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 Helpful concerning the term "Hard Mod" I found an older post of M-o-M and browniecj: 
 Do you still know what colour the MA1 jackets had (green or navy)?
There are many websites with mod / skinhead pictures on the blogging platform "tumblr". Most of the (significant) pictures are repeated there. I rarely find for myself unknown pictures as the following. Apart from that I never saw a tie bar / clip together with skinhead styles in a picture. The source with some more good pictures: http://brieul.tumblr.com/page/2  
Nach der Rechtschreibereform aus dem Jahr 1996 schreibt man gewiss.  
The following pictures I had already posted in January 2012. However, I have deleted them by mistake. Here they are once again to the completeness for the “Archive / Gallery”.   Source: http://adrianjeanes.blogspot.de/p/photo-album_15.html      
More pictures from my collection. It is the same for the pictures like from my post 2 weeks ago. For the dating of the pictures, please again check the file names.            
After a long time again a few pictures. Unfortunately, the sources or links are lost or no longer work. I think I found all the pictures on the internet forum "Friends Reunited". For the dating of the single picture, please check the file name.            
  I know the development in these two distinct styles ("peanut to peacock") just by stories. (I was born in 1967 in South Germany, where I still live today). The picture really seems to confirm this separation of styles. In my opinion a significant picture. I can not remember a similar one.
Here are more pics from “Friends Reunited”. Please also note again possible descriptions directly to the individual sources.   Look at the guys in the front row (left and right) with Crombies, hankies, checked shirts and maybe flannels. Dated between 1970 and 1974. Source: http://www.friendsreunited.co.uk/gordon-banks-meets-mr-blackmore-and-football-team-between-1970-and-1974/Memory/9fcde1e9-d62f-475d-98e1-500f2eaf69f5   Dated 1973....
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