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I am buying everything in size 42R. Gotta build a big work wardrobe, going shopping everyday at Burberry and Zegna store killed my bank account. I need quality stuff ( already made a few purchases from this forum). I need sport coats, suits, pants. PM me what you have - but it must be good quality stuff and modern fit.
Ok, thanks. I will just make fun of that hideous bridesmaid dress she has to wear. thank god I'm not in this wedding.
It was a wedding thread, didn't want to create another thread.
Guys, Here is a wedding question (hate to hijack). My girlfriend is a bridsemaid at this wedding in May. The bridsemaid dress is from David Bridal (yuck), do I need to wear a tie that matches that ugly ass dress? The color of dress is purple.   They have better stuff for women I suppose. My friend (girl) got a nice pair of Balenciaga pants for nothing, but the men stuff looks awful. I need a lot of oxfords too.
It was actually crowded about an hour ago. Nothing in there worth buying and it was kind of disorganized. Women were going crazy over some stuff though.  
Was it crowded? I may take a peek after work but don't like dealing with crowded stores.
Plus the girl that I am dating now is always bitching about my lack of clothes.
Never had much of one to begin with besides jeans and stuff. My last job in Santa Monica was jeans, t shirts, etc. NYC Is much more formal.
Speaking of which, I just moved to NYC for a job., Redoing my entire wardrobe so this sale thread is great.
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