounts that he outsources his constructions on occasions, is this true?    Thanks again everybody!   -Robert
I generally use Anderson and Sheppard if I am going English, the last few years I have been moving more towards the Parisians, like Cifonelli as I mentioned. I am hoping to spend around 3-4k for a jacket, depending on material it can go up or down. I had a cashmere blazer from Cifonelli for about 3k GBP, I am looking to spend about that.    Thanks everyone for your suggestions! 
Hello everyone,    Pardon my intrusion, I know it can be impertinent for a new member to begin by posting a question, but I do find myself in need of some expert local guidance. I work in London and have temporarily moved to New York City for work, I will be here until early summer. Being English and in business I have taken great interest in all things sartorial. I thought it would be fun to get a new jacket made (perhaps cashmere) while I am in New York City for...
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