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I wish things were like this. However, as JC Penny found out, we love our "deals" and couldn't imagine paying full price for items.
 If you're just starting out and have no or bad credit a secured credit card is the way to go. You give a bank $500 and you use the card with a $500 limit. After a year you get your money back and have an regular credit card.
1) Gray would be a good addition. 2) I don't think it's an always or never thing. It depends on the length of the shirt and the look you're going for. 3) I don't think black shoes go well with chinos or denim and OCBDs. 
I think they can work if they are slimmed, or he catches some swolio.
I'm selling two pairs of Dockers Alpha pants. One in Gravel and the other in New British Khaki. Both are size 30x30.    I accept Paypal
Selling Levis 514 Slim Straight Tumbled Rigid 30x30   I accept paypal   Wash and dried several times not much fading.
Are the Outlier Three Way Shorts worth the money?
Sale ends tomorrow, so pull the trigger if you still haven't picked up some OCBDs.
European Size 5 (US M Pit to Pit 20" Neck 16"-16.5" Back Length 27")
I was hoping you would be able to take creep shots and it would say what the person was wearing. Still an interesting concept. 
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