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Anyone interested in having the Carmina 803 split toe made in the same lightly grained brown calf as the Jumper boot?    
I wouldn't blame them for trying to get rid of you.  Do you make a habit of patronising the people you deal with?
  Harrisons have just launched the Mirage book, which is wool, silk and linen.  I am yet to see the full bunch but there are still some pictures on the Bookster website (shame they won't be able to use it, for obvious reasons):  http://www.tweed-jacket.com/CLOTH%20PAGE/CLOTH%20GALLERY/index.htm   and on the Harrisons facebook page:   https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=514224111948735&set=a.375889852448829.77779.361736983864116&type=1&relevant_count=1
Yes, I ordered my first pair in this fabric.   The colour is a dark olive.   I'm not keen on it to be honest, it is smooth and has a slight sheen, feels a bit paper-y.  Will be going for the Dugdale stuff in the future.
My London Lounge Piuma (dark navy) arrived today.  Gorgeous colour that will look fantastic under both sunlight and artificial light - exactly what I was after.   I can't easily attest to its wrinkle-resisting capabilities yet but I have every faith that Alden has produced the world's best travel cloth after years in the making.   Despite its matte finish I think it has too tight a weave to be used as a BlazerSuit as originally planned.  Here in the UK, patch...
Looks like the summer sale has started, is anyone in London able to tell us which models are reduced?   Edit:  Also, does the 341 last fit true to size or is it recommended to size down a half from your usual UK size?  I've never owned C&J before and the info I found via searching was inconclusive. Thanks in advance
    Thanks for the advice, sounds like it isn't fit for my purposes then.  Luxire - do you stock a premium navy linen shirting?  Couldn't find anything on the site.  The Tufts blue is too bright for me.
  Thanks for posting these - is the colour of the navy chambray accurate in this photo?  I'd imagined it would be darker.  Despite being "heavyweight" do you think it would be wearable in 70-80 degree heat?  Thinking of having a sport shirt made from it.
Dark red unlined carpincho gloves from EFG Guanti.  They're certainly statement gloves - I'm really pleased with them.    
I didn't see any croc or alligator gloves but I wasn't seeking them out.Will post photos when I'm back in the UK
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