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Actually I can purchase the air Madison on sale which is still considerably less than with the AE rediscover America sale. I agree Allen Edmonds makes a quality shoe. I have a pair of strands in walnut and I love them.
I was looking into purchasing one of the following shoes in dark brown. I would wear them for work and for casual events with slim dark jeans. Any opinions? Cole Han Air Madison Or AE McAllister in merlot
So I recently picked up pair of AE strands from Nordstrom.  I love the shoe, but I am having a hard time pairing it with slacks.  I have worn them with Navy and Khahki and have gotten plenty of compliments.  I own a pair of the following pants and I was wondering if they would work with them?   http://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=67013&vid=1&pid=905684&scid=905684002   Here are the shoes.  
So I made my choice and picked these up on sale today.  I love the look of the shoe.  The color is great too both with dark jeans and slacks.  I will definately invest in another pair of AEs!  
So number 1 is going to be tougher to pair with jeans due to its elongated look?  Does anyone have any pictures of strand with jeans?  I just want to get an idea if possible...I also like the look of the shoes below, I know they are generic...  
I am not in a super conservative environment.  I already own a pair of black interview/funeral shoes as well.  I also own a pair of decent dark brown cap toes that I wear with my slacks.  I wanted something nice that can be both casual and work friendly.  I know that finding one to cover everything is next to impossible.  I actually picked the two at the top since I can get both a good price on sale.  I saw the Mccalister, however I am not sure if that is too dressy to...
Any recommendations?  Looking for a brown or a walnut color.
So I am actually on the hunt right now for a nice pair of shoes to wear both with jeans and with slacks/suit.  I know this is a very tough task to accomplish.  I have been looking at two shoes in particular, but I just want to see if anyone has any experience with build/quality of these shoes.  Also how difficult would it be to match them with jeans and/or slacks.  Again I know its all a matter of personal...
I tried eBay and this site no luck. How about a thrift store, I can't get myself to throw away shoes in excellent shape. http://www.sid.philmcfly.com/Shoes%208.jpg
I currently have been going through my closet and found 3 to 4 pair of shoes that I no longer wear. They are all in great condition, but I know I won't really wear them anymore. Any suggestions on what to do with them? They are all oxfords that have been kept in excellent shape. I acquired them over the years and need to thin out my collection. Any suggestions? I have already tried eBay, but no luck.
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