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Thanks Yankmod.
I have not posted anything for a long time. Here are a few more photos from my collection. The origin is probably the closed Internet platform "Friends Reunited". For information about a possible dating, please look to the filename.  
 Helpful concerning the term "Hard Mod" I found an older post of M-o-M and browniecj: 
 Do you still know what colour the MA1 jackets had (green or navy)?
There are many websites with mod / skinhead pictures on the blogging platform "tumblr". Most of the (significant) pictures are repeated there. I rarely find for myself unknown pictures as the following. Apart from that I never saw a tie bar / clip together with skinhead styles in a picture. The source with some more good pictures:  
Nach der Rechtschreibereform aus dem Jahr 1996 schreibt man gewiss.  
The following pictures I had already posted in January 2012. However, I have deleted them by mistake. Here they are once again to the completeness for the “Archive / Gallery”.   Source:      
More pictures from my collection. It is the same for the pictures like from my post 2 weeks ago. For the dating of the pictures, please again check the file names.            
After a long time again a few pictures. Unfortunately, the sources or links are lost or no longer work. I think I found all the pictures on the internet forum "Friends Reunited". For the dating of the single picture, please check the file name.            
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