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Guys, I just bought NS and I typically wear a 31 waist.  I bought two pairs from Nordstrom which arrived in the mail.  A 28 and a 29.  Now the 29 fits pretty well in the waist/crotch area.  It is tight but I can button it up with no issues.  The 28 fits very snug and I can barely button the top button.  I can feel the stretch in the waist area.  Now I have read the posts and I am aware that it will go up around 2 sizes so the waist should be OK.  But my question is the...
Do they stretch out a lot?
Just got my nudies in the mail.  Fit is on point in waist.  My question is should I size down one to account for stretch?  Do nudies have any stretch at all?  Pictures posted below.      
So I have decided to treat myself to a new leather jacket.  I have done some research and I have actually ordered 2 which are on the way right now.  I bought a Schott Leather Moto Jacket as the one below as well as a Hugo Moto Jacket.  I am only planning on keeping one of the two.  I wanted opinions on each brand in terms of quality of leather.  Has anyone owned either? I appreciate any input, thanks! (In terms of price the Schott was about 20% more)       I have...
That won't ruin the shoe?
So I stepped in some gum the other day with my leather soled shoes.  Any suggestions on how to remove it? I heard peanut butter will do the trick, does anyone have any experience with that??? Help!
So I am thinking of taking the jump and purchasing the thousand mile boot. Just want to get people's opinions on it. Is it worth the cost? How does the leather sole measure up to a rubber one typically found on most boots? Pictures would be great too.
I ordered a pair of wingtips online and when received there is an extreme amount of creasing on the shoe. Soles are in good shape as well. I am going back to the store (reputable retailer) and they are claiming the shoes are just fine. That this creasing is normal. Anyone have this happen before? I am shocked that I am even getting pushback.
I'm selling my Florsheim Octavio shoes in 9D.  Shoes are in excellent shape.     http://www.ebay.com/itm/330973991544?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649  
Does anyone have any pictures of the Mcallister in merlot that they can share?  I see a lot of walnut colored ones usually on this site.  I already own a pair of walnut strands (which are excellent), so I want to diversify my color options.
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