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Hello,    I'm currently revisiting brideshead 1st episode and I was wondering if any of you would care to enlighten me about the different types of tweed cloth that jackets are made with. I don't know if this is actually possible... what I do know is that most of you will be able to increase my poor knowlegde on the subject. I'm truly impressed at the way those textures come through the screen and the way the cloth behaves at the wearers moves.   If any of this...
I have a pair of giorgio armani from the 90s that look identical. Hope it helps.
Tweed + OCBD     I can´t imagine what's wrong with this...
Really? Did I understand you correctly? You made the trousers and, I assume, the brown linen suit?  
  Indeed! If it looks like linen and it doesn't wrinkle something's wrong. Cheap fabric or... well, cheap fabric with some plastic in it.
        I was wondering, what was that?  
@andrew rogers: Yes! I was alone at home (wich doesn't happen very often) and I decided not to wait and see the response at SF, so I placed the camera on the dinning table. I'll try to get some shots at chest level as you suggested. I'm very glad that you think that this has come up well... It encourages me to order more jobs in the future. Thanks!   @comrade: Well, the style comes initially from an RL Polo that I found around SF so the Ivy comment applies, doesn't...
You may be right... I just want to know exactly what is it that makes it look a bit off. Anyway I tend to use the jacket unbuttoned... but I really would like to learn form this experience so I can demand more precisely what I wish for nex t time   Thanks for replying  
You mean in lenght only or in some other way? Because it looks like the low front gets pushed away somehow...  some srt of a "pregnant" effect... maybe its just my weird posture...   Can you explain me exactly what do you see thats short? specifically I mean.   Thanks  
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