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Hello. I am posting this here, as I am apparently unable to post in the "new forum support" section. 1: why is that? 2: (what I wanted to ask in the support section) why cant I post in the market section? I have been a member for more than a year.
Hello I would like to ask a few questions. As I mostly order my shoes online, especially from Herringshoes, I am often obsessing about differences in shoe sizes between brands. For example, Loake loafers fit me perfectly in size (UK) 9.5, while for Herring oxfords, use 0.5 size up, and could very well go up one full size. I am aware that the lasts may differ, but the difference really is dramatic, although I was told that they should be similar. My questions are (i) if...
Hello   I have tried to search for this, but the input seems fragmented, so I will try here, as I am convinced that there must be many more who are wondering the exact same thing.   When receiving a brand new pair of shoes, what are the mandatory steps one must take to ensure durability and and prolonged good looks of the shoe? Nothing fancy, like mirror shine, just the recommended care before starting to use the shoes?
Thank you all, that really was quality response to the questions in the original post!
Hello.   Have been looking for this exact shoe for quite a while, now. What I like is the "driver" no-heel style and the shiny leather, plus, which is important, no contrast stiching.   Pic: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/prada-high-shine-driving-shoe/3333844?origin=category   However, these Pradas, even if otherwise perfect, come at quite a high price. Has anyone seen some shoes like this, only in a lower price-range? Some manufacturers i should check...
Thank you very much.   What does 'Polarquilt' mean? Is it warmer or just as light as the Liddesdale?   Anyone know if there are any other waterproof quilts?
I have not been able to find this out on my own:   1. Does Barbour have any waterproof quilted jackets?   2. Which quilted Barbour jacket has the slimmest fit?   3. Can Barbour be purchased online and shipped to Scandinavia? (Any experiences?)
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