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If we were to get sufficient shoe orders we'd also supply precise measurements of the shoes to enable accurate orders to be placed.    We'll do anything we can to eliminate the possibility of making mistakes. One advantage of a personal connection is the ability to access products we haven't purchased or imported.    As it stands we're interested in demand right now. Let us know your desires, we'll do our best to make people happy.
Thanks again. That all sounds positive.    Would people care to message me with the items, and sizes where appropriate, they'd be happy to order?    As stated before - if we can put this together - these would be packed, shipped and delivered by Moto personally and would serve as an advance indication of demand, and as a way to encourage the production of larger sizes.    For that reason, if shoes don't work for you given the risks, it may be worth...
I'm glad I found this thread.    I've been talking to Moto with a couple of colleagues for a few months about distributing their products outside Japan. There are a few challenges.    1. Sizes. Moto's shoes are not built on lasts that will fit Western feet.  2. Time. Hideo is very busy and they are working on a number of art projects this year (Hideo and his sons are artists in leather and silver who exhibit worldwide).  3. Demand. It's hard to work out if...
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