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That won't ruin the shoe?
So I stepped in some gum the other day with my leather soled shoes.  Any suggestions on how to remove it? I heard peanut butter will do the trick, does anyone have any experience with that??? Help!
So I am thinking of taking the jump and purchasing the thousand mile boot. Just want to get people's opinions on it. Is it worth the cost? How does the leather sole measure up to a rubber one typically found on most boots? Pictures would be great too.
I ordered a pair of wingtips online and when received there is an extreme amount of creasing on the shoe. Soles are in good shape as well. I am going back to the store (reputable retailer) and they are claiming the shoes are just fine. That this creasing is normal. Anyone have this happen before? I am shocked that I am even getting pushback.
I'm selling my Florsheim Octavio shoes in 9D.  Shoes are in excellent shape.  
Does anyone have any pictures of the Mcallister in merlot that they can share?  I see a lot of walnut colored ones usually on this site.  I already own a pair of walnut strands (which are excellent), so I want to diversify my color options.
What is a better buy in terms of over quality, style, and appeal? Would love to see pictures if anyone owns either shoe, thanks!   Allen Edmonds McAllister Merlot?     Or To boot Windsor in Bordo?  
I agree with it being an odd comparison.  I guess I am more familiar with AE as a brand than Sasseti in terms of quality.  The oppurtunity is there for me to purchase either shoe.  I just wanted to make sure I am not investing in brand that will not last.
Hey guys,   I am in the process of deciding between two shoes.  One is the Sasseti Trento on sale at Nordstrom.  Or the AE Macneil in brown which is on sale as well.  Does anyone know anything about Sasseti as a brand?  Are they quality shoes?  I would love to get people's opinions on what is a better buy being that both shoes are at the same price point.  Thanks!                  
Hey guys,   I am looking for a tie that would match this shirt linked below.  Any suggestions??  Thanks! Hilfiger%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D31%26ruleId%3D66%26slotId%3D17
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