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Hey All, I am in the need of some wool, casual blazers. I have a bunch of interviews coming up at schools, so I want something that I can even wear with jeans. My size is a 40R - 42R US size. Please let me know what you have. I also may need some slacks.
Hello,   I just started a new job at a hedge fund in San Diego. The office enviroment is vary casual, but people typically dress a bit nicer. I can't obviously go out and by a whole new wardrobe right now, but I am looking for things in about a 32R. I will buy anything, as long as the label is recognizable - Z Zegna for example. Again, I really need to buy a lot of things here. I have previously bought things from here so I do have good feedback. PM me.
So this guy from GQ came over with a few racks of clothes and gave them to me all at wholesale cost. Descent stuff too. This shouldn't change the value of the gift, so I am going to send her an orchid. Its more unique then flower bouquet.
    I would never actively seek out sleeping with her, but if the opportunity presented itself, I would seriously consider it. Anyway, this gift is just a thank you / congrats on new job gift.
Yes, I cant bone her but that doesn't mean I don't want to. Maybe get her an orchid or just a spring bouquet?
Eh, don't know how I feel about flowers, but she does like them. Maybe just get her a nice bouquet.
I am located in NYC. That is a good idea. The gift can't be anything too substantial, just a simple gift.
My good friend (female) just started a new job in NYC. She also put me in touch with the style editor for GQ, who mailed me a bunch of clothes for free and took me shopping. To say thank you, I want to mail her a small gift. I do have a girlfriend, so I don't want to send anything that would make her feel uncomfortable. She likes flowers, so I was debating sending flowers. That just seems overplayed though. Any recommendation?
Don't move too close to the projects!
I'm going back today to look for a trench rain coat for spring in NYC. Are there any additional markdowns yet?
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