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What is a better buy in terms of over quality, style, and appeal? Would love to see pictures if anyone owns either shoe, thanks!   Allen Edmonds McAllister Merlot?     Or To boot Windsor in Bordo?  
I agree with it being an odd comparison.  I guess I am more familiar with AE as a brand than Sasseti in terms of quality.  The oppurtunity is there for me to purchase either shoe.  I just wanted to make sure I am not investing in brand that will not last.
Hey guys,   I am in the process of deciding between two shoes.  One is the Sasseti Trento on sale at Nordstrom.  Or the AE Macneil in brown which is on sale as well.  Does anyone know anything about Sasseti as a brand?  Are they quality shoes?  I would love to get people's opinions on what is a better buy being that both shoes are at the same price point.  Thanks!                  
Hey guys,   I am looking for a tie that would match this shirt linked below.  Any suggestions??  Thanks!   http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/tommy-hilfiger-dress-shirt-slim-fit-exploded-check-long-sleeve-shirt?ID=708225&CategoryID=20635&LinkType=#fn=BRAND%3DTommy Hilfiger%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D31%26ruleId%3D66%26slotId%3D17
The AE Jeffersons are really nice too, but they are very expensive.  I don't know if anyone has invested in them?  They look like super quality.
I actually ended up ordering the AE Fifth Ave. in brown today.  It was slightly more than the Cole Haan now that it is on sale.  Let's see how they look when I get them in person.  Anyone own a pair? Any pictures if so?  
Actually I can purchase the air Madison on sale which is still considerably less than with the AE rediscover America sale. I agree Allen Edmonds makes a quality shoe. I have a pair of strands in walnut and I love them.
I was looking into purchasing one of the following shoes in dark brown. I would wear them for work and for casual events with slim dark jeans. Any opinions? Cole Han Air Madison Or AE McAllister in merlot
So I recently picked up pair of AE strands from Nordstrom.  I love the shoe, but I am having a hard time pairing it with slacks.  I have worn them with Navy and Khahki and have gotten plenty of compliments.  I own a pair of the following pants and I was wondering if they would work with them?   http://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=67013&vid=1&pid=905684&scid=905684002   Here are the shoes.  
So I made my choice and picked these up on sale today.  I love the look of the shoe.  The color is great too both with dark jeans and slacks.  I will definately invest in another pair of AEs!  
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