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Lock & Co Linen 'Newsboy' cap   100% linen outer   From their Lock & Roll product line   Bought from the Lock & Co shop on St James St in Spring 2013 for £90   Beautiful natural shade of linen with a red tinge in some lights reminiscent of Solaro.   Slightly slubby texture.   Fantastic condition, no signs of wear or damage.   UK Size 7 1/8 US Size 7 1/4 European size 58   Free shipping to UK $5 shipping to EU $10 shipping to USA and Canada
Genuine Ralph Lauren Purple Label aviators   Bought from Malford of London last year.  No case included unfortunately, even the original seller, Malford, was unable to include one.   Beautiful dark brown tortoiseshell frame and brown lens   They are slightly off-kilter as shown in the photo but an easy fix for any local optician, probably free of charge.   No other damage - i.e. no visible scratches to frame or lens   Free shipping to UK $5 shipping to EU $10...
If you go to Florence you can find all sorts of colours - I picked up a pair of unlined red carpincho from EFG Guanti last year.  I posted at the time in the Madova thread:  Image:
Interesting news, I was waiting for those AS problems to blow over before placing a hatch grain order with Carmina.
  New Hober Macclesfield #176 and light yellow grenadine fina PS.  Love this tie, I haven't done it justice with my mediocre knot but didn't have time to adjust it.  First impressions on the grenadine PS are that it's quite rigid and more difficult to hold the desired shape than a standard silk.  The bulkiness forces you to cut the size down which limits folding options.  However, there is less sheen and more surface interest so it's a nice alternative.
Can't help but feel that bengal stripe shirts in general are wrong with odd jacket combos.  Especially blue bengal stripe that just screams 'city'.  My exception being burgundy stripe oxford, but not for this fit.
I think the problem is that grey trousers will always look better in the circumstances you have mentioned.  Perhaps it is because having a coloured jacket (brown, rust, navy etc) looks better when grounded by a neutral shade rather than another colour.
 I ordered a swatch of the light cream satin silk for the same purpose and didn't particularly like it.  It is more of a light silver than a cream and feels stiff and lifeless compared to, say, a Macclesfield silk. I've experimented slightly and ordered a pocket square in light yellow grenadine fina which is actually a soft cream colour.  Hopefully the texture will make it look less like part of a cheap wedding set.  I sized down to a 13" square to account for grenadine's...
 Interesting, Leaves, thanks for this info.  I believe this Alfred Sargeant chukka uses the Horween hatch grain - the colour in this photo is named "Sienna".  Still looks stunning and would make a perfect split toe derby.
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