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i assume trousers are dry clean only? what about their inseam?
thats a good fit. i think the jacket is perfect too. keep wearing it!    
            Will buy more! :D details are great for the price  
    I like it!
  Your legs are thin like toothpicks. If I were you, I would bulk up a bit and put on a little muscle  
Trust me but you wouldn't want it tighter around the waist. To be honest, it looks really good and just as slim as needed.   Many here buy their TOJs very slim and so did I. I went true to size and the jacket fitted me perfectly. Although, now I think that I could have sized up for a more comfortable fit.  The times they have changed.     
my loved TOJ is getting too small :( I think I'll wear it open then
  Margiela's quality isn't worth it. Cool boots tho.  
What about the inseam length? 30", 32", 34"? and take some pictures please! :)
  Too tight from the chest? I have both good and bad experiences.    
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