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     Open to ideas on last - personally I have no objection to the default Queens last but I'm aware that its one of the lesser known lasts on here, which may put some people off from buying. My preference would be for a double York sole. While the burnished tan grain is a strikingly beautiful leather, I don't think it offers the same "staple shoe" quality as the darker lightly grained calf. Would chestnut or oak hatch grain be of more interest?
Anyone interested in having the Carmina 803 split toe made in the same lightly grained brown calf as the Jumper boot?    
I wouldn't blame them for trying to get rid of you.  Do you make a habit of patronising the people you deal with?
  Harrisons have just launched the Mirage book, which is wool, silk and linen.  I am yet to see the full bunch but there are still some pictures on the Bookster website (shame they won't be able to use it, for obvious reasons):   and on the Harrisons facebook page:
Yes, I ordered my first pair in this fabric.   The colour is a dark olive.   I'm not keen on it to be honest, it is smooth and has a slight sheen, feels a bit paper-y.  Will be going for the Dugdale stuff in the future.
My London Lounge Piuma (dark navy) arrived today.  Gorgeous colour that will look fantastic under both sunlight and artificial light - exactly what I was after.   I can't easily attest to its wrinkle-resisting capabilities yet but I have every faith that Alden has produced the world's best travel cloth after years in the making.   Despite its matte finish I think it has too tight a weave to be used as a BlazerSuit as originally planned.  Here in the UK, patch...
Looks like the summer sale has started, is anyone in London able to tell us which models are reduced?   Edit:  Also, does the 341 last fit true to size or is it recommended to size down a half from your usual UK size?  I've never owned C&J before and the info I found via searching was inconclusive. Thanks in advance
    Thanks for the advice, sounds like it isn't fit for my purposes then.  Luxire - do you stock a premium navy linen shirting?  Couldn't find anything on the site.  The Tufts blue is too bright for me.
  Thanks for posting these - is the colour of the navy chambray accurate in this photo?  I'd imagined it would be darker.  Despite being "heavyweight" do you think it would be wearable in 70-80 degree heat?  Thinking of having a sport shirt made from it.
Dark red unlined carpincho gloves from EFG Guanti.  They're certainly statement gloves - I'm really pleased with them.    
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