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I purchased them from someone who bought a tagged size 33x38 (didn't measure actual) and hot soaked them and they got too small for them and just were put into storage. I did my own additional hot soak and then tried them on.   Also, at its current "30 inch waist", it stretches well enough to fit my ~32" waist perfectly when worn at proper rise height. The 30" is measured without me pulling on the waistband at all.
I recently came to possess a pair of 1947 501 STF in 33w38l. They have only been hot soaked, and they shrunk down to about a 30"w36"l. Right now, I can get into them fine, and they fit perfectly (except for the length). Since they were just soaked and would seem to be at their smallest, would it be advisable to get the next size down to accommodate stretching, or should I keep them as is?
I have owned a few pairs of Allen Edmonds shoes and have been very pleased. However, I was wondering if they have any more "elongated", if you will, style shoes. For example, the Harrison model looks like an elongated Park Avenue. I have had a few other "nice" shoes (grensons, church's, etc.) and they all had a bit less round toe, more of a point. I see this same look on a lot of highhighhigh end shoes, and overall I prefer this look.   Where can I find more Allen...
Chill out y'all. I got a pair of grey winter flannels in the mail a couple days ago. Jamison hasn't fled the country...
The belt I ordered from Scott (Unlucky) came in today. Quality work all around, highly recommended.  
Pulling the trigger on some VBC s100s winter flannels today. Can't wait 'til they arrive.
Any idea about restocks of size 32 classic flannel in medium grey?
More details and pictures please.
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